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High-Energy Hottie

High-Energy Playgirl

High-Energy Hottie

Slovakian babe Patty Michova first took a bow in 2013. We’ve seen her wipe out two fellows in three-somes, leaving porn males tired in her wake. She takes pride in that talent. Now Patty’s back for more after an absence of just over two years, looking as trim and hot as she did in the starting.

“I’m glad to be back at SCORE…the images and the vids come out great and I enjoyed seeing myself in the magazine,” explained Patty. That babe speaks little English but she’s fluent in German (this babe lives in Austria) and our interpreter speaks Slovak. All of the photographers have told us Patty’s a doll and down-to-earth.

“I truly relish what I do. This is enjoyment and joy to me. I’m treated well, I need to tour all over Europe, I’ve the preeminent, always different sex experiences and I am compensated well. Work, to me, is the hard, boring labors of a factory goddess or a shop angel who does the same thing every day all week and goes home overtired. I want to say I’ve been very favourable.”

Next up: Patty glamour models a sexy dress for a wazoo call. That babe doesn’t stay dressed for lengthy.

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Happy Hour

Happy Sixty minutes

Happy Hour

Shapely cocktail server Beauty DeLuca has the sad task of telling u it’s final call at the lounge. Now if you think you’re done giving Angel a complete body scan with your eyes, you’re mistaken. She’s off the clock now and she’s gonna stick around and make sure that babe gives u a hard-on.

XLGirls: Girl, do u do household chores, love cleaning, topless or naked?

Angel: I like to vacuum in a tight, low-cut costume with six inch stilettos.

XLGirls: Nice. What superpower would u adore to have for one day?

Angel: I’d wanna have Phoenix/Jean Grey’s powers from X-Men.

XLGirls: Are you called by any pet names?

Angel: Usually it’s “Open bobs BB” but I too receive called Beauty when they commence looking at my face.

XLGirls: For editorial clarity, “Open bobs BB” is what some lads from non-English speaking countries will sort when they’re chatting with a cam gal. On the subject of “Show your marangos, baby,” have your whoppers ever fallen out of your top in public?

Angel: Once my wife’s tit popped out during a Las Vegas dinner convention with Chaturbate. Does that count?

XLGirls: Not really. During a volleyball game on the beach was what we had in mind.

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Sapphira Chanel

Sapphira Chanel

Sapphira Chanel

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Sapphira. You are looking valuable in that thongkini. “You adore it? I bought it for my voyage to Miami and when I put it on, the studs on the beach went absolutely barmy. They would not leave me alone the entire time I was laying out. It was a matter of joke ‘coz they all kept asking me the same thing. They all wanted to know if I needed any aid putting some sunblock on my back. But I knew that they just wanted to pour that ‘cream'”.

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Cassandra For Rent

Cassandra For Rent

Cassandra For Rent

Bros in advance of hos? Screw that, Jack. You and hos cum first, and your focus is on stacked honey bunnys pumped up just adore Cassandra Calogera. Now here’s the question. If u were driving alone on some hillbilly road and Cassandra came out of the bushes clothed to fuck and looking for act, what would u do? After you asked her what the fuck a goddess like her was doing in a deserted place love this, because this sure as hell is not the Las Vegas Strip.

Our hero stops for her, waves some mean green and receives down to business on her bigger in size than run of the mill wobblers. That babe sucks his rod like a champ in the car, then they head to his couch for a hawt pipe-fitting. That fellow busts his nut on Cassandra’s bigger than typical jugs and his next move is to send her on her way back to Mom or whatsoever the fuck her bookkeeper’s name is. Cassandra was one lovely ride. This babe may have burned lots of his gas but this babe gave him tons of squashy a-hole. Now all this woman chaser has to do is acquire her with out his place unless he hires her as a full-time live-in maid. That could add up but she’d be worth it.

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Pin-Up Doll

Pin-Up Doll

Pin-Up Doll

It’s pin-up time for Trinety Guess in images inspired by classic pin-up calendars and playing cards but updated and much hotter than pin-ups could have been back in the day. The solely accessory is an electric wand to give cum-show doll Trinety some priceless vibes.

Trinety is one of the uncommon cuties to discharge a clip of herself watching herself acquire drilled by JMac and masturbate whilst watching herself suck and ride his cock. (That hardcore scene is called “Ready To Play.”)

A girl-next-door who got into webcamming and made it a full-time gig, Trinety loves to costume casual. Jeans, a tank-top and flip-flops and that babe is valuable to go. “Pizza on the beach at sunset,” is Trinety’s idea of a admirable time.

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Tit Players 2

Tit Players 2

Tit Players 2

All scones, all tit play. This movie scene features Lavina Fantasy, Kamyrn Monroe and Jennica Lynn. They’re the all-stars of breast squeezing, bouncing, jiggling, shaking and more, more, more.

During the time that producing this episode, we asked the ever-friendly Jennica some titty questions.

XLGirls: So what makes your areolas inflexible, Jennica?

Jennica: A cold wind…and, even more, a warm gentle tongue around them, arousing ’em.

XLGirls: Do u like ’em sucked unbending or squashy?

Jennica: One as well as the other! First softly, then when u can feel them go rock hard in your mouth, go at it harder. U can tell by my moaning if you are doing it right.

XLGirls: Have u weighed your juggs not long ago? You once told 5 kilos or 12.5 pounds all together.

Jennica: Yep, I did weigh ’em latterly and they are still weighing the same!

XLGirls: Have u measured them not long ago? U originally said u wore a 34M cup brassiere.

Jennica: Yes, and I wear the same still. They haven’t shrunk or gotten bigger, which is surprising cos I have lost a little bit of weight latterly, not much, but a little. So I am glad my knockers are the same!

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Wham Bam Ram Slam

Wham Bam Stuff Slam

Wham Bam Stuff Slam

“I’m a nympho,” says Jordynn LuXXX. “I’m always horny.” Jordynn has proven this quite a slight in number times at XL Gals with her wild, perspired and explosive bonk scenes. This little, stupendous breasted, larger than typical assed honey bunny really puts it out there.

Jordynn brings Carlos Rios over when her dad is out working. She needs some rock hard, coarse cock and she is ridden him before to her great gratification in a previous POV fling. This babe knows that babe is plan to acquire a slaver blaster and she is barmy to take everything he can cutie out. Jordynn can check out this scene at home and take unfathomable pride in her raw sexuality. “I love seeing me take that pecker,” Jordynn has told us. “I’m very accomplished at engulfing rod.” That that babe is. That babe swallows that weiner adore the contestants at the annual Coney Island hawt dog eating contest.

“The funniest thing a dude ever said to me was “I wager your shit tastes love ice cream. I completely could not keep a straight face. I laughed my arse off.” This babe actually did not because Carlos is squeezing it worthwhile here.

“I’ve had sex in public several times and I like it! I am definitely into exhibition. One time during the time that moving cross country, my partner and I avoided at a truck prevent and had sex in the wide open whilst there were several other trucks and cars with people there. That guy bent me over out side of our moving MPV.”

That sounds just adore Jordynn LuXXX.

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Jasmine’s Ass Picnic

Jasmine’s Booty Picnic

Jasmine's Booty Picnic

It’s a peaceful, sunny afternoon, the consummate weather for Jasmine Darksome to bring a blanket to the fields and just lazy-day the afternoon away. That babe kicks off her slides and lays down on the blanket. This babe is looking hawt in her two-piece outfit that displays tons of skin. But Jasmine looks restless. This babe gets up, looks around, then takes off her top to brandish a sexy pink below garment supporting extraordinary, deep cleavage. A beauty her age has a lot of sex juices flowing. She’s always in heat and today is no different.

Jasmine receives naked on the blanket and gives herself an arousing rubdown. Suddenly this babe bolts erect. Carlos, a local sleazy pervert has been staring at her, wanking. This chab approaches Jasmine with his strapon sticking without his fly. She could knee him but her hormones get the better of her. This babe looks at the wang and acquire to engulf it–suck it full and deep. Jasmine widens her legs for a snatch screwing. More engulfing and spitting pursue their 1st coupling. Jasmine licks the balls and jerks the shaft hard with her little hands. They do it sideways and build up a head of steam. The air is filled with the flesh-slapping sound of his body pounding against hers. Her butt is so inviting that doggie need to be next on the menu.

Jasmine kneels before him and takes every inch of hot beef. That chap fingers her anal opening, probing the way. In a squatting position, Jasmine is plugged from under. This beauty truly can’t live with out to be stuffed with ramrod. And finally, she’s warmed up and willing for her butthole to be plundered. Her hand guides his penis not fast into her constricted asshole and once deep in place, they commence to copulate very rigid. Jasmine supplicates him to shag her lubed arse and rubs her vagina as her booty is fucked. Her sultry moaning at not time stops. Carlos straddles her chest and holds her boobies jointly whilst Jasmine jerks his meat fast and hard. That petticoat chaser cums all over her large bumpers to her delighted approval in one of the rare times when a porn stud doesn’t do the jacking himself.

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The Busty Bunny In A Cat Suit

The Big busted Bunny In A Cat Suit

The Big boobed Bunny In A Cat Suit

That cat costume is like a second skin over Holly Wood‘s shapely body. Look how her full moon wazoo sticks out and her heavy bazookas thrust forward. The high heels arch Holly’s back for that supplementary oomph!

SCORELAND: Do u detect yourself touching your mounds out of thinking about it?

Holly: Constantly! How did u know?

SCORELAND: Coz we’re boob scientists and we know these things. You likewise store things in your cleavage.

Holly: I haven’t met a big boobed babe who doesn’t! Absolutely guilty! Keys, phone, ID, money, it is very convenient.

SCORELAND: And your knockers have fallen out of your top in public.

Holly: Yes. Many times when I’m out exotic dancing. I always wear low-cut dresses and tops, and I’m very guilty of flashing those around me!

SCORELAND: Guilty as charged. What is smth u have tried, but won’t ever do another time?

Holly: I’m a very open minded person. And off the top of my head I can’t think of anything. U can not at any time say at no time!

SCORELAND: Do you read the comments that your fans write about you and are there any that you loved? You’ve sent us some.

Holly: I actually read all of them! I like my fans and adore knowing that they love what they watch and desire more!

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Slam Jam

Slam Jam

Slam Jam

Eva Gomez is a hot maid. Eva is supersexy in her ass-exposing maid’s costume, darksome stockings and heels. This babe doesn’t truly have lots of experience doing housework. What she lacks in the cleaning department, Eva more than makes up for in jiggling and shaking her arse around the house. She convinces the douchebag frat boyz not to can her wazoo coz this babe sucks as a maid. Well, you ought to know how Eva makes allies and influences people. With her snaky tongue, hot bawdy cleft and taut anal opening! Eva’s a cock-cleaner! The 2 dickslingers first investigate Eva on her hands and knees, gazoo up in the air. They open her fur pie and darksome hole with their fingers, inspecting the merchandise love two gyno-proctologists. She is escorted into the bedroom and given a total fuck-out. This babe not at any time takes off the maid’s costume which is nice. Warning! Lower the audio when Eva’s wazoo gets stuffed because this sweetheart is a screamer. If you can get throughout Chapter THREE of Slam Jam without getting a hard cock, than u have a career as a priest or a monk.

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Horny English Girl

Amorous English Hotty

Horny English Girl

XLGirls: What have studs said to u when they tried to pull you?

Sarah Jane: The one that made me snicker was “I have no thing to declare but the fact that you should dating me.”

XLGirls: Where was the most-unusual place you have shagged?

Sarah Jane: In the back of a police car. It is smth a hotty doesn’t forget.

XLGirls: Do you cum with honey bunnys likewise?

Sarah Jane: Yeah, I adore it. I like when we play with toys jointly and try to cum at the same time.

XLGirls: Do u love anal?

Sarah Jane: I’ve not ever endevoured it but maybe I will one day.

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Voluptuous Fever

Voluptuous Fever

Voluptuous Fever

Selena Castro is one randy chica. That babe plays with herself outdoors in the garden but that’s not enough for a super-sexy Latin babe fascinating heart like her. This babe needs a fucker to pump the hell out of her. Inside the abode, her ladies man is waiting for her. They have a mutual masturbation session that doesn’t final very long. This chab needs her warm pussy and this babe needs his unyielding cock. This stud trains her to suck his banana just the way this woman chaser can’t live without it then this chab bonks her in as many hawt positions as this chab desires, capping things off with a pile driving bang-bang that receives to the bottom of things. Selena’s learned a lot in a little over Twenty minutes.

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