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Tapping The Hottie

Tapping The Babe

Tapping The Hottie

Every hotty has her own way of referring to her funbags. Scoops. Fun bags. The twins. The angels. Some give ’em names. What does XL Goddess and all-around honey Mya Blair call hers?

“Tits,’ told Mya. “It just appears to be like it fits. Other peoples’ scoops I call mammaries. Mine, I call boobs. I feel adore they’re different.”

They also short circuit the male brain, rendering the onlooker into a zombie.

“One time, me and this lad I was with were having a truly serious conversation, but I had to receive changed, and in the centre of the conversation, when I took off my top, this chab just avoided and stared and told, ‘I don’t remember what I was talking about.’ I have noticed a hardly any times that I’ll be talking to a boy and his eyes will keep wandering down to my chest. I am used to it.”

Mya is a deep throat talented and blows Jimmy Dix’s jock in very sexy, hands-free, gagging act. That babe rides his pecker like a champ and it is clear that Mya loves a inflexible shag. She’s spectacular in each way.

What did Mya think about the scenes that she’s shot at XL Angels?

“I feel much more assertive now. I was very nervous but it just felt natural once the ball started rolling. I viewed them with someone. I adore to watch the reactions of others. It is strange to view myself but it’s interesting to see what others see. I’m very critical of myself so I was mentally taking notes to improve on. That gent complained that I was teasing him, kinda the point.”

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The Arse Shop

The Gazoo Shop

The Arse Shop

Ayana is a actually valuable Samaritan. She sees a Lothario stranded on the road in front of her abode and she helps him. That babe tells him that she is a mechanic, but the truth of the matter is that that babe just craves his subrigid junk in her big trunk. She takes one view him and tells him that she has to acquire her equipment inside and then this babe continues to unleash his weenie one time they receive over here her abode. She sucks love a champ, that babe fucks love a champ and that babe drains his 10-Pounder like a champ. This babe may not be a good mechanic, hell, this babe may not even be a mechanic, but this woman knows how to work a tool!

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Picnic With Roxee

Picnic With Roxee

Picnic With Roxee

Any day with Roxee Robinson is a fine day. On this day, Roxee spends her afternoon at pool side in her first outdoor shoot. She’s brought some goodies with her as well as the wine, a toy and something to snack on. Pull up a towel and join her.

XLGirls: Roxee, if u can select any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Roxee: Adore.

XLGirls: What kind of fantasies do you’ve?

Roxee: The very dirty kind. I often have hot, steamy fantasies. The ones where I wake up super amorous!

XLGirls: Have you ever dated a shorter buck whose face was level with your scones?

Roxee: No, I am nice-looking short, solely 5’2″ so the boy would have to be really short!

XLGirls: What do u consider the perks of having greater than average boobs?

Roxee: It makes it truly simple to have my way with bucks!

XLGirls: Have it your way, Roxee.

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Goldie’s Rub-out

Goldie’s Rub-out

Goldie's Rub-out

Goldie Blair is in need of unwinding. This babe urges powerful male hands all over her. Goldie lazily undresses, not knowing that she’s being spied on. Her bigger than average mounds look even bigger because she’s slight. The rubdown therapist silently enters and oils Goldie up.

Goldie’s titties and nipps are his main areas of interest but her back and butt are not neglected. This is the kind of business a boob-man needs to acquire into, but merely if guaranteed stacked clients like Goldie. After a slow breast massage, Goldie needs to cum or this babe is gonna be very disappointed so that babe pulls something out of her brassiere to complete her rubdown therapy.

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Maid In China

Maid In China

Maid In China

There is a knock at the door. U open it, awaiting a hefty cleaning lady and you watch a Chinese lady in a maid’s costume. Her name is Jade Feng and this babe has monumental scoops. Her big titties enter the room before this babe does. “I am about 44-27-36 and I wear a 36K bra,” Jade says. “If I can identify bras that large.”

Jade is more interested in washing your moo sperm fellow pork with her tongue than wasting time washing your jizz-stained washing.

Jade was the 1st China-born SCORE model. (Oriental super-porn star Kianna Dior is Chinese/Caucasian by way of Canada.) Jade can’t live out of sex and shlong. Truly can’t live with out it. That babe had naturally large bumpers and after her initial debut at SCORE, she decided to supersize her bra-busters.

“I love to actually tease a lad in advance of this dude acquires everything,” says Jade. “I adore to give him an carnal dance and not fast strip. I’ll masturbate and play with my titties. When this charmer is looking adore he is truly getting sexy, then I let him engulf my clitoris and make me cum. I have had valuable sex from dunky or big cocks. It depends on how nice of a paramour it’s attached to. After that dude makes me cum, I’ve to be drilled hard. Then I like the lad to shag my bosoms. I’ll continue to masturbate while he cums all over my fun bags.”

Jade’s fling at hardcore porn was short-lived, sadly sufficient. But final we knew, that babe still has those biggest mangos. After her porn-time, Jade started a Youtube channel called Sexy For Cooking and changed her name to Tifa, named after Japanese character Tifa Lockhart in the role-playing game Last Fantasy VII. Jade, or Tifa, on this channel prepares dishes in her kitchen and is clothed in super-sexy clothing. There’s no sex in those vids, of course, but lots of cleavage.

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Legendary XL Girls

Legendary XL Gals

Legendary XL Girls

“Toni” Kat Playgirl was one of the early XL Girls. This babe and her husband were internet porn pioneers. They started doing porn in 1994, got married in 1997 and began a web resource in 2000. They’re still active in the adult scene.

XL Girls: Why do boob-men like to tit-fuck big busted cuties?

Kat Vixen: ‘coz u can move the knockers and change the pressure on the weenie. Plus there’s the added bonus of being competent to cum on her wobblers or face after having the screwing feeling.

XL Girls: What do you like about tit-fucking?

Kat Vixen: I love to titty-fuck, but scarcely any girls do. What I like is the rhythm of the jock movement, kind of like the screwing of the cookie. It’s even better when I’ve a toy in, banging me at the same time. Very intense.

XL Girls: What wang size do you like?

Kat Vixen: I prefer at least six inches, but any bigger in size then 10 can hurt if they do not know how to use it. I have had 4-inchers who made me shriek with pleasure and 10-inchers that hurt.

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Baby oil For 3

Baby oil For Three

Oil For Three

It’s “Oil For Three” when Hitomi, Valory and Sha slick up their extraordinarily sexy bodies beneath the tropical sun of the Dominican Republic. Three of the all-time greatest petite and stacked angels in breasty photo history, Hitomi, Valory and Sha, got on adore old school chums. Ukrainians Sha and Valory had no issues with the language barrier with Hitomi, ruler of Japan. There’re no nationalistic differences among big boobed angels.

No one kept exact records of how much baby oil was used that week. At least several cases. The angels were sunning European-style out of any swimsuit tops so they won’t get tan-lines on their bazookas and they wore the tiniest bottoms possible. If their location wasn’t intimate and secluded, we’d have had to hire armed guards.

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Another Side of Kerry Marie

Some other Side of Kerry Marie

Another Side of Kerry Marie

Many think Kerry Marie is kind, fascinating, blameless and wholesome, the ideal sample of a prim and proper English hotty. True sufficient yet inaccurate in some ways. There is a darksome side to Kerry Marie, even though it’s stiff to believe looking at this cuddly and big-boobed doll.

Kerry can be one tough, breasty cookie when that babe urges to be, especially during group business meetings. This babe was even called Darth Kerry by some people.

We were experienced to photograph Kerry when this babe was cracking her crop at one of those meetings and you are going to watch the confirmation that Kerry is no one’s doormat. Whenever the mood would strike, this babe made a doormat without us, savouring every second of our squirming. Be advised to do anything that babe tells you to do and learn your lesson exactly adore we did. Kerry Marie can be a harsh woman so wait no lenience. After Kerry’s rencounter, stay tuned for a specific preview.

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Bound To Be Gagged

Tied To Be Gagged

Bound To Be Gagged

Porsche Dali receives tied-up and a ball-gag is shoved in her throat. Placed on a daybed, Porsche writhes around until she is released. She’s now free to play with her bigger in size than typical scones and pierced nipples and rub her sensitive clitoris.

Porsche lives in Missouri, the “Show Me” state. It is a natural fit.

XL Girls: So what do people do for enjoyment in Missouri?

Porsche: People go to every others’ houses. Hang out. Go bowling. Have sex. Not much else.

XL Girls: Do u have to stay locked up in your house the entire time when there’s an ice storm?

Porsche: Not if you have a job. They still expect you to be there, especially if your job has electricity and back-up generators. If it were up to me I’d just stay in and have sex.

XL Girls: So what else gets u lewd? Anyway blizzards.

Porsche: There’re numerous things that will make me moist just now but the number one thing that makes me additional wanton is kissing my neck. Kissing my neck will make me crave to jump in daybed immediately. One more thing that will receive my motor running is smacking my booty. If u smack my booty, you’d better be ready to make me cum!

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Busty Workin’ Sista

Big boobed Workin’ Sista

Busty Workin' Sista

Driving around, JT brags about his latest raunchy exploits. His buddy CJ acquires an earful and admits that that dude doesn’t receive any bawdy cleft. JT won’t stand for this outrage and demands that his ally let him treat him to a gal for 15 minutes.

They spot Miss Stacy Adams on her turf looking to befriend lost guys and provide them with her tutored, adept consultation.

Stacy and her new boyfriends head to a trysting area so they can discuss CJ’s issues in detail. That babe gives CJ some head which gets JT worked up so both lads initiate screwing her. They take turns rogering her mouth and whore-cunt in as many positions as this kind, handsome headmistress will grant them for their dollars.

Stacy jerks their schlongs off, splattering her greater than average ebon bumpers as a farewell gesture coz that babe really has a heart of gold. Her benevolence and kindness are a lesson for us all.

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Uploading Into Angel

Uploading Into Goddess

Uploading Into Angel

Angel DeLuca is trying to finish a class assignment at the university computer lab but the Lothario next to her is downloading SCORELAND. This smooth operator may have worthwhile taste but this is not allowed in the lab. This babe gets annoyed and tells him off. He flips it back and tells her that babe was also looking at in nature’s garb chicks.

The man sitting next to her in the empty lab happens to be JMac. That’s supposed to mean that very pretty soon, as in the next ten minutes, prim and proper student Beauty is gonna avoid her work and pussy-grind on JMac’s ramrod and do other educational things with her superior sex skills, immense natural milk cans and moist, engulfing throat. You can always count on Goddess DeLuca for the hottest banging. Just do not annoy her.

Strictly for educational purposes, we asked Girl a few questions.

XLGirls: What’s it like for u going through airports with fun bags that bigger in size than average?

Angel: Foreigners stare the most as if they’ve not ever observed them so big but going through security I often catch the male TSA agents taking a peek or a admirable ole long look.

XLGirls: What is something u have attempted but will not at any time do again?

Angel: This one lad who did that one thing that made me snicker so stiff I nearly peed my pants and then identified his jo-bag in the bush tomorrow!

XLGirls: What superpower would you love to have for one day?

Angel: I’d wanna have Phoenix/Jean Grey’s powers from X-Men.

XLGirls: Do u go to undressed beaches or adult resorts?

Angel: Unfortunately, I’ve not had the opportunity to try, but maybe one day!

XLGirls: Just as well. Finally, my final question. How many days do you think you could abstain from sex or masturbation?

Angel: Not too long, I usually become bitchy if I haven’t had it for more than a week.

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First XXX! Sweet!

1st XXX! Sweet!

First XXX! Fascinating!

Natasha Fascinating is remarkable. There are many SCORELAND models who make us think, “this is also precious to be true.” She’s one of ’em. But Natasha is remarkably real. This is her 1st hardcore scene and it’s a sizzler, as sexy as that sauna she is in. We do not know where she’s been all our lives but we’re pleased she’s here now!

Natasha craves a little me time at the SCORE spa but when that babe sees Steve right outdoors the sauna, her priorities change quickly. Asking him to widen some baby oil on her back is the ice-breaker and when this chab unhooks her undergarment, her stupendous natural fullsome funbags fall out, ready to be massaged and cosseted and oiled. Likewise valuable to be true.

Kneeling, Natasha takes Steve’s woody for an extra-special day at the spa, massaging his jock between her big mambos and opening her face hole to suck on the upstroke. Natasha’s snatch purrs, ready for a petting. Steve goes south, lapping away at her enjoyable pink before this stud plunges into her. Yes, that babe actually is Natasha Fascinating, a real muscular Amazonian brickhouse.

Steve happily sexes up Natasha, a girl who truly appreciates males who appreciate beauties. “I don’t wanna waste my time with a man who doesn’t know how to please me,” Natasha said our employees. “I indeed appreciate great sex.” We appreciate Natasha and look forward to more of her sexual escapades.

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