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Sex Fitness With Lucy

Sex Fitness With Lucy

Sex Fitness With Lucy

Lucy of Poland is fitness training at home. It gives us the flawless reason to watch her bosoms shake, jiggle and bounce. Her buck has been standing off to the side and watching her. This dude grabs Lucy from behind and interrupts her exercises to squeeze and suck her bouncy bosoms. He’s actually into her. Having her areolas rubbed and sucked acquires her sex juices boiling. This babe urges rod and this dude’s got a greater than typical one. It’s at attention before she pulls his trousers down. They alternate betwixt fucking her meatballs and banging her mouth.

Lucy is very enthusiastic and worshipful of the shlong. Her oral-service technique could use more guidance and training though, as that babe is mainly a head sucker. But to be fair, Lucy has a tiny face hole and Neeo’s wang is very large. This chab throws her on the daybed and lubes her fur pie with his throat so it will be juicy for his sexy beef injection. This man plunges into her with fast, short strokes. One time that babe is opened, this chab swaps to side-saddle and fucks her deeper.

By the time they switch to reverse cowgirl and doggie-style, that babe is getting it deep in her fur pie with ramming speed. If Lucy receives fucked like this regularly, she must be a pleasured hotty. Neeo straddles Lucy and beats off furiously while this babe squeezes his bigger than run of the mill nut-bag until that guy ejects his payload on her pantoons as she watches intensely.

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Guess What? I’m A BBW Porn Star!

Guess What? I am A BBW Porn star!

Guess What? I'm A BIG VOLUPTUOUS GAL Porn star!

Tarzan finds out that Porsche Dali is a SUPER-VOLUPTUOUS sex star and has many credits at XL Angels. The fact that that Lothario doesn’t view larger than standard girl porn doesn’t mean that smooth operator is a bad person, just a skirt chaser we feel sorry for. This chab flaunts up at Porsche’s place with a copy of XLGirls magazine. Now that buck is curious about the entire thing and a little intrigued by how it all works. This guy wonders if this chab could must be male talent. Porsche offers to tutor him and he eagerly and naturally accepts.

XL Girls: Porsche, do u have a sex bucket list?

Porsche: A three-way with two males or 2 beauties would be great. I am an anal virgin. One of those days I plan on trying it, so you can definitely add that to the bucket list.

XL Girls: What about sex in public away from the camera?

Porsche: My 1st experience was in public but there was nobody around. But I have been at a party in advance of and screwed someone on a trampoline in front of everyone. Sex on a trampoline is so much joy.

XL Girls: U love it when lads bonk your mounds?

Porsche: I can give a valuable titty-fuck. I use tons of slobber. A cutie has to squeeze her mambos jointly truly taut to make it a worthy titty-fuck.

An XL Beauties member named Hole wrote, “This hotty is one of the foremost BBWs of the last 10-15 years. Her sex drive is magnificant. That babe is a true performer and so marvelous.”

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There’s Sex in the Champagne Room

There is Sex in the Champagne Room

There IS Sex in the Champagne Room

Ah, the exotic dancing club. Who doesn’t love the club? Loud music, bare whores, and priceless times abounding…it’s like an adult amusement park. And this adult amusement park comes whole with adult beverages, food and all sorts of attractions. Apparently, there are also joy rides at this club, because for sufficient Benjamins, u can take a spin in Carmen Hayes‘ love tunnel. Yep, these lying bastards who said you there was no sex in the champagne room apparently not at all rolled with sufficient specie to purchase prime a-hole love this. When you go to the exotic dancing club Carmen dances at, she gives u a great stage brandish and then that babe takes u back to the VIP room and gives you a great ho-blow. Carmen, in all her flexible brilliance, takes down knob like a champion. U know how they say that people who really love their jobs always do a great job? Well, we think Carmen identified her true calling cuz not plenty of honey bunnys look this glad shaking their butts for men and getting rogered, likewise. Carmen is all about two things: Greenbacks and lying on her back. Hey, we’re not hating on her. Make that cash, baby!

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Bodacious Bikini Girl

Bodacious Swim costume Angel

Bodacious Bikini Girl

It is swim costume time at a pool for XL Beauty Mya Blair. Mya’s a Carolina cutie who webcams and has a cheery, enjoyment personality. And great, larger than typical wobblers and a great a-hole. Mya has a theatrical background also and discussed her stage experiences.

Mya: I have been in many musical productions through my school career. I indeed performed in Spring Waking several years back. That is my much loved musical. I’ve been in Into The Woods, Thoroughly Modern Millie, plenty of unveils.

XL Girls: Who did u play in Into The Woods?

Mya: Rapunzel. I was one of the hardly any people in the cast who could sing actually well, so they told, “This is the hardest singing part. Here you go!” I was in Howdy, Dolly! I was in Fiddler On The Roof. And I was in The Great American Trailer Park Musical.

XL Girls: We wish u had done some singing in this pool clip. What is this Trailer Park Musical?

Mya: It is exactly what you probably think it’s. It is a musical that’s insert a trailer park. It’s insane, but I was the main character. I was a exotic dancer who came into town and destroyed everyone’s life.

XL Girls: Did u strip on-stage?

Mya: It was implied. I didn’t acquire undressed, but it was implied that I was topless. I had a hat–a actually larger than typical hat–covering my pantoons.

XL Girls: Also bad for the audience.

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Shots! Shots! Shots!

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Shots! Shots! Shots!

There is nothing love having a cold drink after a lengthy day. Especially if Tia Sweets is your bartender on that special night. You’d initiate off by knockin’ back a slight in number cold brews, and then take things a bit further with a not many shots.

We aren’t talkin’ about shots of Patron or Grey Goose, though. We’re talkin’ about booty shots from a sexy mulatta bartender. You will not need a chaser coz those shots go down smooth, and u won’t blame any decisions u make on the alcohol cuz the merely hangover you’ll suffer from is TNA overdose.

“I have a high sex drive,” Tia told. “I adore going all night, and when we wake up, I wanna do it again. There is no more magnificant alarm than awakening up with your dude going down on u.”

Right now, she’s going down on our lady-killer Large Pike’s penis in advance of this buck flips her over and fucks her on her side, and then doggy style.

We forgot to mention that Tia can’t live out of being served shots, too. Not wazoo shots, though. This babe loves cum shots on her whoppers, face hole and wazoo. Pike, being the generous customer this chab is, serves up a sticky cum shot all over her butt as a kewl ass tip.

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Yum Yum Girl

Yum Yum Angel

Yum Yum Girl

Ms. Yummy’s merely 5’1″ but she packs tons of beautiful female in her short and stacked physique. Whether you are checking her out from the front or from the back, Ms. Tasty is a bigger than typical voluptuous mastix, breast-shakin’, butt-twerkin’ playgirl. That babe has large, wide eyes and a welcoming smile. U can squeeze this little dude all you desire if there is a connection.

Tony’s her screw buddy in this bump and grind and this stud is going to take advantage of this opportunity. Those overflowing meatballs and booty can fill any man’s palms. Her hangers are spectacular and deserve tons of lovin’.

“I costume to flaunt more of my curves than my melons,” Ms. Yummy explained. “Because my milk shakes get enough attention. Boyz are always looking at me up and down. I’m usually ok with it unless they’re with their families. I wear a bra when I go out. At home, they’re free so I can loosen up out of brassiere belts cutting into my shoulders.”

Ms. Yummy’s erotic dream is “being tied-down with red silk, my eyes covered with a red silk blindfold and guys taking turns eating my pussy until I larger than standard O.” Sounds love Fifty shades of Ms. Yummy.

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Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy

Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy

Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy

Is there a hotter friend with benefits than Carmen Hayes? No, sir! We call Carmen a pliant flyer ‘cuz of the man-pleasing way that babe can flex her legs in the almost all fuckable positions with the high reaching of ease.

Carmen stars in the DVDs Big-Boob Hookers, Big busted Working Sistas, The Breast Of SCORELAND and has appeared in many more concupiscent SCORE vids since that babe began glamour modeling. In “Bar Pick-ups Come In Handy,” Carmen is being hit on at a bar but this babe is not receptive. In fact, she’s annoyed. “You cant even handle me,” this babe tells one wanna-be horndog trying to acquire into Carmen’s thongs. Carmen tells him that this chab has no chance. This dude persists. This babe snubs him. This woman chaser urges her bad.

Carmen says that this chab couldn’t at any time receive past her titanic bumpers and that he’ll blow his spunk way previous to this chab ever got around to sticking it in. The bar customer makes a deal with Carmen. If this chab loses his man-goo before this woman chaser can bonk her, he’ll buy her a diamond necklace!

Carmen tries to get rid of him but the barfly is persistent. Carmen resolves to take the bet. That babe knows the things this babe can do to a wang guarantee her to win the wager. ‘coz she has a better grip on reality than this man does and because she’s a very handy hotty with a valuable backhand and a beefy jack off! When Carmen Hayes says you will not keep your load past her large jugs, make no doubt of it. A fool and his money, and his load, are soon parted.

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Underwater Floaters

Underwater Floaters

Underwater Floaters

There’s always a pool handy in Miami, and for our purposes, it’s got to be a private pool so the cuties can take off or move aside their bikinis and we can discharge some underwater action of the submerged-boobs kind. That was the game plan with Laddie Lynn on this worthwhile day. The weather was sunny and hawt. Laddie was sunny and hawt. The ideal combo.

Laddie (pronounced “Lady”) commented about blow jobs. “I like engulfing dick. It turns me on to know I’m turning on my husband. I usually stand up to discover a pool of my juices between my knees. You bet I gulp. I worked so subrigid to empty these balls and I’m plan to savor every drop.”

What about getting down with a guy out side of the bedroom or living room?

“I one time had a tiny in number too many drinks and ended up making like in the front seat of a car with a near-stranger. It was awesome.”

Trios? Fingering?

“Partner swapping is my beloved and I absolutely love being fingered until I squirt.”

It’s always sunny in Miami when Laddie’s visiting XL Gals.

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Action Sex Plumper

Action Sex Plumper

Action Sex Plumper

XL Angels super-fan J.T. waxed poetic about Kelly Shibari. “I’ve at not time been so attracted to an Asian female before. I adore big honeys and usually Asian women are slight. She’s so nice-looking I’d like to take her out on a date and just stare at her pleasing face. And when that babe was not looking, I’d completely discover out her hawt body, likewise. The BBWs that I have been with were all sexually confident, but I always felt that Oriental sweethearts were passive. I’d be more than pleased to bone her, whether she urges to make my wang her own personal shag stick or if that babe craves to be my sex bondman.”

The word “shibari” is a Japanese term for a specialized form of erotic rope thraldom in which male rope masters tie up women in all sorts of picturesque ways so that’s a clue to her erotic, exotic, hyper-sexual nature. They don’t copulate Them, they just tie ’em up. To each, his own.

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Jennifer White

Jennifer White Jennifer White
Jennifer White @
Nicky’s a favourable petticoat chaser. Just ask Isiah Maxwell. They’re buddies, and Nicky’s just got done telling Isiah a crazy story about his wife, Jennifer White. They’re were out clubbing the night before, and the next thing u know, Jennifer’s flirting on the dancefloor, grabbing and grinding on penis. In a short time, she’s in the parking lot, mouthing off strangers as Hubby watches with approval. Isiah can’t believe his ears, but he’ll be a believer soon sufficient. He meets Jennifer in the kitchen, and within minutes she’s clothed in underware and on her knees in the front room. Nicky watches it all go down, from Jennifer’s superb blow job skills to Isiah stretching out both her holes. This babe even cleans Isiah’s penis right after it comes out of her constricted, tight butt! Isiah then fills her white love tunnel full of his man cream, and that is when Boyfriend rewards his gratified wife! What a relationship!!
Jennifer White Jennifer White

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Cheerful Chubette

Glad Chubette

Cheerful Chubette

“I wear a 34M bra–M for massive–and that is a UK size,” says the aptly named Smiley Emma ‘cuz that babe smiles all the time. Emma even smiled holding up a current newspaper for the photographer’s paperwork.

If Emma can’t live out of u, she’ll smile at u but she’ll await for you to approach her. “I adore a good cheesy joke or comment. That makes me chortle the almost all. The paramount compliment I can hear is that I am a real down-to-earth female while still being hawt.” This initial debut glamour photoshoot and Emma’s clip plus her meet & greet episode chat with her photographer prove this babe is got sexy written all over her.

“How do I make a ladies man feel special? I’ve a rule that every time my milk sacks are out this buck has to rub his face in ’em and if his ramrod is out, I must put it in my face hole. This means a few times a day.”

This is an extraordinary rule. It is Emma’s rule. Cuz Emma rules.

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Room Sex Servicing

Room Sex Servicing

Room Sex Servicing

The front desk clerk’s fantasy guest, if that skirt chaser is a tit-man, is Desiree. The chesty, glamorous, redheaded playgirl has a longing for a chocolatey snack and a rock hard cocktail. That babe phones room service and leaves it up to them. The bell hop arrives with her refreshments but Desiree wants him to stay. She’s bored just reading her book previous to bedtime. It’s cool with him so Desiree pats the bed and invites him to sit next to her.

Her nails are still juicy from being polished so this babe asks him to feed her some chocolate-dipped strawberries. What this babe needs is shlong relief to assist her sleep. The strawberries are not sufficient for Desiree. That babe wishes real chocolate. A large, thick chocolate bar. His ebon jock in her vanilla bawdy cleft. Since this stud aims to please his hotel guests, her desires acquire to be satisfied. This hotel hop prides himself on customer service by pile-driving her on the floor.

Desiree was published in Voluptuous years in advance of in the September 2001 issue. This babe didn’t have the pointer sisters that babe has now. A SCORE photographer looking for new gals on Pompano Beach, Florida spotted her and pitched a stripped glamour photoshoot. Desiree went back to Pennsylvania after her one and merely discharge and was never heard from afresh until years later.

That babe contacted SCORE throughout suddenly and sent in some current photos. The veteran editors remembered her. Desiree filled out beautifully over the past decade. Her boobies are much bigger in size and her butt is rounder. Overall, her body is much more curvacious.

Desiree didn’t just wanna model one more time for SCORE, she wanted to try sex. This babe even did anal in other episodes, her 1st time at it.

“I wanted to do it 1st and kind of get it over with. But what was laughable was that the night previous to, the studio staff sent me home with these anal toys and they were small. They were small arse plugs. And then I come in tomorrow and Juan, the charmer who I had my 1st anal scene with, was mammoth! I detected it kind of laughable that the toys were adore a quarter of his wang size. But it was not also bad. I liked it.”

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