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Sheridan Love – Beauty, Booty & Big Boobs

Dish, Wazoo & Bigger than run of the mill Milk cans

Beauty, Wazoo & Larger than typical Boobs

SCORE: What do you look for in a costume?
Sheridan: Usually I look for dresses that u can acquire really precious cleavage with out. It is actually rigid to identify outfits that can fit my mounds, waist and wazoo. I follow for the superlatively nice boob outfits I can find.

SCORE: Is it hard to detect hawt outfit with your size bouncy bosoms?
Sheridan: Highly hard. I’m so pleasured of the way I look that I do not mind going out and flaunting it. If you’ve got it, expose it.

SCORE: Keep flaunting it. What acquires you additional lascivious?
Sheridan: I love to be petted, like a cat. I am also incredibly ticklish. Guys or hotties in a uniform turn me on. Watching movie scenes with beauties and bigger in size than standard toys and anything vampiric acquires me hawt.

SCORE: If u could acquire away with it, what would you do?
Sheridan: I’d go to a theme park and ride everything exposed. The adrenaline rush would make me super-horny. I’d detect a famous landmark and have sex there.

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Joy Juggs – XL Origins

XL Origins

XL Origins

Pioneering plumper Joy Fun bags appeared in many magazines and DVDs during her bare modeling days. Enjoyment began nude modeling at 30. Those days, some XL Cuties are Eighteen or 19 when they become exposed models. Things have quickly changed.

Joy’s tan-lined 36FF fun bags were breathtaking. Large, solidly packed and very enormous.

“One weighed Twenty one pounds; my right boob weighed Twenty one.11 pounds. I attract boob-men. My friends say, ‘Can you put these away? Can you hide them?’ No matter what I wear, I can’t indeed hide ‘em. I live in a community where the almost any of the people are over Fifty five. No matter what I wear, my bazookas always find a way to creep out, either at the top or at the sides or the bottom, wherever. I can’t aid it.”

“Once I put a brassiere on, I acquire to keep it on all day. Because when I take it off, it is love bricks drooping off my chest. So if I do not put it on, it’s less painful because I do not need to take it off. When I go out to do some household errand, I wear a big, baggy tee-shirt and maybe some sweat pants. Even then, it’s difficult ‘cuz my areolas acquire rigid. They’re very sensitive and they’ll get hard from rubbing against the shirt material. If I’m in the frozen foods section of a store where it is cold, my areolas will get inflexible and I need to try to conceal ‘em to not draw attention to them. When I do not wear a under garment and the nipps brush up against the fabric, they get unbending.”

Pleasure said her sex drive is high. Banging big-cock dudes in vids with no strings attached is one way for her to acquire gratification. But her run of the mill way is masturbation. “Sometimes when I get home from the gym at 5am, I am indeed lustful. I guess I am amped with endorphins from exercising. So then I desire to masturbate. I’ve tried with my fingers but I can’t come. I’ve one of these high-powered sex toys that plug into the wall. It works very well! I too have a pocket rocket that I keep in my car and sometimes if I’m stuck in the drive-thru at the bank, I’ll use it.”

Although we at not time shot a scene of Pleasure sexing a angel, she said that she is turned on by honey bunnys.

But solely choose chicks.

“I love to look at angels having sex. I’d much rather watch two cuties than sex betwixt a skirt chaser and a gal. I think it is ‘coz angels know their bodies, and how to touch another hotty. They know that there are things that they do not must do unbending and coarse to please another lady. Men are more selfish and self-absorbed. And girls have a lot less drama than males, believe it or not. When beauties have sex, they think about the other person more than themselves. I like Latin chicks. I love the large hips and the small waist. I adore their asses and hips. If it’s a Latin hotty with no mambos, then I won’t be attracted. That babe is got to have some mambos. I adore girls with C or D wobblers. I do not adore cuties with no scones. I do not adore gals with bigger than standard melons like me. I know Samantha but I’m not attracted to her. She’s a priceless cutie and we’re amicable, but sexually, beauties with big mangos do not make me excited.”

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SinFul Celeste – Sinful Sex Bomb

Sinful Sex Bomb

Sinful Sex Bomb

What a way to end a week. SinFul Celeste, one of our prefered newbies, committing some of our favorite sins in her first hardcore scene. This 38DDD-cupper has the knockers, curves and ample assets for it, too. A fact that babe is contented of.

“I adore to emphasize my chest,” Sinful Celeste told us. “When I’m out on the city, you’ll always detect me in tube tops and low cut tops. I like the attention, too. I adore to view guys turn around to catch some other look of me.”

Right now, our admirable pal Tony DeSergio is trying to grab a glimpse of Ms. Celeste as this babe undresses. Though soon, that ladies man is grabbing a lot more than a glimpse. Specifically, this chab is grabbing her plush naturals, squashy curves and corpulent rump. And not likewise long after that, Tony’s rod is stuffed firmly inside Sinful Celeste’s soaking moist cunt. These two bonk in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and from behind in advance of Tony shoots his sperm all over her gorgeous face.

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Jarmila – Redhead’s Big Boobs Drain Balls

Redhead’s Large Bra buddies Drain Balls

Redhead's Larger than average Boobs Drain Balls

Jarmila was twenty-two and a red-haired dish when she discharged this scene with a pro-stud. At the time, Jarmila measured 44-30-42 and weighed 174 pounds. She’s 6’1″ tall! This lady is an Amazon or should it be Mamazon?

“I am a big female so I do not find so effortless a ladies man to be compatible,” Jarmila said. “Still, it is more worthwhile than other countries. Many Czech fellows are archetypal height of 180 centimeters (5’11”). That is tall compared to rest of Europe. When I step into high heels, I’m likewise tall for nearly all guys I meet! So when I go out, I donot wear such shoes.”

This movie scene is from the DVD SCORE Dick Drainers.

“I was playing with my mambos and making a oral sex for my partner. I could tell I was doing worthwhile ‘cuz this chab was making groans and saying ‘Jarmila, you suck my 10-Pounder great!’ That made me feel good.”

Like all Europeans, George licked Jarmila’s bawdy cleft and got his tongue in there, different from almost any American studs who give the outer labia a cursory lick, if at all. These Euro-dudes love the taste of cum-hole. He rogered the shit out of Jarmila, especially rock hard when they did doggie, and then dropped a load on her greater than typical milk shakes. Jarmila tapping his cum-covered cock-tip on her pierced tongue was a fine touch.

Jarmila was what we call a “one-hit wonder.” That babe solely appeared in one scene at SCORE. Jarmila made several more pornos in Europe in advance of quitting and settling down, her wild oats sown.

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CJ Woods – The Bust Stops Here

The Bust Stops Here

The Bust Stops Here

CJ Woods is the boss woman this day. No one leaves her office out of ‘em getting a fine view her greater than standard bosoms and smooth, sexy box. ‘coz this is the XL Angels building where ladies drop their bras and knickers to make chaps cheerful and concupiscent.

“This is the most-fun thing I’ve ever done,” says the marvelous CJ, a big boobed Mom back home in Kentucky. Here at XL Angels, hundreds of miles away, CJ can live out her dream world of hawt, no-strings sex with boyz who are copulate athletes. Then she can go home tingling.

This is the 1st time in CJ’s life that she’s modeled, the first time she’s ever taken her alluring clothing off and posed undressed on-camera and the first time she’s ever had sex with a skilled rod (Tony in “CJ’s 1st XXX Scene”). CJ’s truly taken to it, and some other scene is on the way.

Back home, CJ thinks that babe has the titanic knockers in her town. “I don’t acquire to do much to draw attention to my juggs. Studs are always checking me out all the time. I have come to like push-up bras and I at not time leave the house without wearing a brassiere.”

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Jola – Hot Tub Fuck Machine

Hot Tub Fuck Machine

Hot Tub Screw Machine

Jola has a entire lot to like, and a couple of our most-hung bucks are getting the chance to savour every inch of her… and fill her holes with every inch of their dongs. Jola is still a relatively recent playgirl around these super-plumper-loving parts, and that babe has already fucked 3 men on-camera as an XL GODDESS. It is safe to say this babe is no longer a beginner, so we thought if Jola likes one weenie, she has to love two! Double the plumper enjoyment, double the joy and cum.

Jola’s stupendous mams are pouring out of her over-matched costume, the hot tub is piping hawt and Novis is ready to make things even steamier. This gent brought his precious buddy Tom Holland, another boy who can’t receive enough of bulky mangos and squashy curves, along with him to join in the joy. Sharing is caring, so what could be more mind blowing than double-teaming the super-plumper of the year?

There are rare moments when Jola doesn’t have a ding-dong in throat, twat or the one and the other. That babe starts with a double-suck as this babe tries to ram each of their pulsating pieces of meat into her hungry throat. She can barely fit them the one and the other in there, but she is giving it her preeminent effort. Pretty soon, the guys lay Jola down and take turns rogering her throat, mammaries and snatch. When those 3 are done, Jola is drenched from head to toe from the tub, her own juices and one as well as the other of those lucky guys shooting loads onto her charming face and fleshy bra-busters.

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Kali West – The Breast Of Kali West 1

The Breast Of Kali West 1

The Breast Of Kali West 1

Is the office the proper place for a female employee to engage in screwing and mouthing on the company’s dime? It is for SCORE and for Kali West in this early scene. This set was discharged before Kali went on to star in Mamazon The Episode as one of six lascivious jungle angels and prior to her appearance as a guest on the all-hardcore SCOREtv: Uncut & Uncensored. It’s bad enough that office employees in each sector check out porn in the office. Now they have sex in the office too!

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Kelli Maxx – Maxximum Tits

Maxximum Wobblers

Maxximum Tits

What makes Kelli Maxx additional lustful?
Kelli: “Massages. Getting a ladies man or a female to squeeze my bum or upper thighs immediately turns me on.”

What was the foremost and the worst compliments you’ve heard?
Kelli: “I acquire awesome compliments all the time. I can’t just pick one. The worst is when I receive told I’m impressive ‘for a bigger in size than run of the mill gal.’ C’mon! Weight doesn’t define cutie, guys!”

What’s the finest thing for a man to do in your company?
Kelli: “Make me laugh hysterically and treat me with respect.”

What are your preeminent personal traits?
Kelli: “Definitely my humor, I think I’m beautiful humorous and I suppose I do a valuable job of making my friends chortle. Physically…well, the obvious, my mounds and my eyes.”

You see a boy and you are attracted to him. What happens?

Kelli: “I’m so demure I’ll keep staring until this lady-killer comes over to me! If this gent doesn’t, well, I’ll strut my curvy body over to him!”

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Marille – Marille’s Big Titty Ramrodding

Marille’s Large Titty Ramrodding

Marille's Large Titty Ramrodding

Mr. Voluptuous Magazine Lothario has left the Hollywood scene and fled to Prague–which some say is Europe’s most swinging city. And that is where our hero meets Marille, a juicy and stacked juvenile woman with real buckin’ hangers and a pretty face. Marille’s soft-spoken and polite, but if he urges to copulate her, Mr. V. is intend to must loosen the death-grip on his wallet. Marille’s English is priceless. This babe wears a low-cut top to advertise her goods. They make large tits over her strappy costume. Who could resist?

It is similar to hiring a fitness instructor except the knob receives stretched instead of the calf muscles. Mr. V. is very polite. That fellow prefaces each request with “May I?” Life is so much easier and gratifying since this chap stopped playing the field and started seeing professionals.

Marille worships his dick with her succulent throat for a admirable amount of time. This babe is in no hurry to move on. From the pont of time Mr. V. penetrates her constricted Czech pussy with his shag chisel, her impressive muff is sopping luscious. Marille is a companion who enjoys being banged inflexible by sex-crazed men. Mr. V. can tell that and drills her penis gap as unbending as he can.

Marille rides his jock with grinding intensity, soaking his knob with her dripping muff juices. Part of their deal is her agreement to let him squirt his meat-thermometer fluid on her new, quivering love muffins. His aim is off and her open face hole catches some of the goo which she swallows adore a fine angel. Mr. V. has learned firsthand why Marille is so popular. This buck suspected as much in advance of his pants came off. Marille’s phone number will be at the top of his call-back list.

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Suzumi Wilder – Grand Theft Anal

Grand Theft Anal

Grand Theft Anal

Fans of Suzumi Wilder have been patiently expecting for their beloved big boobed gamer girl’s hardcore initial debut, and we’re pleased to announce that your expect is over. And, ladies man, did this girl deliver. Rocky, our hung cocksman, not only popped her hardcore cherry, this chab popped her anal cherry, also! We shouldn’t be likewise surprised that 44DDD Suzumi let it all hang out, though. That babe said us how much of a freak that babe was in her solo debut in August.

“I watch porn all the time,” Suzumi said. “Of course, that means I masturbate a lot. If I’m going for a quickie, I will use an egg sex-toy on my like button and work up to a quick climax during the time that thinking about being fucked subrigid.”

That is our sort of beauty. Of course, with a boy like Rocky, Suzumi did not need her bunny to hit numerous climaxes. Especially not after Rocky stuffed her arse with his massive piece of man-meat. We’re sure Suzumi won’t forget her 1st time.

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Mia Callista – She’s lovin’ it and havin’ it her way

She is lovin’ it and havin’ it her way

She's lovin' it and havin' it her way

“Once u boyz came along, there was almost certainly I wanted to do it,” 21-year-old Mia Callista, aka The Busty Beauty Who Works Behind The Counter at the Hamburger Joint, told of her reaction when she was approached by a bunch of SCORE editors about glamour modeling. “I didn’t must think twice. I saw the site, saw topless honeys and said, ‘Yes!’ And then I identified out it was likewise hardcore porn, and then I got truly horny.”


“Because that is even more admirable than posing topless. That is getting paid to do my hobby. I love banging!”

That is obvious in those pictures and the accompanying video. Mia’s enthusiasm and love of sex come throughout. It’s a shame that that babe spent so much time working at the burger joint when this babe should’ve been here. But we’re very happy we identified her first.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, but I didn’t know how,” Mia told. “I look at plenty of porn and I always view porn when I masturbate. I would Google porn sites, but I by no means knew who to contact.”

We contacted her. This babe gave us the bigger than run of the mill thumbs up. And, now, she’s fucking on-camera for the first time.

“I’m so wanton!” Mia said.

She’s not the solely one.

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Kimmie Kaboom – Make Room For Kaboom

Make Room For Kaboom

Make Room For Kaboom

Kimmie Kaboom made a bigger in size than typical kaboom here at XL Cuties. Seeing is believing.

Bra shopping is an adventure for Kimmie. This babe wears 42H cup holders. “I have not at all been skillful to buy bras off the rack,” says Kimmie. “I usually wear a beneath garment when I’m out and about, but hardly ever at home.”

Kimmie is the wife of an XL Angels fan. This ladies man encouraged Kimmie to send her at-home snaps to our staff. This is a new (and very welcome) trend. Back in 1999, when XL Gals first appeared, this almost by no means happened.

Like any healthy, juvenile female-dominator, Kimmie enjoys a lot of sex and can’t live without to make it adventurous and exciting.

“I one time had sex with a husband in his house while his wife was home. I know…bad angel! Afresh, I had sex one evening at Couch, Bath & Beyond’s parking lot while they were open. My partner and I go out at least once a week to dinner or a movie or we lock ourselves in our bedroom for a sex marathon.”

Kimmie has it all. XL Cuties is pleased to have her in our bastion of bigger in size than typical hooters!

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