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Darksome in Back

Dark in Back

Black in Back

“Black In Back” is what we’re calling an upcoming glamour photoshoot of Sara Jay in BootyLicious magazine, and one see her tells you why. Yes, that babe has big tits–really greater than run of the mill mounds, if u receive to know–but it’s her gazoo that gets attention. “People do not await an butt love mine on a white girl adore me,” that babe said. “That’s why as much attention as my love bubbles have gotten me, my booty has gotten me a lot more.” That babe knows how to use it. No, Sara doesn’t take it up the a-hole. Pity. But this babe definitely knows how to work her butt, as you’re intend to see in those photos when she acquires her salad tossed. The girl knows anything there’s to know about ass worship coz her a-hole has been worshiped a lot.

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Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

From who drives the coolest car, to who bangs the hottest hotty’s, studs like to brag. And if u nabbed a gal love Peyton, you’d boast all day. That’s what JMac is doing.

“She’s banging hawt,” JMac says to his buddies, who are crowded around his phone as this woman chaser brandishes ’em photos. “She’ll be here in a tiny in number minutes.”

The boyz scatter when Peyton walks into the room. They know how JMac operates. When a sexy, big breasted, bangable hotty walks into a room, JMac shags her. That’s just the way it goes. JMac pokes her onto the bed and goes to work on Peyton’s biggest mams.

“These are the monumental bra buddies I have ever observed,” JMac says.

Peyton has some of the biggest breasts we have ever seen, likewise. And this babe knows how to use ’em. Peyton doesn’t tit stroke boys with her milk cans, her mammaries devour your rod. She is adore a magician who makes rods vanish.

Of course, tit-fucking isn’t all Peyton is here for. She wants her vagina rammed, so she hops on top of JMac and rides him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl previous to letting JMac take control. This chab throws Peyton off the sofa and pile-drives her young wet crack, rogering harder with each thrust. JMac holds out for as long as this man can, but eventually even this chab has to tap out. When that ladies man does, this dude shoots his sexy load all over Peyton’s milk shakes.

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Milk-Filled Tits

Milk-Filled Boobies

Milk-Filled Tits

The wickedly attractive redhead Bebe Cooper treats us another time to a milk-friendly photo widen and episode. Even if u are lactose intolerant, Bebe’ll still turn u on with her porcelain skin, blue-veined milkers, seductive gaze and juicy vagina. She sure picked the right name.

Bebe’s breast and nipp squeezing are captured in close-ups. Those nipps are just unforgettable. So pointy, elongated and perky, surrounded by pink areolae, like mountains of flesh.

A sheet of glass is placed betwixt Bebe and the camera so this babe can do her thing. Sending streams of her breast-milk str8 at us! Then Bebe shifts her attention and ours to her marvelous pussy. She pleasures her pink seize in numerous cock-stiffening poses, her areolas still vertical the complete time! How does one thank a vixen adore Bebe for what that babe does for us all? A easy compliment will do!

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Cum To Gya

Cum To Gya

Cum To Gya

Terri Jane and Micky Bells have left the bedroom after trying on different hawt outfits with Gya Roberts in Part two of Montego Honey bunnys.

In “Cum To Gya,” Gya’s been truly worked-up after trying on tight tops and other skimpy garments and seeing her girlfriends’ marangos and booties stretch their tops and shorts. She is super-horny.

Gya lays on the ottoman alone amidst the pile of tops, shorts and the rest. That babe begins satisfying herself and acquires carried away. One of Gya’s superb talents is teat self-sucking. Her skill at this is intensive.

We have viewed a wide multiformity of self-sucking cuties at The SCORE Group and Gya is one of the majority excellent. That babe really enjoys doing it. We can tell. She’s indeed into it. It is not an simple thing to do. There are many big-boobed gals who cant physically do it.

Gya’s hands reach down and pull off her panties. Her tender fingers work her rapidly wetting pussy-hole during the time that her colossal knockers splay and shake. Her bedsheet is gonna receive very juicy.

“I adore masturbating,” Gya told. “At home, I’ve a best friend Gigi, my blue vib, that actually helps me a lot when I view porn. By the way, I guess the shower is the foremost ally of a cutie. I like showering and masturbating, plus a shower by no means has any expectations. Yumm! What a sensation!”

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Curvy Katrin: In Search of Erotic Pleasure

Shapely Katrin: In Chase of Carnal Joy

Curvy Katrin: In Search of Erotic Pleasure

Katrin Porto‘s gorgeous face and hawt figure attract loads of attention. That babe decided to make the move into nude modeling and make the majority of nature’s gifts.

“Since childhood, I was a chubby hotty,” Katrin wrote on her web page. “This was accompanied by a bunch of complexes and self-doubts that were rooted in me for many years. It took a miniature in number years to feel assertive.”

Now Katrin has skilled her goal of self-confidence and enjoyment of sex and eroticism. She has a admirable personal philosophy: “If a female is hot, she’s sexy in any body.”

Green-eyed redhead Katrin has no tattoos and no piercings. That babe is ambisextrous and married. “My special talent is giving the fun of sex to my dear partner and to total strangers. My fetish is my husband’s weenie. I can worship it with all my like cuz it gives me the almost any joy I ever got with someone.”

Katrin likewise met some of XL Girls’ pro-studs and that babe got along with them just valuable. But to quote an old saying, “Her heart belongs to Daddy.”

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Messy Lexi Slade & Her Big Areolae

Filthy Lexi Slade & Her Larger than run of the mill Areolae

Messy Lexi Slade & Her Bigger in size than average Areolae

Lexi Slade was a sales rep when this babe realized this babe could do much better getting hot and sexy on-camera. Korina Kova spotted her and suggested this babe expand her horizons and her purse by connecting with SCORE.

Lexi commented about sex cuz inquiring minds wanted to know.

Sex with girls:

“Oh yes, I suppose I’ll tell you about my first gal encounter. She was my finest ally! We always called every other wife and we adore every other dearly. I believe we had a rave and it ended up turning into an orgy afterward.”

Sex in public:

“I’ve had a not many public sex encounters. My 1st was with my first partner in my utmost friend’s apartment staircase. Yeah, we almost got caught, and yep, it was worth it. From there, I had many car sex encounters with boyfriends. Coz we definitely didn’t desire to have sex in our parents’ homes.”

Blow jobs:

“I have only swallowed for one guy and it is my current husband for not quite 3 years. It was such a turn-on for me.”

Anal play:

“I just recently got into anal play. I haven’t attempted tongueing anyone but I do not mind if they do it to me. Fingering is fantastic.”

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Nila Mason’s Big-boob Sex Studies

Nila Mason’s Breasty Sex Studies

Nila Mason's Breasty Sex Studies

“I adore different poses,” said Nila Mason, who was born on January 11th. “I do not have one much loved position. “I’m rather an active person and I love to have sex a not many times a week. I adore orall-service and fingering. In foreplay, I adore to feel adore.”

Nila can’t concentrate on her reading when Max walks in. She strolls over to his desk and sticks her crazy-big chest in his face. That ends the study session and begins the sex play.

Nila is a passionate mistresse. That babe doesn’t go through the motions on-camera in her scenes. She’s real, not play-acting.

“When I give a fellatio, it can depend on the chap if I spit his spunk or if I gulp. I can be very wild. I would adore to have sex in a university. That’s one of my dreams.”

XL Gals members have called Nila (pronounced Nee-la) a “goddess,” “the perfect dominant-bitch,” and “sexiest large boobed female of all time.”

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A Boy’s Majority mind boggling Friend

A Boy’s Best Ally

A Boy's Superlatively worthwhile Ally

It is not each single day you come across a true dime piece. U know what we mean. A true 10 out of 10. But, as luck would have it, that’s just what our stud Larger than typical Pike stumbled upon when that ladies man walked into Diamond Starr‘s workshop. With her caramel skin, constricted curves and ideal gazoo, this pleasant heart is what we call a ideal cut diamond. And Diamond knows exactly what we mean.

“A female-dominator with a flawless body,” Diamond responded when we asked her what this babe finds sexy. “She’s got to be fit, but too thick. Do not receive me not correct, I adore penis. But there’s no thing hotter than a hot female.”

We know Pike agrees. This smooth operator beasts on Diamond’s taut muff as pretty soon as that stud enters the room, and then drops a load on her arse to boot. It’s safe to say that this Diamond is a man’s finest friend.

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Waking Up With Claudia KeAloha

Awaking Up With Claudia KeAloha

Waking Up With Claudia KeAloha

One of America’s hottest exotic dancers, Claudia KeAloha and her bed mate are dozing when Claudia wakes up. This babe sleeps in a beneath garment to keep her bigger in size than standard hooters supported and secure.

Sexually excited from the snap, Claudia touches her wobblers, pulls her brassiere down and rubs the nipps, getting more and more excited. The nerves of her nipps send signals to her pussy. This babe needs dong, bad. She throws off the covers, still dressed in stockings, panties and under garment, and begins engulfing Largo’s rod with her drooling throat. Engulf, suck, suck and Largo’s jock stiffens. Claudia has plans for it. Stick it in her pussy-hole and do a special pole dance on it. She’s got the lewd morning blues and that babe needs penis fondelling inside her vagina.

“Being a dancer increased my knowledge of how to please a charmer. My sex drive was always high. I was shy and it has taken growing as a female to be this assertive. But now I’m a lot more assured in ottoman and ready to try almost anything. Except anal. My beloved position is missionary ‘coz I love to kiss and have my large milk cans sucked whilst I’m screwing.”

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Starr Gazing

Starr Gazing

Starr Gazing

Generally speaking, we aren’t the star gazing types, but a delectable, celestial body love Diamond’s would make us consider a degree in ASS-tronomy. She’s rockin’ her much-too-skimpy-for-a-worksite jumper, which, thankfully, leaves nothing to the imagination. Now our boy Big Pike is ready to do much more than gaze.

“You willing to nail that butt?” Diamond says to Pike as this chab saunters into the warehouse.

Diamond may not be aware, but Pike’s got the sort of tool needed to nail this angel from every angle.

After a bit of slit and arse poppin’ while deep-throating Pike’s shlong, Diamond bows over and lets him slip his heavy slice of man-meat inside her.

“Oh yeah, u love my cunt, don’t u,” Diamond moans as she twerks on his dong. “I adore your weenie.”

You are damn right Pike loves the yummy chocolate bawdy cleft she’s serving up, and that smooth operator pops a torrent of cum on her butt to show her just how much.

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Alana Gets A Facial

Alana Acquires A Facial

Alana Receives A Facial

“It makes me feel very hawt,” Alana says when asked what it’s love to see herself in a magazine. “It makes me feel very loved.”

Alana is of course very sexy and loved in our hallowed halls of breasts and among the Brotherhood of XL Studs. It doesn’t hurt that Alana is enchanting enough to eat for dessert.

“I like rogering,” Alana says. “I love fucking and I adore being watched when I’m banging.”

We’re all about fulfilling wants here, so we had no prepossession but to fill Alana’s tasty, bulky cookie one time anew. For our viewing and jerking enjoyment and Alana’s exhibitionist urges. It’s hitting 2 birds with one bone.

Alana’s boning comes courtesy of our friend Seth Diamond. He’s at no time seen a plumper he did not love, or a couple of naturals this chab wouldn’t engulf. So this gent is of course in luck cuz Alana is as lustful as we’ve ever watched her. Her nipples are already vertical when Seth pulls her pointer sisters out of her top. That gent sucks on Alana’s right teat while she tends to her left tit. Yep, naturals this wet are often a two-person job.

Alana’s facial expression is a mix of longing and anticipation when Seth is about to ram his ramrod inside of her. That babe is rubbing her cum-hole and squeezing her milk shakes and not quite begging for his meat.

“Yeah, give it to me, baby,” she says in a nearly inaudible whisper.

She lets out a lengthy gasp when this chab slides himself inside her. Seth’s pace is slow and deliberate to begin, but he gradually picks up momentum with each stroke.

“Oh, screw that handsome love tunnel,” Alana says. “Fuck this cum-hole!”

Alana’s cunt is more than alluring. It’s mouth-watering. It is the kind of vagina that makes you almost drop your nut as pretty soon as u slide inside of it, but you by no means wanna leave once u are inside. Alana’s wobblers bounce to the rhythm of Seth’s thrusts when that stud fucks her, and her muff is so damp u can hear him churning up her juices as he slips in and out. This is the type of five-star copulate a chubby hottie merits.

“Cum on my face,” Alana demands.

U don’t stay as gorgeous as Alana without consistent facials, and Seth leaves her with a sticky one.

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Fucks Like An Angel

Fucks Love An Goddess

Fucks Like An Angel

That babe appears like an hotty. Walks adore an gal. Talks like an cutie.

If you think this babe bonks like an hotty, u are 100% correct. Marvelous Cutie DeLuca is a big busted beauty of sexual nirvana. That babe can have anyone eating without her hand just for a chance to acquire into her knickers. The hotty is ridiculously hot.

Girl is very supple and can acquire her body into hot poses and wide-spread pink positions. She’s a very raunchy seductress and very physical, great at nipple-licking, masturbation, undressed splits and leg-extensions. And glamourous at banging the weenie.

Cutie opens her legs wide and wider for Tony’s sausage. But solely after giving him a tantalizing brandish of her luscious bosoms, spankable gazoo and hypnotic cookie.

Goddess is bi and has a wife at home but she’s very sexually open.

“We did have this one buck whom we kept around for a while, but it’s normally more of a one-night stand sort of thing,” told Gal who discovered us and contacted us at

Angel’s one-night stand with Tony at XL is something to savor over and over again, making this scene a go-to for nut-busting pleasure. This babe actually knows how to please a lustful boy and that babe is the supreme at getting into very hawt poses for the digital camera.

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