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Books Go Better With Boobs

Books Go More priceless With Bra-busters

Books Go More incredible With Boobs

Stacked legal age teenager Rachel Raxxx continues her rack attack on the senses of the tit woman chaser. Quickly slipping without her hawt blue top and denim shorts, Rachel unleashes the full force of her natural double-J mammaries. This babe shows off her self-sucking skills, a very rare ability.

Being so breasty, Rachel sometimes had a difficult time at school. We’ve heard this many times over the years. “A lot of the gals used to make pleasure of me, but I learned to take care of myself,” said Rachel. “You know how angels can be jealous. They’d say, ‘Your milk cans are also big. They don’t go with your body. U do not have no ass.’ Most African-American sweethearts are voluptuous and have large haunches and bigger than run of the mill butts, and I’m considered to not have a bigger than typical a-hole.”

We have watched Rachel doing the dance with no trousers twice at SCORELAND and this babe enjoys using her marangos as teasers and pleasers. “Sometimes I put my milk cans in their face. Plenty of times I do not acquire to do anything. They just go for ’em. Grab on them or engulf on them. I can wrap them around their dong and jack ’em off with ’em. I can do a lot with large mammaries. Bra-busters are enjoyment. I love having them.”

Rachel Raxxx: heaven-sent for the big-breast paramour in u.

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Wicked cougar bends over and opens her pink shaven muff wide open Brittany_bardot – Old bombshell receives nasty in ottoman playing with her soaked shaven fuckhole

Aged bombshell acquires nasty in sofa playing with her wet hairless fuckhole

Hooter Hottie

Hooter Babe

Hooter Hottie

Blonde knockout Anna Kay gives her booty-call Carlos a truly nice time. Anna is truly a “Hooter Honey bunny.”

“In a lot of ways I’ve been conservative about sex, but as I receive maturer I discover that I wanna try recent things,” Anna said in one of her interviews. “I receive bored very easily, so I’ve been wanting to do things that are out of the norm more and more. I don’t love just the same mature wham-bam every time. I must spice it up.”

Boyfrend glamour model Kaytee Carter, a SCORELAND Angel who met Anna on the set of the video More To Copulate, wrote, “This hotty is not solely banging hot but she knows how to have a good time and her personality is a breath of fresh air. I had a chance to spend some time with the fabulous Anna Kay and needless to say we rocked it wherever we went!”

Anna knows that real tit men adore to stick their ramrods betwixt a couple of bigger in size than average scoops. Some say it is a must when they’re in the sack with a cutie.

“A lot of boys haven’t had the chance to experience what it is like to have titty-sex with bigger in size than typical mounds. ‘coz with little love melons they can kind of rub on ’em, but they’re not going to fit around their dong adore a coochie. And they just love the fact that they can do that, that my boobies will really wrap all the way around their cock. And then they just like being talented to squirt on your face and your pantoons.”

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A Bucket O’ Chicken For Bailey

A Bucket O’ Chicken For Bailey

A Bucket O' Chicken For Bailey

What kind of men does Bailey like? “I love them hairless, corpulent and hirsute,” this babe said. Obviously, we are not dealing with your typical angel here. Bailey isn’t superficial and even lists cheeto crumbs on a stud as a turn-on. That’s coz this babe loves to eat, and she doesn’t care how larger than standard it is going to make her. “I need a skirt chaser who can eat as much as I do. If that guy can’t keep up with me during dinner, how is this buck going to keep up with me in the bedroom? I bonk adore I eat–passionately and often. And if you want to fuck me, u more good be willing to feed me too.”

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Carmen Likes Cum

Carmen Likes Cum

Carmen Can't live with out Cum

If what you are seeing here appears to be especially POVy (meaning the point of check out appears to be to be more first-person oriented than everything you have ever seen before) there’s a good reason for that. The boy rogering Carmen Hayes? The skirt chaser getting his dicked sucked by Carmen? That dude was the photographer and videographer, likewise. So, more than in any thing of this kind we’ve ever observed, it indeed seems as if Carmen is engulfing your ramrod and that’s your penis plowing Carmen’s constricted fur pie and that it’s your cum that’s coating Carmen’s magnificent, natural F-cup fun bags. For these of u who are into the still version of this scene, we call your attention to the awesome P.O.V. shots of Carmen laying back, bunching up her bouncy bosoms and getting screwed in the missionary position. If that doesn’t make you cum, nothing will. If that doesn’t make u cum, we have a suggestion for you: try gay porn. Coz this ram definitely isn’t your speed. We know. This is as worthy as it acquires.

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A Bra-ful of Joana

A Bra-ful of Joana

A Bra-ful of Joana

In a uncommon chat, Joana talks about her day-to-day life in her native Romania. That babe meditates and does yoga practice two hours a day. A vegan for years, Joana doesn’t eat meat. “Mushrooms are my meat,” Joana explains. Her diet is largely vegetables and fruit. Twice a year, Joana goes on a holiday retreat to the Black Sea or to the mountains where she gets together with friends.

In front of Joana on the coffee table is a pile of brassieres. That babe is plan to try on a slight in number of ’em after measuring herself. She’ll critique every one, also. Finding the right kind of bra for her zeppelins is not an elementary task. Buying bras that fit properly and look precious is always a challenge for Joana and other SCORELAND Girls. This babe prefers the brands Mary Jo and Prima Donna made in France. “I try to discover gorgeous bras, but that is not always simple in my size.” Joana does wonders filling out her SCORE tank.

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Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

The definition of “busty femdom-goddess,” Juliana Simms has the same kind of natural effervescence and bubbly, pleased personality as Joana and Maya Milano. They’re likewise exceedingly similar in looks. Juliana’s even told this babe would adore to meet Maya (and Samantha Lily).

SCORELAND: Juliana, do u have any desire to visit the United States?

Juliana: Very much so, yeah.

SCORELAND: Where do you adore to trip?

Juliana: I adore to travel very much. My dream is to visit the Caribbean islands like Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

SCORELAND: If you had 3 craves, what would u urge for?

Juliana: Health for my family, no war and to have a green card to live in the USA.

Juliana gives herself a caressing and a creaming in a do-it-yourself spa treatment. By the time this babe is finished, her large mambos and flawless vagina are well-coated.

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The Oily Voluptuous Pornstar of the year

The Oily Voluptuous Porn star of the year

The Oily Voluptuous Adult model of The Year

This is a special movie scene moment in numerous ways. The photographers usually shoot a stand-alone Bonus clip, such as a adult model being interviewed in a living room, taking a shower or trying on bras or bikinis.

This time we’re still on the set where Vanessa Y. doused her shapely bod with greasy oil and that babe is still sliding around the floor naked and slick from head to toe. Her photographer then lets her in on the news that he’s been holding back from her coz this guy wanted her reaction on-camera.

That news is about Vanessa winning the Voluptuous Porn star of the year contest (July ’16 V-mag). Since this babe doesn’t go on social media web sites that posted the announcement (unlike Hitomi who’s on several social sites 24/7/365) and the mag was shipping from the printers when this babe posed for this shoot, Vanessa did not know. Plus, your editors wanted to surprise her by having her photographer tell her face-to-face.

Congratulations, Vanessa, a angel who’s rock hard to hold. ‘coz she’s slippery.

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Ryan Riesling

Ryan Riesling Ryan Riesling
Ryan Riesling @
Meet the Rieslings — Ryan and Damien. They’re the happiest couple in the world. How so? Ryan’s a natural-born, BBC-lovin’ white cutie…which has always been Damien idea of a fantasy beauty. Damien learned about white beauties who loved darksome dudes way back in college, when this smooth operator caught his cheerleader girlfriend rogering the center of the basketball team. They called him Miniature, and when Damien sauntered into her bedroom unannounced one sunny afternoon and caught the couple rogering away, and he saw Slim’s heavy cock and the pleasure it brought his girlfriend, this smooth operator didn’t acquire kooky. This skirt chaser simply accepted it. Now, years later, that ladies man wears his chastity device proudly and knows when Ryan is "in session" with her "personal trainer", well…all this stud truly craves to do is observe. And maybe clean up. If this Lothario is fortunate. Today, he is a fortunate cuck. Look! The Bull even got sex cream on Ryan’s wedding ring! Clean-up on aisle Ryan!
Ryan Riesling Ryan Riesling

Visit – Slight Weenie Cuckolds And Their Darksome Meat-thermometer Wives @ Cuckold Sesssions | Ryan Riesling

Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

When SCORE‘s President saw Annina for the first time, his mind traveled to the early 1990s, when the mag was born. Back then, this chab had in mind his vision of the ideal SCORE Girl: This babe would be impossibly petite and impossibly ultra-stacked. The cutie of each boob lover’s fantasy. The angel he had in mind was a lot like Annina.

Annina traveled to The Bahamas for a series of solo and hardcore discharges after that babe toured the SCORE offices and met the workers. It was the solely time she filmed outside of her native Germany. Annina was born for porn. “I love to watch myself having sex. And I’ve a waterbed. Having sex on a waterbed is a lot of enjoyment. I have mirrors in my bedroom”

“In Germany, they will say, ‘Oooh, what is that? Her mammaries are so large! Oh, silicone.’ They don’t like it, tons of people,” Annina said. “But it is laughable ‘cuz I don’t have a problem rencounter chaps, so there is also a different side. In Germany, it’s a little unlike here. In the YOU.S., studs love big billibongs and vixens urge to have ’em. In Germany, not so much as here. Maybe they are jealous. I don’t know, but I can’t worry about it. I love my bigger than run of the mill mangos and my body, and many bucks love them, likewise.”

“When I go out, I wear glamourous garments. Tight tops. Little shorts. I like to wear jeans, taut tops and, an absolute receive to, high heels. You know, fuck-me pumps? Almost any of the time, I wear very little clothes or bikinis and high heels. U know, I indeed dont wear lots of glamourous garments. No smooth operator desires to watch me suit in evening gowns.”

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Crazy-Generous Boobs

Crazy-Generous Pointer sisters

Crazy-Generous Boobs

“It is very subrigid for me to find bathing dress tops that fit me,” says Gya, killing her swimsuit and bursting with succulent energy. “They don’t last lengthy on me. When I go to the beach, the lads see me all the time. One guy said to me, I was hoping your top would fall off when a wave hit u!’ I seem to attract followers wherever I go. But that’s fine because I like attention, especially from all bucks.”

Gya loves to play dress-up. She is got the superwoman body for it. We can’t even imagine Gya and Tiggle Bitties in the same room together. The roof would blow off.

I indeed like all kinds of costumes and dreams. I like being the nasty school hotty. That’s one of my favorites. I too like being the mean woman, likewise. I truly love to dominate fellows. I love to make ’em feel bad and deny them enjoyment until they beg. I love to be begged to give ’em something, either sex or just a touch, whatsoever it is. I love to dominate studs and be in control.”

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