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Stick What Up My Ass?

Stick What Up My Butt?

Stick What Up My Butt?

Accomplished ramrod Mr. Largo passes by the dressing room and sees a pair of hot legs that go up all the way and make an absolute wazoo without themselves. A very worthwhile a-hole. The hotty is bent over, adjusting her very high heels. Who is it?

“Oh shit, that’s Stephanie Stalls,” Mr. Largo says to himself. “I team-fucked her the last time that babe was here.” That skirt chaser did really in the SCORE machine shop! “I remember her being wild. This babe can’t live without all kinda freaky stuff. Know what? I bet that babe has no idea I am banging her today in an anal scene.” Ah, the boring life of a hired fellow.

Largo walks over to Stephanie and gives her a-hole a nice smack. Stephanie spins around and says “Who the hell…?” Then recognizes Largo. They hug it out and Largo gives her a spin, complimenting Stephanie on her super-busty exotic dancer body. “Wait a minute. Am I screwing u today?” she asks him with a puzzled look. Resembles the discussion is gonna turn to Largo’s better than normal shlong. “Why do not u let me see it?” Like he is plan to say no? The camera’s rolling. Juan pulls his fire hose with out his fly and Stephanie squats in front of him.

That babe palms it and marvels at how big it’s, comparing it to her forearm. A wide smile and a look of happiness crosses her lips. “That is so giant,” that babe gushes. Can that babe take it all? “Sure,” Stephanie says. “But first you’re going to must lube me up with a arse plug.” Stephanie sits back in the make-up chair and takes off her briefs. “Look what I have for u,” says Largo, waving a large rubber dildo as bigger than standard as his own shlong. Stephanie opens her legs wide and Largo sticks the fake knob into her anal opening, opening it up. Stephanie can’t live without that.

That babe now loves toys and schlongs in her gazoo. Now she’s into getting ass-fucked. It is opened up a “hole” recent world of sensation to her. Stephanie’s opened and willing now from her butt exercise. She’s not intend to receive more ready than now. This lady-killer escorts her to the bedroom and begins warming her up by mouthing on her teats, squeezing, fondling and banging her king-size juggs, and fingering the one and the other holes with one hand. That babe is way hawt to be butt-drilled now. A girl doesn’t get more ready than Miss Stalls is right now.

How in the hell is Stephanie plan to receive his thick, long junk all the way inside her constricted tush? That woman chaser didn’t piston her anus last time, just her luscious bawdy cleft. Seeing is believing. And not at all forget…Stephanie Stalls is not a sex object. Whenever there’s a chance for hot sex, Stephanie not at all objects.

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Avalon’s Outdoor Sex

Avalon’s Outdoor Sex

Avalon's Outdoor Sex

Creamy, fair-skinned redhead Avalon has a real nature-girl look about her, so getting screwed in a woodsy, secluded spot outside was a ideal fit. There’s a real couples sexual feel to the sex rather than hard-driving porn sex, and the way it is filmed adds to that impression. Coz of that, it feels like we’re peeping on a couple we have spotted screwing in a park.

Avalon chimed in on this. “Many of my episodes are made out in nature. Although they’re technically public, they are filmed in intimate, discreet locations. I would not feel comfortable if there were other people around. So I think it could be called intimate public?

“I once had sex high up in a tree. I was honestly afraid that we would both fall out and be found in the morning by some poor, blameless grandmother, naked and in a compromising position.”

We have heard of tree huggers previous to but what Avalon and her friend did took it to a higher level.

What kind of foreplay does Avalon relish?

“Is getting showered with money still an option? I suppose having it rain will put almost all people in the mood. I likewise savour giving lap dances and stripteases.”

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Shelby Gibson’s First All The Way XXX Sex

Shelby Gibson’s First All The Way XXX Sex

Shelby Gibson's First All The Way XXX Sex

SCORE reader’s wife (and a fan herself) Shelby Gibson makes her long-awaited comeback after a 3 year absence to entire her fantasy: a full-sex, all-the-way, XXX scene, rogering her favourite porn gent JMac, the people’s partiality.

When Dave announced on the SCORELAND Blog that that man had just interviewed Shelby, the comment section exploded, proving that Team SCORE was not alone in hoping and wishing that Shelby would ultimately return to do that XXX bonk that babe fantasized about and talked about after that babe and JMac did a Bouncy bosoms & Tugs scene in 2015.

Shelby spoken about her reaction to seeing her earlier shoots. She’ll be feeling the same way, maybe even hornier, when that babe watches this scene.

“I viewed them by myself and with my spouse. My husband was right there when we did the discharge, which made it even hotter. It was hot, made me sexually excited! Made me enjoyment myself. We have seen the Pantoons & Tugs scene over 30 times.

“When I look at it with partner, this fellow goes nuts. This chab acquires super-horny and so do I. That smooth operator can not watch my movie scenes alone out of shooting his sex cream. We have had sex many times watching it. It’s a real turn-on. My first scenes have given me more confidence and allowed me to let go more. Having magnificant sex with JMac at SCORE was one of my top three sexual experiences.”

SCORELAND: Shooting the photos and shooting the movie scene are different experiences. Do u detect one as well as the other experiences equally sweet or do you detect another thrilling than the other?

Shelby: You’re right, they’re a bit different. On one hand the photos are tougher coz we receive to keep stopping the action and pose. But, on the other hand, it is good doing the images first ‘coz it lets us ease into it and acquire used to every other. It actually receives me even more in the mood. The images are exciting ‘cuz it is the 1st time we got to engulf and screw. But the episode is thrilling ‘cuz we do not have to avoid. In fact, we kept rogering even when the camera was not rolling! Numerous times, the photographer indeed left the room but we kept going coz we were having so much fun! This buck would come back in the room and say, “Wow, u 2 are indeed into it!” We were!

SCORELAND: Did you specifically ask JMac to do everything u had been thinking about?

Shelby: Yep, I asked him to kiss me. It makes me hornier for him. And I asked him to lick my muff. This chab made me cum several times last time and I wanted that again. So he did it to me one time more and made me so luscious that I didn’t need any lube to bonk him. Oh my God, it was hawt!

SCORELAND: Dave’s 1st blog posting about talking to u attracted over 60 comments. What was your first reaction to that?

Shelby: Yep, it got to 66 comments! I could not make no doubt of it! I still cant believe it! I guess of myself as just a SCORE reader’s wife having naughty fun. I’m not a accomplished model so it’s even more flattering to know that I’ve so many fans. I hope that they love my new sets and let’s know that they wanna watch more. I started an Instagram account, ShelbyGibson34HH.

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Really Big Bras For Julia Jones’ Really Big Breasts

Indeed Large Bras For Julia Jones’ Truly Bigger than average Hooters

Really Large Bras For Julia Jones' Really Greater than average Breasts

It is a actually large brassiere show by Julia Jones. The enormous tit-slings are laid out on the ottoman, ready for this affable redhead to try out on her truly larger than typical breasts. Julia is solely 5’3″. Think about that for a minute.

When she is not on-webcam or taking pix, Julia doesn’t costume to brandish off her pantoons and body.

“No, I by no means do this,” told Julia. “I solely wear normal garments. I don’t have to draw any attention in any case cuz I get it coz of the size of my juggs. People can watch how greater than average they are out of me wearing sexy outfit.

“The attention varies from country to country. The country where the almost all males are always looking at me is Italy, in my opinion.”

Julia likes to ride her bike, drive her car, read, play poker and cook. She’s a well-rounded headmistress.

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Favourite side of Gemini

Favorite side of Gemini

Favorite side of Gemini

Gemini is more than just a name to this thick playgirl. It’s who that babe is. Gemini is a freak who loves to receive down and immodest, but this babe has a coy side, too. There’re definitely 2 sides to that babe.

“Sometimes I’ll walk up to a lad and tell him I wanna copulate,” this babe said. “Other times, I’ll be out at a exotic dancing club or some place else and I’ll wait for him to approach me. I can be very aggressive, but sometimes I’m very bashful.”

Today, Gemini isn’t feeling very bashful. That babe is bouncing and clapping her nifty, chocolate trunk as in a short time as our lad Juan walks into the room.

Lying on the daybed, Gemini demands that Juan eat her muff. He gleefully devours her pleasing cunt.

“I completely adore getting my slit eaten,” that babe says. “It’s my favorite thing. It receives me off each time.”

Luckily for her, this babe gets her fur pie eaten and Juan’s rock-hard 10-Pounder inside her. She rocks and pops her arse for him until this skirt chaser drops a enormous layer of jizz on her ‘donk.

We can definitely say the freaky side is our beloved side of Gemini.

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Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade Katrina Jade
Katrina Jade @
Katrina Jade and her Hubby are freaks…and they adore to let their freak flag fly! Often! You are about to witness the way they do that: Spouse invites a buddy over to hang out. He’ll immediately tell Katrina, who will pick out one of her smallest bikinis — a bathing suit so small they’re called "microkinis". When his buddy visits, Katrina will be tanning near the pool, topless. Which always leads the buddy to say smth like, "man, your wife is hawt! You’re a favourable guy!!" To which Husband replies, "do u wanna drill her?!?" Yeah, this is real, and yep, certainly the ally always can not make almost certainly of it at first. And yes, the buddy ends up screwing Katrina. Whilst Boyfriend watches and jacks his dick off. Then, after Hubby’s pal is done and gotten his nut, Husband will go in for sloppy seconds. Sloppy seconds is Hubby’s favorite fetish, and that guy doesn’t care, at all, if he is fucking Katrina in his buddy’s nut. It just turns him on so much he’ll nut too! And they’re large nuts that cover Katrina’s freshly shaved, freshly banged-out cookie!!
Katrina Jade Katrina Jade

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Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation

There’re some girls who are so admirable they’re priceless of a standing ovation. Then, there’re some who have booties so thick, it sounds love a standing ovation when they make it clap. And that has men like us, and our stud Juan Largo, standing at attention and willing to greetings.

“Can u make it clap for me?” Juan asks.

“Only for u,” Gemini responds.

What a sweet beauty. To thank her for the show, Juan goes down on Gemini and munches on her chocolate vagina. That is just the appetizer for Juan, though. That lady-killer lays down and lets Gemini hop on top of his jock.

“Oh, you plan to make this snatch cum?” that babe asks. “Make that slit cum!”

Gemini bonks Juan so stiff she nearly breaks the bed and his pelvis.

“I’ve got a little somethin’ for u likewise,” Juan says.

Gemini receives face down, booty up, and Juan bonks her the way a greater than typical ass hottie was made to take dick: doggy position.

This chab tops her kewl, chocolate booty with his man-cream when he is done.

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Gina George & The Analyst

Gina George & The Analyst

Gina George & The Analyst

Creamy English tart Gina George gives up her cushioned, round British booty when this babe goes to see The Analyst, a woman chaser who appreciates a large couple of mammaries. A lady of lusty tastes and appetites, Gina brings The Analyst’s head betwixt her large melons. This chab licks and kisses Gina’s bra-encased billibongs to her delight.

Gina unleashes her scones from their prison of fabric and thongs so The Analyst can truly get at ’em. They even mutually suck on Gina’s areolas. That charmer pulls Gina across his lap, her red heels hanging in the air, and raises her costume over her bum so that chap can spank her. A muscled dame like Gina appreciates a worthwhile flogging, whether this babe has been wicked or priceless.

Gina flips over on her back and Neeo straddles her so this dude can play with her quivering pantoons some more. Oohing and cooing, this babe pulls his banger out of his trousers and rubs it up. He takes his knob by the base and hammers Gina’s meatballs as she holds ’em up, then sticks it in her breast valley muff. Gina sucks the head and tit-fucks it. This woman has advanced tit-fucking talents.

The Analyst bonks Gina’s bawdy cleft first, making sure she’s wonderful and warmed up previous to that petticoat chaser takes her booty. Gina boards his skin bus with savour and is not the silent type when she’s in the throes of a dirty ride.

The Analyst puts Gina in a doggie style and slips his banger into her ass. That uncages the cougar in Gina and the room fills with her loud moans and screams. The Analyst is forceful and inexorable but solicitous. That charmer drills into her arse balls-deep as Gina shakes and trembles under his pounding. She rubs her clitoris furiously as his wang pumps away. It is a very raw and lewd finale to their coupling. What a female Gina George is.

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Sex Games

Sex Games

Sex Games

Sofia Rose at no time fails to be anything less than spectacular in every way. The camera was invented for Sofia. “I like lots of kissing and teat play when I am on top,” the fetching brunette hair said about her craves and needs.

“Nothing turns me on more or makes me crave to large O faster than seeing that a Lothario is clearly turned on by what he’s doing to me sexually. I like it.

“With every hubby I have fun something better than the other. I would say doggie-style is my beloved position, but in some instances I love the woman chaser on top and for him to have the control. Then, I detected I like total control, too, and the female on top position. I adore sex in any position.” And the 1st position this couple begin their rogering in is Sofia on top, grinding away. She’s identified her glad seat and it’s on top of Juan’s pole.

“I used to be a abdomen dancer, so obviously my body loves to move in different kinds of ways. That helps during sex. I danced in a restaurant in Orange County, California for a little over five years.”

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Big Tits For Fucking

Large Juggs For Fucking

Big Billibongs For Fucking

London Andrews has a magnificant pair of naturals that will make u urge to rub one out the minute you watch ’em. They are soft and flexible, like 2 pillows that are meant for comfort and bouncing. She is the sort of heavy-breasted beauty u ask to rub her milk sacks all over your junk.

“I savour traveling, getting nude for photographers and rencounter people who live outside the box,” said London, who enjoys events like Burning Guy and other alternative lifestyle events. “I paint murals and create fetching things.”

London’s impressive face and huge-titted body is matched by her attractive mind. Here the action is point-of-view, the majority popular style of sex photography ‘cuz it’s virtual…the preeminent form of erotica. The beauty. U. That’s it. The viewer becomes the male in the photo. You da buck!

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Alana Lace: one of the horniest angels ever at The SCORE Group. Alana seems to be in perpetual heat, whether that babe is pulling on her areolas and drubbing one out in girl-alone masturbation or playing skirt chaser finder and having a obscene ride with a rock hard woman chaser. We like this hotty with the sex drive of three honey bunnys combined.

Mirko is curling weights when Alana interrupts his lifting. The brunette hair seductress has a different and better weight for him to lift. That guy will lift her knockers to his throat and suck. Alana’s areolas are very sensitive, so this babe relishes playing with her mambos every chance that babe gets. This babe shoves her bazooms in his face to attract his attention. No receive to be shy or subtle about it. Alana is aggressive and assertive when that babe needs attention, then this babe becomes obedient when the boy takes charge. That babe loves coarse sex and being manhandled and says she fantasizes about that.

Mirko feeds Alana 10-Pounder. She loves to make slurping sounds and to spit when she gives a dude a oral job. That babe is great at that and should be teaching a course in schlong engulfing at an adult education class. She loves to purr, moan and softly talk dirty during sex.

Getting her funbags screwed before her wet crack is pressed fills her with passion. Her moves are sensuous and erotic. Alana makes boyz mad, especially when she goes out in smth skimpy–and that is often since this babe lives in sunny Florida. Doing porn brings out her true nature. It was the right preference for her. Alana shouldn’t be working some nine-to-five boring job in an office. That would be a sin and a waste!

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Erin Star Gets Dripping Wet

Erin Star Acquires Oozing Soaked

Erin Star Receives Oozing Wet

“What studs wanna see majority from me is jumping, shaking and bouncing my pantoons,” said Erin Star. The cheery, sexy young angel, referred by Mia Girl, managed to squeeze into a petite baths that’s hardly large enough to change her mind, let alone have enough room for you to get up-close and personal. But u managed it.

“I adore to savour and I adore it when the boys see me having enjoyment. It is all play for me and a priceless time. I dont watch it as a job. I watch it as fun that people can enjoy.”

“I like my body. I’m a bigger in size than run of the mill show-off. That is what it’s all about, yes? I love to costume hawt and show how breasty I am. I also adore to be undressed as much as I can. But I’m still an old-fashioned gal. I love romantic dates, dinner and exotic dancing. A boy should be a gentleman with me. He should be a valuable kisser. I do not care for playboys and chaps who just want sex.”

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