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Juliana Simms – Ready For Stuffing

Willing For Stuffing

Ready For Stuffing

If u are a SCORELAND member, u know this ravisher. Juliana Sims is a florist. One of our roaming glamour model finders saw Juliana and knew she would be a great glamour model for The SCORE Group. That charmer approached her and spoken about our seek for big-busted glamour models and asked her if that babe had ever thought of professional glamour modeling. It could have gone either way. That babe could have hit him with a flower pot but Juliana was interested and asked him for more details, then checked out our big-bust sites and

“I always wear dresses and shirts that show how fine and large my boobs are,” says Juliana, who is blessed with fantastic boobies and a pretty body. “I think all men like big wobblers. It’s usual.”

“I like to try fresh things. Adult modeling is something I wanted to try. When your finder introduced himself and said I’d be a great model, I saw this as an unexpected opportunity that I should take advantage of.”

And we’re happy Juliana accepted.

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Sandra Milka – She’s Gotta Spank It, Spank It Good

She’s Got to Spank It, Spank It Worthwhile

She's Got to Spank It, Spank It Good

Sandra Milka likes screwing in public. Is it the fact that this babe might be watched by random strangers? Is it the danger and the chance of getting busted? Who knows?

This babe says she is fulfilled all her erotic fantasies. There is always sex in outer space when commercial flights become a reality in the future, Sandra.

Raised in ultra-conservative Spain, Sandra’s tits began to sprout when this babe hit 16. “I usually wear a below garment,” says Sandra. “I can buy ’em in standard shops. I do not have to have everything particular done to ’em. Boyz ask me if they can go with me when I buy gracious clothing and underclothes.” No surprise about that.

“I couldn’t aid but notice your eye contact with the digi camera is exceptional. Keep up the fine work,” comments a SCORELAND member. Love Marta La Croft, another import from Spain, Sandra has “Spanish Eyes.” They too one as well as the other love to eye-bang the digi camera. That’s nearly the same as looking into the lens.

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Denise Davies – Denise Davies Jackumentary

Denise Davies Jackumentary

Denise Davies Jackumentary

British boobstar Denise Davies receives the spotlight in a Jackumentary overview of her discharges at TSG in one as well as the other England and the States, including her pregnant shoots.

“My nipps always go subrigid. Always. I always play with my hooters and masturbate. It is fun. It’s almost more priceless than full-on sex sometimes. I mean, sometimes I’ll be at home alone, and I’ll just initiate playing with my funbags and sucking on them. That’s why I can survive with out guys, u watch, because I can play with my own bra-busters. I can push dildos up me, likewise. I definitely love most of all a real weenie, but if one’s not accessible, I can make do with a sex-toy. I can get on all fours, put a sex tool in my snatch and clench my muff muscles so they’ll just hold it there for, love, 2 minutes. I have very beefy slit muscles.”

Denise and her extraordinarily massive bra-busters proceed to acquire a lot of attention. “My areolae are five inches. Somebody one time measured them for me. An amateur photographer did it. And they weigh 10 pounds each.”

Denise talks about funbags, orgasms, rods and sex in a easygoing and natural way and that makes what that babe says even hornier. She even said that babe has a dirtier mind than almost any boys.

“I’ve not at any time had a bloke go away complaining. I adore doing naughty things with my larger than typical whoppers. Mouthing on ’em. Biting ’em. Wrapping ’em around a large weenie. Making a ramrod cum all over them. Just about soever u wanna do to ’em, I am priceless with it.”

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Porsche Dali – Burger & Boob Joint

Burger & Boob Joint

Burger & Boob Joint

Lester and Karl have hit the local burger joint. Lester has heard that the waitresses at this place are nice, foxy, full-bodied and enjoyment. And this chab heard right. Porsche Dali is one of those perky, happy and bouncy burger women and this babe serves to please. U can not always have it your way but here u can. Just what a lad urges and needs.

The lads are suddenly not interested in their food when giggly and chatty Porsche bows over and her extra-big love bubbles poke out from under her pink uniform. They’re now more interested in seeing more of her huge whoppers so Porsche gives ’em what they urge. That’s customer service! The foremost!

Porsche keeps bouncing and jiggling when she talks about the greater than average game the other day. Did the lads watch her on TV? The more excited this babe receives, the more of her uniform comes off until she’s down to her cap and shoes. That babe actually deserves a great larger than average tip and we don’t mean money.

Porsche proceeds to give ’em, and you, the most astounding damn service ever watched in a fast food place, much more magnificant than the competition down the block. Do you know a burger joint where the waitresses play with their greater than average love muffins and juicy cookies at the counter? Didn’t think so!

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Ellie Roe – The British Titter

The British Titter

The British Titter

Alluring Ellie Roe from Essex has that peculiar talent in making the clip viewer feel as if she’s talking directly to him. That babe engages you. She speaks to u. That babe pulls u in. She’s your virtual sexy date.

“If a angel has good mounds, that babe should flaunt ’em,” says Ellie in her breathy, raunchy voice. If only more angels felt that way. Ellie is the first British glamour model XL Cuties has filmed since Gina George.

“Do I’ve any peculiar talents? If that involves my wobblers, I can lick both of my nipples at the same time. Does that count?”

It sure does. That’s a definite talent in our world.

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Alyssa Lynn – Cum In Alyssa

Cum In Alyssa

Cum In Alyssa

As soon as Tony DeSergio sees Alyssa Lynn in a taut, low-cut dress, her large milk sacks forming a boob shelf, any plans to leave are over. His hands are practically glued to the mounds of this walking, talking juicy fantasy.

Alyssa seizes the pont of time herself, dropping to her knees to give Tony’s pecker and balls a thorough engulfing and licking with tongue. They move to the sofa so Alyssa can get her miniature and constricted body into a doggie position and succulent her whistle some more on his horn. This fellow spanks her pert booty unbending as Alyssa strokes and sucks, making popping and juicy sounds.

Alyssa lies back so Tony can drive his skin-bus through her titty-tunnel. She is pumped fast and rock hard and when the head of his ramrod reaches Alyssa’s throat, this babe snakes her pink tongue out to take up with the tongue it and engulf it adore a sugar-plum. By now, plenty of boys would have discharged their loads just from her face hole and large melons but Tony is in control and in control of Alyssa.

After Tony parts her pink flaps and eats her out, her pink taco glistens, willing to be drilled. Tony rams the hawt stripper like a human jackhammer, relentlessly pounding her. The only sounds are Alyssa’s loud cries and the slapping of skin against skin until her grab is spermed and Alyssa is completely dick-drunk.

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Claire Dames – Fudgepackin’ With Claire Dames

Fudgepackin’ With Claire Dames

Fudgepackin' With Claire Dames

Very not many girls ride with cock in their assholes like Claire Dames rides with ding-dong in her butt. This scene is in the DVD Bigger than average Tit P.O.V. Anal. Claire is upset ‘coz she’s been denied admission to her preference of high school. This babe is complaining to u, a clerk, about her rejection but u can not take your eyes off her tiny, taut top wrapped over big, moist jugs. You keep telling her you can’t aid her. Who in his right mind would say no to this gal about anything? A gay man?

Claire’s a angel who won’t take no for an answer and this babe is happy to use her body to accomplish her goal. That babe gets on your desk and plays her little game, but when that babe strokes your junk, this babe wins. You feel her bigger than run of the mill soft love melons. You will get fired if anyone sees you but u cant assist it.

U receive on your desk, strapon out so Claire can spit on it, then tit-fuck it. And whilst your schlong is getting the full treatment, Claire is staring at you, talking man-pleasing filth, the sex talk pouring with out her throat. You’d better acquire your 10-Pounder in her slit fast before somebody walks in. That babe rides your rod, then that babe gets on the desk while u stand and pound her twat. Her darksome hole is what u really desire. She’ll be admitted one time you have screwed that wazoo.

“Told you I was smart,” says Claire. Usually u explode on the big tits of a hot vixen but after that butt-banger, you come to a conclusion to douse her arse cheeks with a hot lava load instead.

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Kitty McPherson – Home Office Romp

Home Office Romp

Home Office Romp

These high-powered executives and politicians and their high-powered workloads? It’s all bullshit. The solely workload they indeed think all day long about is the load they’re going to discharge on their hot assistants and interns. Take this boy, for sample. He is trying to seal a deal but this chab is distracted by cute Kitty, his head of personnel. This babe is intend to brandish him why that babe is head of personnel by giving him head whilst he’s on lengthy distance. His business talk shuts down quickly so this chab can acquire down to real business and fuck her on his executive couch and this babe can jerk him off all over her big meatballs. This is how it works in the real world of the wheelers and dealers.

“I’m single,” says cam-girl and ukulele player Kitty McPherson from groovy Portland. “But if I had a lad, I’d give him blow jobs all the time and cook him breakfast. He would copulate me coarse and enchanting the way I adore it and cook me dinner.”

“The superlatively nice compliment I’ve ever received was during the first time I ever shot with SCORE Group and I was engulfing some kooky schlong and I looked up at the camera and the digi camera fellow gave me a thumbs up. Hands down, the finest feeling in the world.”

“The worst compliments are along the lines of ‘I adore a lady with meat on her bones; no one wishes to copulate a twig; real vixens have curves.’ When somebody says that, they’re objectifying all hotties and they’re not making me feel precious, which is what a real compliment is supposed to do. I won’t say ‘thank you’ to that. I love my body and myself and that is all that matters to me.”

When it comes to collision boyz at parties or wherever, Kitty says she is “super-introverted and I do not even go to parties. But I would probably ask a friend to go up to a charmer I found attractive and tell him to come over and talk to me.”

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Ellie Roe – Ellie’s Bra Show

Ellie’s Undergarment Flaunt

Ellie's Underneath garment Show

Glamorous Ellie Roe was always the bustiest angel in school. Now she’s enjoying 36F-cups and so are we. Ellie told that babe was a D-cupper when that babe was 13. She’s used to attention coz of her greater than typical milk cans and expects it at this point.

“There’s nothing I can really do to cover ’em,” Ellie says. “Even when I wear T-shirts, you can tell I have bigger in size than typical mellons. I receive looks from the one and the other dudes and vixens. It is really more unconventional if people do not check out my milk sacks. It feels adore something is off if you do not look.”

Ellie tries on hooter holsters in this bra show. There is no shortage of volunteers ready to lend her a hand when it comes to trying on bras. Or anything else Ellie does.

Moreover trying on bras, Ellie tape-measures her bod and even plays with her bigger in size than typical bazookas and luscious pussy. This babe can’t live without to cum or, as the British say, “arrive.”

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CJ Woods – Too Cute, Too Cuddly

Too Cute, Also Cuddly

Too Cute, Likewise Cuddly

An XL Girls’ photographer wishes to play a word game with CJ Woods in advance of this babe gets screwed by JMac. This is not so effortless. CJ is a southern beauty on the shy side and using words love cookie and dick and different words for titties makes her all giggly, smiley and bashful. But doing the deed while we check out is a different story.

The concupiscent side comes out when JMac displays and goes straight for CJ’s larger than standard love bubbles, squeezing her nipps and mouthing and caressing her bosoms. CJ kneels on the sofa, holds his balls in her palm and sucks his dick. This skirt chaser tells her to turn over and acquire flat on her back. This way this chab can feed her his jock while this chab plays with her splayed hooters.

CJ’s greater than average southern jugs beg to have a penis between ’em. JMac screws them fast and stiff, squeezing her marangos jointly and bringing the tip of his pecker to her throat so that babe can engulf it.

Now it’s time to click here CJ. That babe peels off her straps and widens her legs. JMac shoves his knob betwixt her pink flaps and gives it to her admirable. The squishing sounds of weenie pumping vagina fill the room. They try different rogering positions, sandwiching in more penis mouthing as they move around.

For their last group sex, JMac puts CJ in an upside-down piledriver position, her gazoo propped on the sofa, her head on the floor. CJ sports a greater than average smile as this smooth operator drills her inflexible and unfathomable. CJ may be coy chatting about large weenie with the photographer but that babe likes getting fucked by one.

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Jasmin – Busty Asian Trade Agreement

Big boobed Oriental Trade Agreement

Busty Asian Trade Agreement

Jasmin was a Big-Boob Asian private dancer. One of these strippers who will go to your bachelor party or place to shake her juggs and ass. Her background is Vietnamese. At the time, that babe lived about 2 hours away from SCORE.

“I need a beefy smooth operator to guide me along and take charge,” 36-24-36 Jasmin said your editors. “I love a gent with a good gazoo. Sexually I am marvelous vanilla. No far-out fetishes or batty practices. A hard 10-Pounder in my bawdy cleft and throat do it for me. I meet tons of males cuz I am a dancer so I acquire hit on a lot. The worst pick-up anybody ever said to me was ‘You look love my sister.’ This chab wasn’t even Asian!

“I adore sex. I could do it 3 or four times a day. I would say I’m sexually passive for the most part. My prefered position is doggie. Doing private dances and bachelor parties receives me hot. The boys are staring at me as I’m lap dancing and I can see in their eyes how bad they crave to copulate me. That excites me. So when I receive home after a unveil I must have sex and cum inflexible. I too adore playing with toys during the time that my spouse watches. That receives him going so this gent can give it to me nice.”

Jasmin visited SCORE to expose us exactly what this babe loves to do to acquire herself and a buck. We don’t know if Jasmin is still outcall-stripping today but we’d guess no. As for banging, she is probably even hotter now.

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Autumn-Jade – Ultimate Autumn

Unsurpassable Autumn

Ultimate Autumn

“I like Lilith. We had joy making this. I have become more assertive since my original girl-girls in London,” Autumn told.

“Autumn has a sweet-tasting bawdy cleft. I should know! I went down on her!” added Lilith.

When Autumn-Jade and Lilith met for the first and merely time, a brassiere show in the dressing room was first on their to-do list. Once the bras came off, they admired every other, gazing into the mirror and getting hawt for every other’s bodies. Then the boob engulfing and vagina licking with tongue began. With the digital camera inches away, they made each other cum with fingers, tongues, toys and ice–almost climbing the walls with passion and lust.

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