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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Red Hot Kitty

Written on November 20, 2019 at 11:44 pm, by

Red Hot Kitty

Red Hot Kitty

Anything is red…Kitty McPherson‘s costume. Her lipstick. Her hair, of course. As we meet Kitty once more, she’s on the couch and talking to XLGirls about one of her beloved things to do: masturbate.

Kitty says that babe masturbates a few hours a day. That’s quite a bit there, Kitty. Then another time, beauties have a seemingly limitless capacity for masturbating and cumming compared to guys.

And after the chat, Kitty is ready to spank her hawt kitty again. That babe is brought along HOB. That’s “hand operated boyfriend.” That charmer is a big lady-killer, fills Kitty up and lights up her life.

Kitty indeed gives HOB a work-out plunging it into her vagina fast and unbending whilst one more hand tickles her clit or squeezes one of Kitty’s big melons. The cum-cream starts to ooze with out Kitty’s vagina as that babe approaches O-face time. Kitty sticks HOB in her face hole to engulf and taste her own kitty juices.

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Bridgette B

Written on November 20, 2019 at 10:44 am, by

Bridgette B Bridgette B
Bridgette B @
Bridgette is exactly what youd picture a sexy cougar to be: curvacious, assertive and lust sex. This brunette hair receives caught watching IR porn by an IT lad over the phone. This babe didnt realize they were able to tap into her computer and see what she saw or adept to watch her throughout her computer screens movie scene camera. Could she actually aid herself though? Listening to customer service telling her how this babe can sync her phone in that velvety-smooth voice was too much. Her hands were running all over her bronze body. She asks for a more direct line to contact him in case they became disconnected and soon that babe was telling him all the things shed do if this chab was there. Fortunate for Bridgette, their headquarters were a short drive away and IT was on his was to come give her the kind of servicing this babe indeed wanted.
Bridgette B Bridgette B
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Cum On Ye Faceful

Written on November 19, 2019 at 3:37 pm, by

Cum On Ye Faceful

Cum On Ye Faceful

Jay had not ever met recent XL Hotty Patricia Gold when he showed up to provide his woman chaser services. And all Patricia was told was that her spouse Jay would take very special care of her. That ladies man didn’t let her down.

Patricia enters the tub to soap up her bulky body. Jay quickly follows her in and he’s ready to give her a larger than typical rod to suck. Patricia wrote in her boob bio sheet that she loves giving dudes blow jobs and that she used to practice her touching with tongue, sucking and swallowing on cucumbers and bananas to receive her skills down. Jay is thrilled by Patricia’s talents.

They copulate standing up at 1st, a tricky manoeuvre in a slippery tub! Then they exit the tub and screw on a baths rug on the floor. Patricia said she enjoyed her afternoon hump with Jay. “I hope everyone enjoys our sex,” Patricia told. “I have never looked at a digi camera when a woman chaser is screwing me and I think I love it and crave to do it one time more.”

Jay rewards Patricia by dropping a big load on her face. “She is a hawt dominatrix-bitch,” told Jay. “It was a joy.”

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Brittany Andrews

Written on November 19, 2019 at 2:41 am, by

Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews
Brittany Andrews @
Brittany Andrews makes her 1st IR comeback in over 20 years just for Dogfart! This is her third IR scene in history and we are please to have it. Brittany scored on Craigslist this day. Usually the guys that babe goes after thinks shes nothing but a catfish and no reveal, but today that babe landed two long dicked males to come shag her in front of her well-paying cuck of a husband. This babe assures the gentlemen hes got a mannequin snatch for a meat-thermometer and is no threat at all. They relish the specie and the humongous billibongs on the sexy golden-haired so they arent too worried about the sniveling sack of skin shes standing on. Rico and Slight go balls unfathomable in Brittanys a-hole, or her spouse hole as she calls it, and after a hearty facial, they leave. Brittany allows her partner to join her on the bed. This chab licks her face and mambos clean love a worthy puppy and this babe assures him this babe hasnt forgotten about his reward either. After taking a glob of the Craigslist strangers cum off her chin, she rubs it on the end of a long darksome sex-toy for lube and pops it right into her husbands aperture. In her Dogfart initial debut, Brittany Andrews being one of the industrys pegging pioneers, brings it to the Dogfart screen for the 1st time in Twenty three years of updates.
Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews

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Billi Bardot: Tight, Tighter, Tightest

Written on November 18, 2019 at 11:46 pm, by

Billi Bardot: Tight, Tighter, Tightest

Billi Bardot: Tight, Tighter, Tightest

It’s a taut tops show with Carolina babe Billi Bardot. She’s brought a small in number of her beloved outfits that brandish off her super-slim, super-stacked silhouette. Afterward, Billi lies back and finger-bangs her hairless vagina.

“My bumpers are 34M,” said Billi, a dancer and now a sex star. “I have bras made or I can squeeze ’em into Gs off the rack but I acquire to make the strap smaller. My ribcage is solely 32 inches. I have my bras made in France. They make lots of fine stuff over there for angels with large scoops, adore sports bras. The sports bras here are a matter of joke. U can’t run in these.

“I do not even notice my juggs most of the time. I just adore how they’re comfortable and cushioned, and when I’m bored, I always have something to do. I always have somewhere to put a drink. They come in handy. I was in a home improvement store and carrying around a Red Bull and I didn’t have anywhere to put it whilst I looked at stuff so I just stuffed the can right betwixt them.”

Billi may not notice her big boobs almost any of the time but we do…all of the time, every time.

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The Body Of Your Dreams

Written on November 18, 2019 at 7:31 am, by

The Body Of Your Dreams

The Body Of Your Dreams

Micky Bells spoken about what we like to call her boob beginnings.

“I started off with no melons. I looked adore a little Lothario! I think you call that flat? I was about 14 or 15 when they started growing and getting very larger than standard. That’s when they grew a lot. It happened very quickly. Suddenly, in one year, I was an E-cup.

So, in ninth grade, I was already breasty. It was a very fast change. It was very hard to receive used to having larger than typical boobies all of a sudden and being so young.” How did Micky suit back then since this babe was so self-conscious? I would wear collared shirts that were buttoned all the way up to my neck and jeans. Or I wore very larger than typical sweaters.

I would try and wear taut bras that shoved my knockers down so they would not look so big when I wore tighter sexy outfit. Since I was the solely angel with large breasts, I tried to hide them so that I would look like everybody else. They are 36J and my deep cleavage is 11-inches.”

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Written on November 17, 2019 at 7:00 am, by

Anilos - Right Touch

AnilosRight Touch

featuring Leyla Lee.

Added On:

Nov 17, 2019


Euro playgirl Leyla Lee is a extraordinary Mother whose awesome body is yours to have pleasure. She likes to suit up nicely and strut her ram, but this charming playgirl is even more glamourous in the exposed. The smooth lines of her body will draw you in and leave u inflexible and willing for more.

Sparks Fly With Christy Sparks

Written on November 17, 2019 at 12:01 am, by

Sparks Fly With Christy Sparks

Sparks Fly With Christy Sparks

Christy Sparks said that babe can’t live out of hard fucking. One of her erotic dreams is “taking a man’s biggest penis.” JMac and Christy have fruit in the foremost way possible. They rub strawberries on her merry teats and eat ’em. Inspired, this stud places Christy on her back on the kitchen counter and feeds her a banana, then switches to his meat-thermometer.

They move to the sofa and it was a miracle it didn’t collapse in mid-fuck, the way they went at every other. A screamer and girl-next-door with curly hair and braces, Christy looks very dick-drunk as they fuck in cowgirl, doggie, pile-driver and more. She must have had some penis hangover the day after.

Christy told her particular talent is mouthing weenie, smth she proves in this scene. That babe doesn’t date and she doesn’t masturbate. That babe loves nipple play and the doggie style. She’s by no means been with a beauty.

“I’ve had my wazoo eaten out but that is all as far as anal. I wanna have more sex outside. I try to have sex as often but as safely as I can.”

A porn virgin until XL Beauties, Christy could not have had safer sex than here and that babe impressed us with her heat.

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ChickSicilian In The House of XL Girls

Written on November 15, 2019 at 4:01 pm, by

ChickSicilian In The Abode of XL Cuties

ChickSicilian In The House of XL Girls

Gia Costello, AKA SexySicilianxxx, is a cam and at-home adult model with bigger than typical mammaries and wazoo who was spotted on the web. That babe bonks herself with toys, has allies who provide knob service and likes to role play.

Gia describes herself as “A enchanting and hawt Italian woman with a naughty mind and bad goddess streak running throughout!”

“I’ve at not time endevoured to hide my wobblers. There is no point! I wear V-neck, reservoir, strapless or keyhole tops. I have always gotten attention from them. When I was younger I execrated it but I learned to work it and use it to my advantage so now I embrace the attention. I usually can’t get away with out a undergarment, but in rare cases if I find a shirt or costume with one built-in, I might acquire by!

“I’m very resigned in the bedroom. I like a meaty masterful lady-killer and coarse sex. I kick off sex but in the act of it, I’m passive. I adore unbending, coarse, sweaty and lengthy sex sessions.”

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Written on November 15, 2019 at 7:00 am, by

Anilos - Playtime


featuring Leyla Lee.

Added On:

Nov 15, 2019


Leyla Lee may be in her late 20s but this sex kitten likes to play. She’s all smiles as this babe flirts with the cameras, showing off her tan and all her hawt curves. From her firm mammaries with their suckable pink teats to her slim waist and oozing wet crack, she is sex on two legs.

Aaliyah Adore & Lilly Bell

Written on November 15, 2019 at 2:42 am, by

Aaliyah Like & Lilly Bell Aaliyah Love & Lilly Bell
Aaliyah Love & Lilly Bell @
"My priceless for nothing Hubby probably paid you, but I KNOW that cheapskate did not tip u!" a lustful housewife calls out, luring the hot staff in… Aaliyah hasn’t banged her (newish) spouse in years. The only thing this man is priceless for is his endless bank account. After another boring night of his dreadful parties, she sees the chaps from the rental company as they are taking out the final piece. It is late and these lads are fatigued, but no one can say no to Aaliyah so they go over to entertain her when she calls them into the living room. She immediately acquires down on her hands and knees, and crawls over, so pleased to detect that her tips are connected to about 12 inches of delicious woman chaser meat. She’s gaging and slobbering and getting banged hard until her step daughter Lilly walks in. Lilly isn’t surprised at all. As Aaliyah put it bluntly "How do u think I’ve survived being married to your dad for so lengthy?" She’s intrigued. Aaliyah has been her beloved stepmom so far, and Lilly kind of looks to her as a large sister more than a Mommy. That babe watches for a not many minutes and then jumps in. Stepmom certainly knows her way around a weenie, but fetching, sinless looking Lilly has picked up a not many wang tricks of her own and wishes to expose them off. The 2 are bother together, bringing out the absolute worst in one some other and its so hot to view!
Aaliyah Love & Lilly Bell Aaliyah Adore & Lilly Bell
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Field Of Dreams

Written on November 14, 2019 at 9:30 pm, by

Field Of Dreams

Field Of Fantasies

If this babe pops and drops it, u will cum. A lot. Our stud Carlos gave us firsthand evidence of that after shooting this one. Kali Dreams has a-hole for days, and we let those 2 make this Miami-area baseball field their personal field of fantasies.

“I’m used to making chaps cum quick,” Kali said. “It just depends on when I desire to. I know how to pop and twerk my gazoo when a lad is banging me from the back just right. I have not at any time had a ladies man hold out when I do that. I’m the unsurpassable shag you’ll ever have.”

We should name Kali our BootyLicious MVP.

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