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Suzumi Wilder – Suzumi’s Workshop

Suzumi’s Workshop

Suzumi's Workshop

Welcome to Suzumi Wilder’s workshop. This is where your love bubbles and arse fantasies are made. Suzumi is a real tool time girl. This babe can be our poster cutie for vigour drills, vacuums and vise grips. Let us face the facts. The hotty is precious at erecting things and working with subrigid wood. It would be great to lay Suzumi out on that bench and hammer her.

What kind of hobbies does first-year student and webcam cutie Suzumi have anyway online gaming?

“My hobbies include tons of art. I like to paint and draw in either charcoals or regular pencils. I love to play movie games. Almost all of my free time is spent playing games love World of Warcraft, Wildstar, Last Fantasy online and a scarcely any others. I would like to tour and likewise try snowboarding. I urge to see the 7 Wonders of the World.”

Suzumi really means 6 Wonders of the World, ‘cuz she is number 7!

“I always try to emphasize my mellons when I go out. I usually wear low-cut tops and tighter-fitting bras to make my mounds pop out more. I usually acquire tons of attention to my chest and I ADORE IT.”

Unveil Suzumi some adore and write your poems beneath.

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Alexis Silver – Busty Fuck Bunny

Breasty Fuck Bunny

Busty Fuck Bunny

Alexis Silver (Mamazon The Video) feels clammy and sticky on a hawt day. She resolves to refresh her pleasant body with a cool shower. Just in time for you, her date, who’s been staring at her shower through the bathroom window. The POV bonk act starts with hawt blowjob cock-worship when you unveil up to sex her! You do not feel adore taking this pleasant, big busted juvenile woman out for a meal. You’ll just shag the shit with out her in her bedroom and make her larger than run of the mill knockers all messy and sticky when that babe drains your balls. So Alexis’s day started sticky and ended sticky.

Sadly (at least for us), Alexis quit and started a business back home in the Great Britain. But that babe enjoyed her porn life whilst it lasted.

“Sure, there are gals in porn who don’t have enjoyment it,” Alexis said us previous to her decision to leave the porn world. “They’re idiots. They acquire to receive with out the business cuz they’re bringing down the reputation of our industry cuz then they’re saying things like, ‘Oh, I’m being abased, I am being exploited’ and all that garbage. I adore my work. I like performing. I receive off on it. It’s not even so much the sex I relish. I savour the fact that I know there are boyz sat at home wanking watching my ram. That is what really acquires me going, and I adore putting on a performance for anybody.”

Alexis liked this kind of P.O.V. porn. “If I can view the digi camera, and I like looking at the camera, I do, and if I can not view the camera, I do tend to close my eyes cuz I wanna view the digital camera. I guess it’s the performance thing. I wanna be looking into the digital camera so I’ll feel a bit of a personal connection with the viewer. I want the guy at home to know that I am looking at him and thinking about him, not quite like, ‘I wish I was fucking you right now’ or ‘I urge I was engulfing your ramrod right now.’ For me, there’s a very personal connection between me and the viewer. One of the finest parts about porn is knowing that anybody is watching me.”

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CJ Woods – Stairway To Hooter Heaven

Stairway To Hooter Heaven

Stairway To Hooter Heaven

When you are around a hotty with CJ Woods’ natural blessings, heaven is a place on earth. She’s a cute, bubbly Southern belle with a set of DDD-cup breasts chicks would kill to have and males fantasy of being in betwixt. Her knockers have a gravitational pull, and there’s never a moment when eyes and conversation are not revolving around her boobs.

“When you’re well-endowed, u don’t have to emphasize your chest,” CJ told. “And I have always liked low-cut tops and tight shirts.”

We squeezed CJ into the tightest, most-low-cut top we could identify, and CJ’s mounds are stretching her overmatched top and beneath garment adore hardly any sets of titties can.

“I identify the looks and comments flattering,” CJ said. “I adore it, honestly. And that’s why I’m here posing for u boyz. I adore reading the comments, and I love posing for u. It makes me feel so worthwhile.”

And u make us all feel like we have died and gone to hooter heaven, CJ.

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Sarah Rae – Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation

It’s a sticky situation for Sarah Rae when this babe tit-fucks her mountainous gazongas with a cock-toy and acquires jizzy with it. That thing was loaded! Afterward, this babe takes a warm shower to wash the mess off her sexy body and face.

“Modeling my monumental bazookas at XL Girls has definitely changed my life and attitude about them. It has made me more assured and has gotten my web camera shows more exposure.

Sarah shares the same thoughts about breast reduction as the outspoken and anti-reduction spokesmodel, Cherry Brady.

“What a terrible idea! I guess reductions and enlargements are the one and the other silly. I suppose we should all be proud of the bodies we’ve unless there’s a more serious condition that requires it. I’d be stoked about my melons regardless if I had B cups or J cups. I urge more people would consider positivity over surgery.”

Sarah Rae, the angel, the legend. Giving us endless hours of titillation and stiffened joints. The breastivities not ever end when she’s visiting XL Girls.

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Kimmie Kaboom – Boned At Home

Boned At Home

Boned At Home

In her spare time, Kimmie enjoys working on cars. This babe is as handy as this babe is hawt. Certainly, this means this Southern girl doesn’t mind getting down and bawdy. And though she’s all glammed up today, Kimmie will be getting down and obscene for us one time once more, to the delight of XL Males all over. Though delight may be an understatement at this point. Lads have fallen so rock hard for Kimmie that some of them are even proposing.

Said Bart: “I would do anything on God’s green earth to marry Kimmy! I’ve never watched a lady this perfect in my whole life. I am in heaven beyond words could ever possibly explain when I see Kimmie in this video!”

Prepare to ascend to heaven one time once more, Bart. This one is a doozy.

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Jayden Prescott – SCORE Reader’s Wife

SCORE Reader’s Wife

<i>SCORE</i> Reader’s Wife” title=”<i>SCORE</i> Reader’s Wife” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=Jayden Prescott’s got a busty fetish. This is an understatement. “I have 100 SCORE DVDs and dozens of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines at home,” wrote Jayden.

Jayden took four very basic naked fotos at home (just standing, arms at her sides) and emailed ‘em to the SCORE studio (

When Jayden arrived, this babe said that she and her husband are big fans. Her husband has been a SCORE and Voluptuous reader since 1993 and is a SCORELAND member likewise and the reason that she’s a fan. Collision and marrying Jayden fulfilled a major life’s goal for him. His own SCORE Hotty at home!

They read every issue cover-to-cover and they collect the DVDs. They know a lot about SCORE‘s history. They’re fans. A fantasy audience. There’re two episodes of Jayden on the SCORELAND Blog. When Jayden arrived, that babe told that moreover posing bare, she wanted to try XXX boy-girl action. With anal likewise! This was love hitting a jackpot in Las Vegas.

“I’ve got the greatest boyfriend, letting me do SCORE whilst he’s home,” Jayden said. “He did not even mind that I am going to have sex. In fact, that gent encouraged me to do it. The thing that attracted me to my partner was how consistent he was. He’s a down-to-Earth gent. Never pushy. Not at any time judgmental. This chab kinda lets me do my own thing. That’s the almost any beautiful part. That woman chaser lets me be here, and this chab is at home working. This chab is been reading the magazines since 1993. Beautiful much since the starting. My boyfriend was the second boy I’ve had sex with. The lad I’m with this day [JMac] will be the third lad I have ever rogered.”

Jayden is super-horny. Her hub is a favourable Lothario! Having this beauty around the abode, a busty chick who’s into the SCORE scene, has many SCORE DVDs at home, buys hot raiment and fuck-me shoes…well, that is the utmost boob heaven for a breast-lover. Right? When Jayden was getting spread and fucked in the studio, we could hear her yells of pleasure through the wall. She is a sensational sex husband and clearly can’t live out of cum all over her wobblers and on her lips. Jayden is a SCORE Cutie and is gratified to be one!

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Larissa Linn – New Discovery

Fresh Discovery

New Discovery

Meet Larissa Linn who’s fresh to SCORELAND. We’re sure she’ll be a hit with the Boob Brotherhood. A friend said sexy Larissa that that babe should adult model and recommended SCORE. This chab showed her some TSG magazines and the web resource and she was immediately interested in coming on-board.

Larissa’s breast growth spurt began early. “I had the astronomical scones in school,” Larissa says. “It was difficult to identify good-fitting bras. My knockers grew so fast that I quickly outgrew my bras.”

Larissa is a poetry muscled. “I like to write poems. I am a romantic.” We may not have the soul of a poet but when it comes to great greater than typical mangos, we know it.

In the Bonus video, a SCORE cameraman sits with Larissa. Have to know her. You’ll be seeing more of this big boobed and handsome hottie!

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Sarah Rae – Holy Hottie!

Holy Enjoyable heart!

Holy Sweetheart!

That babe is Sarah Rae and her vast expanse of downy breast-flesh is a great place to lose yourself in. What makes Sarah feel hawt and warm…besides visiting XL Cuties and having joy so all of us can enjoy watching her have joy?

“Caring for myself,” says Sarah. “Being experienced to handle my responsibilities. Giving myself a worthy quality of life. Being strong no matter what life throws at me. When I wanna feel sexy, I put on taut shirts and shake my billibongs! The only thing that’s a ache for me is going throughout airports but I guess everyone feels that way. Just my reason is different!”

“I always view all of my scenes at XL Angels. I’ll view ‘em alone or with my current boyfriend. My boyfriends have loved them but I thought it was kind of odd at first. Over time, I have gotten more used to it and I feel that I’ve improved as a model. My own much loved adult model is Micky Bells. Her juggs are inspirational!”

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Samantha – Seeing Double

Seeing Double

Seeing Double

There are bigger in size than standard bust legends, and then there’s Samantha 38G. This goddess, who debuted in V-mag back in 2001, is at the top of mammary mountain. If there was a Mount Rushmore for giant titted legends (we’d call it Mount Bust-More), there is almost certainly her face would be on it. This beauty has done it all and banged everybody from Shane Diesel to another legendary plumper, Renee Ross. There is always an passion in the air when a goddess ventures into our Hallowed Hall of Boobies, but the electricity was palpable when word widen that Samantha was coming back. She hadn’t been in our studios since about 2010, and the Brotherhood of XL Bucks have clamored for her return for quite some time. We let her pose in front of a mirror to initiate her latest photo set coz a girl love Samantha, especially after an extended period of time away, needs to be appreciated from each angle. We’re seeing double here, but when it’s a double dose of Samantha 38G, you do not rub your eyes. You appreciate the view.

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Peyton Thomas – Curve Buster

Curve Buster

Curve Buster

At just 18, Peyton Thomas is fresh with out high-school. That babe was a gorgeous nice student, also. “I got A’s and B’s mostly,” this babe said. With a brain like Peyton’s, we’re positive that babe busted a not many curves. Though with her N-cup love melons, we’re glamorous sure that her male classmates didn’t mind taking the hit on their GPAs. These lads gotta gawk at her mangos daily. That’s well worth it.

“I’ve always worn low-cut tops,” Peyton said. “My melons are so larger than standard, I can make not quite any top a low-cut top. And yep, lads make comments, but I adore the attention. It makes me feel sexy.”

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Chaka T. – Big Girl Boob Bang Part 2

Big Beauty Boob Group sex Part TWO

Big Girl Boob Group-sex Part 2

There are 3 basic tit-fucking poses. The hotty kneeling in front of the man who can be standing or sat. The lad lying on his back with the cutie kneeling betwixt his legs, tit-fucking him. The goddess lying on her back with the boy straddling her chest. This last position is the most popular.

Chapter TWO of the tit-fucking feature Big Gal Boob Group sex stars five of the high reaching boob-boffed, breast-sexing, sausage-wrapping, pillow-pounded sex-bombs. All of them are tit authorities.

1st up: Chaka T.: “My areolas are very sensitive, so a stud should lightly touch them, mostly on the teat, then receive a little harder, then kick off mouthing on ‘em. I like to be sucked, but not likewise rock hard. Some guys bite them. I don’t actually like that. Little nibbles are valuable and the swirl with the tongue is valuable, and then a little massaging with the hands is always worthy. I love that. When I was with one of your porn males, the cameraman kept telling me to look straight into the digital camera. I do not know why, but that got me so turned on.”

Cherry Brady: “I adore them manhandled a little. Not too coarse, but not too cushioned, either. A lot of lads are afraid. They don’t wanna hurt me. But I love my nipples pinched and twisted and pulled a little bit. I like boyz to engulf on ‘em. Indeed engulf on them. Just nurse on these milk cans. And put their hands on them. I like to watch the hand in relation to my love melons.”

Denise Davies: ” I just love having my pointer sisters played with. If I had a prepossession betwixt a fellow shagging me and playing with my hooters, I’d pick playing with my juggs each time. Fortunately, I have at no time had to make that prepossession. I have at not time had a bloke go away complaining. I think it’s coz I have a dirtier mind than majority blokes. I adore doing nasty things with my larger than typical marangos. Mouthing on ‘em. Biting ‘em. Wrapping them around a big schlong. Making a ramrod cum all over ‘em. I once had a buck put whipped man-juice all over my billibongs and copulate them. He got whipped semen all over his schlong, then he had me take up with the tongue it off.”

Desirae: “I adore tit-fucking if my spouse is really relishing it and truly loving it. Any attention is worthy, but I adore almost any of it on the nipps. I suppose they’re adore six pounds, maybe six and a half, together. I could be wrong, but they’re beautiful banging heavy. I indeed adore it whenever my mangos are being sucked and screwed truly rigid. My nipples are sensitive, but my love muffins aren’t.”

Hayden: “My teats are very sensitive. It is a humongous turn-on to have them sucked and touched. Sometimes it can drive me to orgasm immediately. I can acquire exceedingly aroused from that. If a lad doesn’t pay attention to my melons, that man probably won’t be invited back. Some chaps nearly appear to be love they’re trying to prove to me that they don’t only love me for my funbags. That’s precious if we’re having a conversation or in a restaurant, but if we’re having sex, it is important that you pay a lot of attention to ‘em.”

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Anastasia Lux – Busty Brunette Bombshell

Big-Boob Brunette hair Bombshell

Busty Brunette Bombshell

2015 is starting off chest great at SCORELAND with recent arrivals Juliana Simms, Samantha Lily, Katie Thornton and Anastasia Lux. But where are the Americans? They’re not stepping up to the plate adore they should be.

Several have renowned Anastasia’s hot voice and her vocal talents receive plenty of play in this scene. That tight striped dress is stretched to the max by her luxurious figure. Anastasia lowers the top of her suit and takes out her big 32H milk cans. These generously endowed natural marvels are capped by large tawny areolae and pointy teats. She’s a breast-man’s delight as well as the total package.

Anastasia takes her squashy, heavy sucklers in her hands, squeezes ‘em, kneads ‘em, massages them and points ‘em in your face. A string of saliva drips from her kissable lips onto each nipple. She rubs her spit into her teats and areolae. Her teats harden. Each centimeter of her ripe, rich mams is explored.

Taking her hands off her large whoppers, Anastasia bounces and jiggles. This is the warmup for more to come. This babe looks into the camera with a beaming expression on her ravishing face. That is another trait Anastasia has in abundance. A glad, cheery, invitational smile. This babe loves to snicker. Three previous videos have shown that. She’s engaging and pulls u in. Who would crave to pull out?

Thanks, Anastasia!

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