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Klaudia Kelly – Three’s Company

Three’s Company

Three's Company

Some adore it mild. Others love it wild. And then there’s ravishing Klaudia Kelly. She busts through wild into one more dimension of sexual heat.

Klaudia lays on her abdomen and smiles. She works it and twerks it, her good, foxy ass bouncing up and down. That babe props her a-hole up high and keeps the jiggle alive. If your penis was inside her right now, control would be difficult to maintain. This is a sweet heart who has left a trail of busted nuts wherever she goes and whoever she does. That babe spanks a cheek to drive that fact home.

The digital camera pulls back to show Sergio and Tony Rubino also relishing the twerk expose. They each handle a cheek and extend their appreciation. Tony comes over to Klaudia’s face and drops trou. Klaudia, still on all fours, takes his wood in her mouth and blows it hands-free, the most precious kind of meat-thermometer engulfing. Slurping and sucking sounds fill the room. Sergio wants some of that action also. Share and share alike and besides, getting to copulate Klaudia is a treat. This babe doesn’t often visit XL Cuties.

While Klaudia has her throat full of Sergio, Tony makes the almost all of being behind Klaudia and slips into the pink. The sound of thighs smacking against her squashy, fleshy booty cheeks merge with the lip-smacking and groaning coming from her mouth.

In a short time Klaudia’s good and tight chocolate hole will be open for jock too. This baby doll is a walking juicy fantasy.

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Karen Fisher – The Sex Bomb Power of Karen Fisher

The Sex Bomb Power of Karen Fisher

The Sex Bomb Vigour of Karen Fisher

Larger than average titted cum-slut Karen Fisher lives, breathes and eats sex, schlong and porn. Karen started off as an gogo dancer and intimate lactator. This babe endevoured exposed glamour modeling, encouraged by a now-retired SCORE Gal named Corina Curves and, lastly, rogering, building up a following over the years. In fact, this babe was a timid hotty growing up. Now this babe is one of the nastiest sweethearts in porn and performs salad tossing. This babe is usually cast these days as a impure mamma or a MILF seducing a youthful lad.

“I emailed Corina, asking how that babe got her commence and what her experiences were and who I should and shouldn’t work with.” Corina took numerous test shots of Karen and that was all it took.

Karen’s appeared in many SCORE productions including the Holiday 2010 special episode of SCOREtv, Large Tit Tune-Up, SCORE Three-somes, The Breast of SCORELAND #2, Big busted Strapon Worshippers #3 and SCORE Sexplosion.

“I just felt love I wanted to change the way I was,” told Karen about her timidity. “I think when I first started dancing, it was my way of rebelling, because I was nice-looking good in high-school. I did not gulp or do drugs. I just think it was my time to do smth avid and wild after not having done everything wild and insane at all. And I was beginning to love my body, which took a whilst.”

Karen’s bigger than typical boobs always attracted attention but that babe did not accept it when she was youthful. “You know, it’s not facile to be youthful and big-busted, and I got so much attention. I would sit in the back of the room, but all that happened then was the lads in the back started staring at me and doing all kinds of stupid kid things.”

Even though Karen has been screwed a lot since then, this babe claims a greater than average jock will still make her wince. Observe her face as Mr. Strapon sticks his bone in her doggy position and he’s not even ramming her. This babe gets a valuable banging for the rest of the movie. When he’s about to drop his sex cream, Karen tells him to give her all his cum.

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Alaura Grey – Bashful, Busty Beauty

Bashful, Big boobed Goddess

Bashful, Big boobed Dish

If a look can say a thousand words, one gaze into Alaura Grey’s eyes says a million. You do not watch cuties love this likewise often. And gals with JJ-cup naturals are even more rare. Simply put, Alaura has it all, and she doesn’t even receive to utter a word to be sexy and turn us on. Alaura’s latest scene spreads with the camera panning from her face to her zeppelins, and we’re unsure if a scene has ever felt so intimate. Whilst many cuties would talk ribald into the digital camera, Alaura lets her hooters and cutie do the talking. Her little smiles and velvety groans are more than enough in this one. Alaura is the type of goddess that proves that if a girl is sexy sufficient, there’s no need for a stunt wang to click here the way. We urge to appreciate each inch of this gal’s perfect body.

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Addison Bound – Big Boob Skinny Dip

Large Boob Skinny Dip

Big Boob Slender Dip

Addison Fastened is killin’ a string bathing costume at poolside. What a body this redhead sports. Sex fantasies are made of this. After her bathing costume posing, Addison goes for a slim dip and peels off her dental floss swim dress. This babe emerges moist and trickling and heads inside to acquire comfy and play with her big mangos, thick pink flaps and O-button until that babe arrives at cumsville.

“My fun bags started to blossom into full Es and then eventually into double HHs when I was 16 years mature and a junior in high school. I was clearly the bustiest for my tiny frame [5’3″].

“I do not decide,” Addison told. “The solely place I like to sweat is in the bedroom. I try to have sex as often as I can. My favorite position is doggie, face down and gazoo up. I love having my whoppers worshipped, kissed, massaged and sucked.”

Flaunt Addison some adore. She enjoys reading your comments.

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Kamille Amora – I-popping Kamille

I-popping Kamille

I-popping Kamille

Mind boggling, traffic-stopping and eye-popping are among the words one can use to describe Kamille Amora. She’s one of the sexiest and kinkiest gals we’ve featured in the past year, and that babe seems to receive hotter each time we see her. She’s a natural tanalize, likewise, and Kamille does lots of that in her latest photo discharge.

“I urge you to come shag these fun bags,” Kamille says in between moans.

Ah, we’re so close yet so far, Kamille. But we do have joy our current watch of your naturals. In case you didn’t know, Kamille’s juggs are I-cup naturals and this babe enjoys not many things more than flaunting ‘em.

“Stripping is indeed one of my prefered things to do,” that babe said. “It’s pleasure for me, and I love showing off my body.”

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Katarina Dubrova – Let’s Play Doctor

Let’s Play Doctor

Let's Play Doctor

The attractive Katarina Dubrova is approaching her peculiar delivery date. This babe heads to the doctor because she wants a check-up. This chab tells Kat to have a seat on his exam table so this dude can examine her, beginning with her ever-growing large scones. He checks her pulse and her heartbeat then has Kat go behind a curtain to disrobe to her pink bra and straps.

Katarina returns to the table and takes one breast out of her bra. She is starting to leak a little colostrum, the milk her baby will suck when this smooth operator or this babe begins nursing. The doctor tells her this leakage is average during the final not many months.

Katarina stretches out on his table. He feels her stomach and examines her sensitive love tunnel. Already very excited all of the time, Katarina reaches for his junk, sticking her hand down his trousers. This chab drops his trousers, which is clearly a violation of the Hippocratic Oath and official medical regulations, but it is okay. He is not a real doctor besides.

Kat pulls his boxers down and fondles his 10-Pounder, pulling and rubbing it then getting on all fours on the table to suck it worthy. That babe is also horny not to. Her meatballs dangle. During the time that that babe blows him, that babe tugs on one teat with her free hand.

Kat receives off of the table and lowers herself so that her milk shakes are in line with his babymaker. He sticks it betwixt her large bra buddies, and that babe massages it with these squashy, smooth jugs. She takes a break to suck on it some more and puts it back inside her breast valley. This guy starts pumping her love melons harder and faster.

Kat’s fun bags are so hypersensitive due to her pregnancy that that babe craves more jug-fucking. It feels fine. The doc lies back on the table and Kat kneels, squishes and massages his erection. They need to shag now. Kat climbs on top of him and sticks his schlong in her love tunnel. That babe rides him, bouncing her milk cans in his face. They reverse positions, Kat on her back. The doctor copulates her in missionary and sprays his nut-juice into her pussy while that babe spreads her lips and rubs her like button fast. This babe acquires off on that, likewise, since she can’t receive preggy twice. “I feel more valuable now,” Kat tells him. Health care is free in the Czechia so Kat doesn’t must pay him in advance of that babe leaves. No doubt he’ll wish to make a house call shortly for a follow-up beef injection.

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Devin Taylor – XL Girls Legends

XL Beauties Legends

XL Angels Legends

It took a ages to bring Devin Taylor to XL Gals and Voluptuous. Devin only discharged for two studios and TSG was one of the two. The praise for this now legendary model ( Devin Does South Beach on DVD) was as overflowing as her 38GG beneath garment. Knowing that that babe retired from undressed modeling was a downer.

"Devin is the hottest lady to hit your pages. Devin has such a mind blowing smile and gives 'Great Face' in her pictures. That babe at not time has that blank look like majority of the adult models do. Devin makes love to the camera. I like her original faces and positions and that babe has the appearance of she is actually having a wonderful time showing it all off for us. I’ve all her layouts and her DVD."

"All I gotta say is Devin Taylor is an absolute Mastix. I like how assertive and open that babe is about herself. This babe drips sex appeal. That babe knows just how fetching bigger in size than typical sweethearts truly are."

"Devin is so incredibly hot looking that babe makes my mouth water. This babe has so much to offer the audience, from her hawt toes to her remarkably wonderful looks. You can't go not correct with a hotty adore her."

"I’m really marvelous demure in real life," Devin once said us, a comment that was surprising to hear come from her lips. "I get compliments on my smile." Indeed, one of Devin's almost any popular assets was her beamer of a smile, a genuine, pleased expression that knocked chaps out. The result of that welcoming smile was a urge to watch more of her. She was habit-forming. Addictive.

"I wear tons of skirts, short tops," Devin told about the way that babe dressed. "Not too many v-necks cuz I get stared at. There is that idea that if u have bigger in size than typical bra buddies, you’re trampy or looking for attention, but I have had ‘em all my life! And it drives me kooky when people think ‘coz I’ve bigger than standard boobies that I’m deaf. Boys, if I’m walking by and u say, 'Look at these love bubbles,' I can hear u! It would be valuable if you said I had charming eyes or smth. Adult modeling is getting to be the pin-up doll, getting to dress up and wear charming sexy garments and makeup and high heels. "

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Kimmie Kaboom – Plumper At Work

Plumper At Work

Plumper At Work

Kimmie Kaboom is an auto buff and knows cars. She's the solely model we know who repairs them. Kimmie likewise rebuilds her own cars. Her current personal project is an '89 Mustang GT that needs a recent engine and transmission.

Kimmie talks about her life in the world of cars in the opener of her new episode. We don't know any models who are actual working auto mechanics. (SCORE made a DVD called Big Tit Tune-Up with Puma Swede but her dream female mechanic persona didn't fix cars… this babe just had sex in and around them.) Kimmie encourages all of us to have some basic knowledge about auto maintenance and repair and promotes car education.

After Kimmie clues us in about her car knowledge, she heads over to our work shop and exposes what a real auto strapping is like in the muscled. Kimmie will steer u the right way. Guaranteed to not leave u flat!

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Chavon Taylor – Bounce Baby Bounce

Bounce Baby Bounce

Bounce Baby Bounce

Dr. Anthony has totally lost his mind studying the science of love melons in motion. This chap says he's invented a device that can control big busted beauties. This chab can slow ‘em down. He can speed ‘em up. Chavon Taylor enters his lab for a breast-bouncing workout.

As that babe bounces her moist mangos on the mini-trampoline, Anthony slows her down, then speeds her up. Anthony's next experiment involves studying Chavon's bouncing and jiggling boobies whilst he bonks her. "What a good specimen," he tells Chavon as this charmer lays back for a bawdy fellatio and breast-wanking. How do you get a job love this and where do we apply?

After her tongue and deep cleavage have worked their magic, it's time for Chavon to play Bounce Baby Bounce on his hard cock. This woman chaser fills her taut wet crack deep as her big meatballs rotate in all directions.

By the time they finish the breast experiments, they are drenched in sweat and Chavon's greater than typical scoops are trickling with his nut-spunk. Maybe this nutty scientist is not so loony. A great scene.

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Dusty Rose – Dusty Has Big Boobs & A Dirty Mouth

Dusty Has Bigger than standard Mambos & A Dirty Mouth

Dusty Has Big Love bubbles & A Indecent Mouth

Flashback to Dusty Rose, a female whose hobby was "watching lots of porn." This babe thinks about sex constantly and told she looks at a guy's junk 1st, then wonders how hung he is. She's a bi-sexual who enjoys playing with honey bunnys. In a one-on-one with a male, that babe loves being the dominating member. Dusty doesn't have any interest in passive gentlemen. The paramount guy for her is a sex-driven, macho guy with a large prick who knows how to handle controlling honey bunnys.

In this two-part clip, Dusty talks about large knockers, BJs, marital-aids, B.O.B. (her battery-operated spouse), jerking off, being observed and carnal, wicked sex. That babe plays with her trusty marital-device in one segment, then Dusty keeps chatting with a wang in her mouth whilst this babe toys her hole. Merely a meaty charmer can keep up with this wild female-dominator.

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Peyton Thomas – Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

Do not worry about avoiding black cats or not stepping on cracks in the sidewalk this Friday the 13th, because today is your fortunate day, XL Stud. Peyton Thomas, the 18-year-old honey with ridiculous N-cup titties, is popping her hardcore cherry today, and we could not be happier.

“This is smth I’ve fantasized about doing for a long-time,” Peyton said us. “I’m more sexually excited than nervous.”

This is uncommon territory, gentlemen. The aged we acquire, the more we dream about rogering new juvenile beauties with tight, luscious snatches. And women do not receive much more new than Peyton.

“I’m really into sex,” Peyton added. “I didn’t start banging until not too long ago, but when I rogered a man for the first time, I was instantly addicted to rod. I can not acquire enough of sex now.”

Well, we had to suggest Peyton our top studhorse when this babe said that, and the only Lothario for the job is JMac. If you’ve met a gent who likes plumpers more than this Lothario, we’d like to meet him. He knows how to treat a lady, and Peyton knows how to handle a man’s ramrod with these N-cup melons.

Friday has at not time been freakier.

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Demmi Valentine – Working Girl

Working Beauty

Working Girl

T'was the day before Valentine's Day and at the office, Mr. DeSergio's junk was swelling at the sight of his secretary Demmi Valentine taking dictation. In this office, beauties can come to work in taut skirts and low-cut blouses and more than productivity goes up.

The dictation ends quickly to make time for dicktation. Mr. DeSergio has bigger issues on his hands than some boring memo. Demmi's bigger in size than typical issues compel him to quickly receive hands-on and Demmi, being a company lady, is glad to aid him.

Taking Demmi's boobies out to engulf and rub them shoves Mr. D over the edge. He drops trou so Demmi, still seated, can blow a tune on his skin flute with popping sounds. This babe sees he's no micro-manager. This babe cups her large milk cans for the boss's rock hard cock bonus and polishes it to a worthy shine. This is one extremely competent typist. In fact, Demmi's a Bunny Honey bunny from Dennis Hof's Adore Ranch near Carson City, Nevada and is only moonlighting as a temp at this office.

After tit-fucking and more schlong mouthing, Mr. D strips Demmi down to her underclothing, seats her back in the chair, moves her white lace briefs to the side and gives her lip service, pushing his tongue into her cooch. That tickles her fancy. Still seated, Demmi spread-eagles for her Valentine's gift, taking every inch into her pink hole in the 1st of a few business mergers. The office furniture in this company can sure take a beating, especially his desk with Demmi team-fucked over it, her big fun bags dangling and quivering with every thrust.

Thanks, Demmi Valentine!

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