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Roxee Robinson – Roxee’s Robust Rack

Roxee’s Robust Rack

Roxee's Robust Rack

We owe Canada for Roxee Robinson. Her robust rack is mellow and rockin’.

XLGirls: What is your prefered thing about glamour modeling?

Roxee: I like to travel, and that’s a bigger in size than typical bonus with adult modeling. I too love expressing myself with my images. I relish.

XLGirls: If you are going out shopping or to run errands, do u suit in taut, hot clothing?

Roxee: I do sometimes. I adore dressing up sexy and seeing people’s reactions. It can be entertaining.

XLGirls: Have u ever danced or worked in a exotic dancing club?

Roxee: I did dance in clubs beginning when I was Eighteen, and I prevented when I was 24.

XLGirls: Do u visit nude beaches or nude resorts?

Roxee: I have by no means visited a naked beach or resort, although I’d if I had the opportunity.

XLGirls: What do you adore to do for enjoyment?

Roxee: I adore being out side, so if the weather is great, I like going for walks or lounging by the pool. When the weather is a little cooler, I adore being in the kitchen cooking up smth palatable or enchanting. I love going on webcam and giving fellows big boners. That can be a lot of fun!

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Keama Kim – Chocolate Bon Bons

Chocolate Bon Bons

Chocolate Bon Bons

An administrative supervisor, originally from Brooklyn, New York, Keama Kim doesn’t date. “I’ve not ever been on one,” this babe said. Instead, Keama goes for bonk dates. No fuss, no drama. That babe loves to be touched and loves “touchy, feely” lads.

Keama gets more than touched in this scene.

“A priceless hard banging satisfies me finest,” that babe told. That is what this babe got, no strings attached. A ladies man once told to Keama, “You have the Hummer of all bumpers.” This babe liked that.

“I always adore for the guy to make the first move. I have done everything you can think of in sex, but I am passive. So the chap should take charge of me and play with my fun bags for a lengthy time, suck them, screw them.”

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Eva Karera – “I Like Cum In My Mouth”

“I Adore Cum In My Mouth”

Eva Karera is Belgian. Belgium has a not quite non-existent porn scene, so Eva began shooting in France.

“I did not know anything about porn” that babe said. “I had observed maybe one or two DVDs, but on the Internet, it is facile to do research, so I contacted a company in France to do the casting thing. I thought I’d need to pay to do a scene, and the next week, I was booked to discharge a scene in Paris that I got paid for, and I was like, ‘Okay!That’s precious!’ The a matter of joke thing was, when I showed up on-set, they asked me if I was doing anal in my personal life, and I said, ‘Yes.’ So I did anal in my first scene.”

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Lexi Windsor – Exotic dancer


Exotic dancer

38F-cupper Lexi Windsor was an hawt dancer with milky nipps. That babe said her wildest experience was wearing a schoolgirl outfit to have sex on a Blackhawk helicopter.

“I have a lingerie fetish,” Lexi said. “I used to buy lingerie constantly, even in advance of I became a dancer.

“I indeed adore receiving fellatio if the woman chaser is very nice at it. It’s the ultimate feeling in the world. I adore masturbating, likewise. The precious thing about it is that it’s quick and elementary and there is less to clean up.”

Lexi was in and without our studio quickly, by no means to be watched some other time, but this babe left us with fotos and a movie to jack to. A very generous contribution to the cause.

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Penny Porsche – Super Boob MILF Sex


Super Boob Mom I'D LIKE TO FUCK Sex

Sometimes an editor wants that a peculiar model had been filmed a few times during the time that she was active instead of only three or four times. That is the situation with Penny Porsche, an older big boobed golden-haired with great sex appeal and a very sexually uninhibited personality. Penny was a hot talker. This babe starts off this P.O.V. scene talking, showing her great big fun bags and jacking, sucking and tit-banging a 10-Pounder she lubed with her face hole. That babe sits on his 10-Pounder and bounces away. It would be great if she came back.

Penny spoken about sex and how much time it usually takes.

“Twenty minutes is the typical. I am talking about the full session of intercourse and sucking ramrod and eating juicy love tunnel. But there’ve been times when I have gone for hours. The solely thing is that when I go for a really lengthy time, it tends to swell my love tunnel. All that rubbing makes me raw, and then I do not wanna have sex tomorrow, and God forbid if u don’t wish to have sex tomorrow. So I think a good amount of time is Twenty minutes to a half-hour. ‘coz I can cum over and over. If the lad knows what this chab is doing, you would not believe how many times I can cum. I can cum in 15 or 30 seconds. I guess it is very important to suck a guy’s cock the right way. Some boys love to have their jocks stroked a certain way, and other lads adore to have their balls licked, and some dudes like to have their arsehole fingered. That makes ’em cum more whilst you’re engulfing their weenie, but other chaps are afraid to have a finger up their ass. Everybody’s different.”

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Risque Waters – Risque Business

Risque Business

Risque Business

Risque Waters is a kinkster. “One of my kinkiest moments was with a gent I bound up for the first time and that ladies man introduced me to areola clamps and hawt wax. I introduced him to my whip,” told Risque.

“My raunchy fantasy is to have a threesome with some other Lothario and angel and together we tie him up and do what we please to him. We suck his 10-Pounder, one on his rod and the other on his balls, then we switch. We avoid previous to this chab explodes. Then we untie him and, taking turns, acquire screwed in as many positions as we can get into before he cums. Sometimes that woman chaser cums on our fullsome funbags, other times this man cums in our mouths and we swallow it.”

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Daylene Rio – Daylene Rio Meets Mr. Wang Long

Daylene Rio Meets Mr. Cock Long

Daylene Rio Meets Mr. Dick Long

It’s pleased time with the great Daylene Rio, the ultra-horny, boobtastic little Latin babe bra-buster from the City of the Cuties. Daylene serves up another heapin’ servin’ of hawt, steamy screwing and mouthing with her usual excitement and energy. This hotty sure likes the man-sausage.

Daylene started with SCORE. “I submitted my fotos, and I got started from there, and I did my first boy-girl scene with SCORE (a bathtub piping in the DVD Busty ‘N Succulent). I was curious to try it. I would always been curious about having sex on screen, so I did it, and I did it thinking that I would do it solely one time and that would be it, but I liked it so much that I had to come back and do it again.”

Daylene can’t live out of to wear the tightest, shortest raiment and the high reaching heels whether she is lap dancing and shooting episodes or just going out with friends for the night. This babe urges to be checked out and that babe is. She’s one of these gals who stands out from the rest. This babe is an eye-catcher.

“I love thinking about guys stroking their schlongs watching my movie scenes. That’s a large part of the thrill. They could be masturbating to me and that is sexy. It’s just so exciting. I like knowing that I’ve all these people watching me. That I’ve this admirable woman chaser tossing off watching me. That so turns me on. I love spreading my legs, getting drilled. I like worthwhile cum, valuable loads of cum all over my zeppelins. I love thinking about all the boys at home cumming on my marangos.”

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Larissa Linn – House of Correction For Busty Girls

Abode of Correction For Big boobed Cuties

House of Correction For Big breasted Girls

The handsome Larissa Linn desires to expose us her secret place. “My obscene secret place,” says Larissa, her nice-looking lips forming a sinister smile. “This is my playroom.” This is quite a playpen Larissa spends time in. Any woman chaser would be pleased to whilst away the evening there with her.

Miss Linn is clothed up like Super Mistress with a nasty looking spiked arm band, a corset that her bigger than standard milk cans are spilling without, garters, torn stockings and dark high heeled pumps.

This colorful basement prison is not for the nervous type. All kinds of dominatrix correction take place here. This is where they learn the ropes. This is where Larissa goes to enjoyment her teats and vagina and to greasy oil up her spectacular body when that babe is not busy doing…other things. The corset is also confining. It has to come off. Merely the sounds of Larissa’s heavy breathing, purrs and groans are heard.

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Jordynn LuXXX – Who’s The Boss?

Who’s The Boss?

Who's The Boss?

Male vigour over women is the name of the game in “Who’s The Boss?” starring horny, youthful sexbomb Jordynn LuXXX. Tarzan needs a plaything. Jordynn fits the bill, and this babe fits the skintight trousers and bustier this chab craves her to wear.

Drubbing her greater than average arse and making her spank her own a-hole, Tarzan demands she call him “Sir” at all times except when Jordynn’s mouth is filled with his beef-banana in any position this smooth operator wants her to be in. She’s plan to be ravished during this boudoir rogering, her greater than average bumpers screwed, her shaved muff stuffed. Jordynn slurps his meat and makes loud, succulent, mouthing sounds, music to the ears.

Jordynn’s a ready serf to her slavemaster, but there’re no whips or shackles, no artificial play acting. Hard and rough sex are what’s being prepared as the dish of the day, and Jordynn is on the menu.

Jordynn will be watching this scene.

“I love seeing me take that strapon,” this babe said. She’s watched her solo episodes with her partner (“I am completely yielding to my dad.”), and she’s watched her XXX episodes alone. Maybe that will change.

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Sashaa Juggs – Sashaa’s Breast Painting

Sashaa’s Breast Painting

Sashaa's Breast Painting

The art world may be rocked by what’s happened at the XL Girls studio. This day, art history is made by Sashaa Knockers and her breast paintings. We’ve carefully documented in photographs and movie exactly how Sashaa creates her masterworks.

1st, the application of various pigments to her heavy jugs and thick a-hole until she resembles a living work of art. Then in advance of the paint dries, Sashaa embosses her canvas by pressing her big mounds against it, creating the initial phase of her masterpiece.

Those acts of artistic creativity can be very taxing so Sashaa need to relieve the tension by fondelling one out. That babe now has a pleased face from sitting in her happy place.

There have been a few documented breast painters, such as the Russian artist who painted a portrait of Vladimir Putin with her meatballs, but none of those dedicated breast artists have jugs as larger than average and as heavy as Sashaa’s Mellons. The fruits of Sashaa’s work have been stored in the vault at XL Angels to protect them from harm.

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Chevy Cobain – “Gimme An F!”

“Gimme An F!”

U can give Chevy Cobain an F after the game if you crave. These locker room benches are uncomfortable so we recommend a better place. Chevy bears a resemblance to this babe has sex in the backseat of cars or in vans with tinted windows and outfitted with a bed. There’s something about Chevy’s look that inspires this thought.

Even so, Chevy says that babe doesn’t receive lots of action with boys and masturbates with her toys. That babe says she has dildos in every color. Color-coordinated pussy-plugging is her hobby.

“I adore to eat whipped cock juice off a jock and do a strip tanalize as foreplay,” Chevy said. This babe actually does some of this creamed wang tongueing in her XXX scene, “Fed To Spread” after her spouse screws her creamed-filled breast valley.

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Wow Nikki – Sex Is Hotter In Cheap Motels

Sex Is Hotter In Cheap Motels

Sex Is Hotter In Cheap Motels

Wicked hot-sheet motels have done more for people’s sex drives than a truckload of Cialis. Wow Nikki was a sex-loving, cock-loving bra-buster who said no to guy-girl act for several years.

Nikki wants to make it in a raunchy motel with plenty of mirrors and an atmosphere that reeks of sex, a feeling that hits the guests the second they walk into the room, adore a rolling fog off San Francisco Bay. They discover exactly what they’re looking for and go at it.

Nikki is direct and open about sex. “I like doggie position, hands-down. Ramrod size is not important to me. A medium size meat-thermometer is great. It’s all about the power behind the poke.”

She likewise likes and licks girls. “I have plenty of cute friends and I play that game a lot with angels. No thing like licking some hot twat.”

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