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Naked & Oiled

Undressed & Oiled

Naked & Oiled

Majority pictorials have the angel fully clothed at the start. She removes her garments and underclothes piece by piece until she’s either exposed or partly stripped. Then depending on how hot she’ll go, that babe may masturbate with toys or fingers.

This Samantha Sanders photo discharge reverses course. Sam starts off totally naked. That babe oils her big mambos, plays with them and rubs her golden-bushed cookie.

When Sam’s cum and done, that babe puts on a long wrap, the kind honey bunnys wear at the beach or at a pool. Old-school men’s photography back in the late 1950s and early ’60s used to have beauties completely in nature’s garb from kick off to finish so this is a tribute to that style.

Sam’s royal assets acquire her gobs of attention. When she walks into a restaurant, a bar, a club or a resort, she owns the place.

“The unsurpassable compliment I have ever heard? It was ‘You have the majority unbelievable love muffins in the world.'”

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Brunette & Busty In Kentucky

Darksome brown & Big breasted In Kentucky

Brunette & Big boobed In Kentucky

“A cutie came to me and told she wanted to be an exotic entertainer and that babe did not know what to do and this babe asked me to educate her,” Slone Ryder said.

“Well, I had not at all done any erotic lap dancing so I did not truly know what to train her. That babe offered me $500 for one 60 minutes. I had some friends in Lexington, Kentucky, who had connections to an adult exotic dancing club there, so I went there just to see what it was all about. I had at not time been to one in advance of. As I viewed the dancers I thought, I can do that. It looks simple.

“So, I went back home and taught the angel what I had seen and that babe said I did a great job and that babe got hired as a dancer. After that, I decided I might as well give it a try myself, just so I could say I had done it. I went to a exotic dancing club and danced one night and had a great time and made worthy specie and decided that is what I wanted to do.

Slone danced for a number of years at The Manhattan Undress club in Richmond, Kentucky.

“I had always had a secret urge to be a Las Vegas showgirl. I have always enjoyed being on stage and performing, so now I’ve been doing it a lengthy time and I have enjoyed each minute of it. So being stuck behind a desk is not truly for me. I’ve had a pair of regular jobs in advance of and I was bored to death.”

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From Army Veteran To Model

From Army Veteran To Glamour model

From Army Veteran To Model

“Before I met my husband, I went out with a lot of lads who just did not respect me enough to view my face,” told Elaina Gregory. “And I’m all about respect. I served in the military and that is a big thing for me. I served in the army and I was stationed in Texas. I met my partner when I was in boot camp, truly.

“We dated for about two years on and off. But before that, all the boys were adore, ‘Look at that cutie!’ and ‘Did u see that girl?’ pointing at me. I mean, even though I was in uniform and it was a baggy shirt, you can’t hide pantoons like mine. And we would run, adore, every day, or each other day. So, I had to secure my fullsome funbags with a support bra and like 3 sports bras, just so I could run. I would go to the store on the base and buy, like, three or four sports bras and they would ask, ‘Do u truly need all of those bras?’ And I told, ‘Yes!’ And I mean, back then I was merely an F-cup.”

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Hot Delivery

Hot Delivery

Hot Delivery

A elementary phone call and a fresh, hawt pie is willing. Not for her, for the delivery boy from Pizza Fuck. What is it about these pizza men that makes hot babes tear off their bras and knickers and drop to their knees to taste the pepperoni as in a short time as they ring their doorbells? Those boys get more wet crack than the back alley of a restaurant. Is it their delivery?

Yeah, it is that aged cheesy pizza delivery routine yet afresh and this time the fortunate recipient of all this dough is the ever-popular Rachel Love. How many pizza delivery males dream and fantasize about a customer as stacked as she’s? The number just in North USA alone receive to be in the tens of thousands. Unfortunately, there is solely one Rachel. So for you, pizza delivery Lothario, this pie’s especially for you. She’s a great tipper also but you’ve probably noticed that.

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Mammaries of Dors

Mammaries of Dors

Mammaries of Dors

Dors Feline caused a major pants-quake when this babe first came to prominence. An glamorous body, a gorgeous face and a camera-ready sex appeal had everybody kooky. Some made also much of a bigger than typical deal about her tattoos but majority boyz either accepted ’em or just didn’t care.

Wrote G.L.. “I know some lads don’t adore it, but I am indeed digging your ladies with tattoos. Hotties with tattoos are hot! Please don’t try to hide your models’ tattoos with hot clothes or weird angles. I am a fan, and I know there are more readers adore me out there! For sample, I guess Dors Feline is hot as copulate!”

Another fan wrote, “These Brit gals that you identify are handsome. I just wonder why they don’t adore to spread their twats. I suppose it is ’cause they know they’re hawt sufficient to acquire away with it. And they’re right. I have no problem beating my meat to Dors, spread cunt or not!”

Until she retired, Dors was the prefered XL Gal for many and plenty of the regulars considered her the goddess who almost any gorgeous exemplified the XL Beauty.

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Summer Time

Summer Time

Summer Time

These bumpers remain unbelievable and we have seen a lot of larger than average love melons. The size and shape of Summer’s bra-busters are totally mindblowing.

“I do not always wear a beneath garment. Solely when I have an important meeting and to church. But in public, I do love to turn heads. I’ll wear a taut shirt and good trousers. I too adore to wear stockings and heels.”

What kind of boyz float Summer’s boat? How do they get her full attention?

Told Summer, “My consummate ladies man is intelligent, in worthwhile health and isn’t lazy. That fellow too has to have at least some interests other than sex. I adore to ask a date plenty of questions.”

The editors at XL Cuties can’t say that we fit Summer’s guy needs. We’re idle but we do not only think about sex. We think about bigger in size than standard mammaries and larger than run of the mill butts likewise.

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How To Tit-Fuck Katarina Dubrova

How To Tit-Fuck Katarina Dubrova

How To Tit-Fuck Katarina Dubrova

It is expose and tell time as smiling Katarina Dubrova demonstrates how to paramount shag her greater than run of the mill boobs. Her teaching tools: a stick-in toy and a bottle of lube.

We didn’t have sex ed teachers adore Katarina when we were in school. They were chunky 50-year-old gym instructors. If only they had looked adore this big boobed dish. Things are much better now.

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Fuck Those Big Tits & That Tight Pussy

Screw These Big Breasts & That Constricted Fur pie

Fuck Those Big Whoppers & That Tight Pussy

Do the numbers 40FF, 46-28-36 mean everything to u?

Simone Staxxx arrives at the front desk of the SCORE Spa For Busty Beauties, is given a robe, enters one of the rub-down rooms and takes her captivating raiment off. She is here today for a rub-down. “From the front,” Simone requests. And all the way from her toes to her mammaries.

Mr. J-Rod will have the applaud this day of being Simone’s masseur. (And since this episode was discharged in POV, you are Mr. J-Rod.) This chab lotions her enormous hangers, paying careful attention to her pointy nipps.

The areola stimulation puts Simone underneath a cock-hungry spell. This babe starts yanking on his chain. This chap straddles Simone so that babe can screw his 10-Pounder with her titties. That babe is fed cock-tip as it travels through the unfathomable valley of her twin mountains. With Simone’s whoppers well-massaged and rogered, it is on to the next stage.

Mr. J-Rod fills her pink love tunnel with his poker, and over the next not many minutes, that gent builds up his thrusts and pumps to locomotive speed. The room fills with Simone’s screams of joy as this chocolate fuck doll cums from his unrelenting ramming on top, doggy position and from the side.

Some other proud spa customer has been serviced. As a parting gift to an magnificant customer, Mr. J-Rod presents her with a supply of knob milk, all over her double-Fs, which she rubs into her bazookas as an after-sex lotion. Hopefully his skillful services pleased Simone and this babe will visit the SCORE Spa For Big breasted Girls some other time. Our workers aims (their ramrods) to please.

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Waking Up With Sarah Rae

Awaking Up With Sarah Rae

Waking Up With Sarah Rae

“I’m a accomplished big-booby bouncer,” said Sarah Rae. “I do not do it much when I am walking, but sometimes when I am sitting in a restaurant I do find myself doing it. It’s adore second nature to me now.”

We abhored to wake up Sarah from a valuable slumber. When that babe awakens, her hands stray to her larger than typical, illustrious mangos and curly vagina. There’s a lot to adore. A nice shower and some damp play time during the time that we look at will get Sarah going and when that babe is dried off, that babe bounces into a tank top and denim shorts.

What Sarah puts on is what this babe usually wears. This babe is a super-casual cutie, one of the things that many boyz like about her.

“I always wear low-cut shirts when I go out. My bra-busters charming much draw attention to themselves because they’re so greater than typical. I receive tons of attention and I love that. Having large fun bags is wondrous. I feel unequalled and particular. I wear a bra when I go out. Around the abode I am always braless and topless also. I’m pleasured and very conceited about ’em. I am always showing ’em off and talking about them. I just think they’re greatly handsome, and I’m always trying to flaunt them off and always talking exceedingly about them. My scoops make me cheerful.”

And that’s the way it should be.

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Backside Rub-down

Backside Rubdown

Backside Rubdown

Salute, Chick. When we final saw you in the June ’09 issue you said us that you love anal and that you were pumped up to take it in the wazoo.
“And here I’m to prove it, baby! [Laughs.] When I 1st came to BootyLicious magazine, you boys asked me what my interests were and to tell u all of my sexiest fantasies. Well, I did and one of ’em was this locker room fantasy that I’ve had since I was in high-school. I’d masturbate and imagine that I was playing with my cum-hole in the locker room after a game and that I’d got caught.”

And who exactly was it that you were fantasizing about catching u doing all sorts of wicked things to your vagina and anus, Honey?
“It was always a different boy each time I fantasized. Sometimes I’d imagine that it was my coach and that he would tell me how I was doing it incorrect and then this chab would expose me how to play with my wet crack and make me cum. Sometimes I’d imagine that it was a entire bunch of basketball players and that they would take turns banging me in the showers. And sometimes I would imagine that it was a scout from some college and that he’d fuck me right there on the bench and then cum all over my anal opening.”

So we set up your dream bonk and you got down in a locker room. Was it everything that u had imagined? Did it satisfy your kinky wishes?
“All I can say is that I was hornier than I’ve ever been in my life. In advance of Colton even touched my twat, I was already luscious and throbbing. And I loved banging on this bench coz I could straddle it and receive his shlong even farther in my fur pie. I recommend rogering on benches! It makes the sex so much better. I straddled him and rode him until I was cumming all over him. And during the time that I was on top, this charmer licked his fingers and slipped them into my backdoor. That is when I actually went bonkers!”

Did you cum from the anal, too, Pleasing heart?
“Yes coz anal always makes me cum harder than a jock in my snatch does. Once his shlong was in my booty, I started grinding on it and playing with my clit. Before I knew it, I was cumming and this stud was yelling that this woman chaser was going to bust all over my chubby wazoo.”

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Wild In The Stables

Wild In The Stables

Wild In The Stables

Hiring Kacey Parker as a ranch hand was a great idea coz this babe adds some sex appeal to the place. Problem is, all the other ranch hands would stop working and spend their day jacking as they viewed her pitching hay.

It worked out in the long run ‘cuz Kacey decided to put on a display for everyone in one of the stables. Naturally, someone clutched a digital camera and started shooting cuz Kacey had to be recorded for everyone to relish her bigger in size than typical country wobblers and bulky vagina, not just the ranch hands. Unfortunately her stay at the Bigger than typical Obese Billibongs Ranch did not final lengthy. That babe was needed for one more XL Angels discharge.

“Guys always say I have dick-sucking lips and I take that as a compliment,” Kacey said. “Even when I was in school, all the male teachers and students were always checking me out. I had the humongous billibongs of all the cuties.

“What do bucks adore to see me do? They adore seeing me trying on bras, getting measured everywhere, exercising, swimming and playing with my abdomen. And engulfing larger than run of the mill cocks!”

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Hot & Thick

Hawt & Thick

Hot & Thick

Dani Moore has had a lot of sex and she’s always up for new carnal experiences. That’s why she took the advice of a ally and decided to try nude posing and hardcore.

Dani is not a swinger or a nudist. This babe is not a hot dancer or a cam-girl. Dani waitressed at a exotic dancing club for a month and that was as far as it went. “I was also scared to go on stage,” Dani said. Some customers wanted to watch her up there with her funbags and gazoo in their faces but they just weren’t persuasive enough.”

Dani lastly met a lad who was persuasive sufficient to acquire her thinking about trying glamour modeling.

“When I give blow jobs and things love that, a lot of ’em will be blown away. From what boys have said me, it’s the supreme they’ve ever had. You’ve got to acquire it all. The shaft, the balls, you know. I try to receive the entire thing in my throat. I’ve even gotten a small in number marriage proposals. A lot of it is the way I move my tongue around it while I am coming up. If I do that and start engulfing a little harder, that receives ’em. My tongue ring helps out a lot, likewise. I have at no time gotten any complaints about it, and I’ve had it since I was Eighteen.

“I would have not at any time imagined doing this and having sex on-camera. I told one gal I knew what I was going to do. We had coffee the Sunday in advance of I left town, and that babe was adore, “I’m so jealous of you! I want I had the balls to do it.”

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