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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Poundin’ at the Picnic

Written on February 29, 2012 at 11:38 am, by

Poundin’ at the Picnic

Poundin' at the Picnic

There is nothing but clear skies and sunny days ahead if you take goddess Sarah Sunshine out for a picnic. This bright and pleased jugg-tastic cutie knows how to plan a spread and coincidentally, she’s worthwhile at widening, too. That babe flaunts up in these slight jean shorts and little halter top looking like a sexy mix of the one and the other girl-next-door Maryanne and redheaded sex bomb Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. What’s in her basket? A lot of edible goodies that u can share and eat jointly and she’s not above playing with her food, either. She wishes to eat some grapes, sure, but this babe likewise wishes to gobble up your weenie! And whilst she wishes u to hand feed her fruits, she too urges to make sure u are getting enough to eat, so that babe also smears brownies on her tatas for dessert. So eat off of her rack previous to you skeet all over her twins. And Sarah makes haste, not waste so after u cum on her, she licks all that chocolate and semen off of her whoppers cuz that babe knows all about the nutrients in goo. So the lesson of the day is: Take Sarah on a picnic and that babe will take u for the ride of your life!

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Meet Asha Marie

Written on February 29, 2012 at 9:39 am, by

Meet Asha Marie

Meet Asha Marie

We’re sorry to do this to you studs on such short notice but we have yet one more slutty, fresh XLGirl to unveil u. As we always say around here, the more, the merrier. We begin with a video and matching pictorial of this mid-western, cornfed beauty. Her name is Asha Marie and this babe packs a 42G bra. She is quite a impure little talker likewise in her first video and that is always welcome. Asha likes stripping, hula hooping, tabletop gaming, creating art and reading. Here at, Asha is creating art–breast art–sucking and touching with tongue her meatballs and creating pink bawdy cleft art as that babe rubs out a big one. She fingers her seize, then plugs it unfathomable with a toy as we dive in for a close-up. Asha‘s low-key in public or so this babe tells us. “I wear bras when I go out but I take ’em off when I can get away with it. I crave going braless in public was more socially acceptable. I usually wear coyness raiment that hug my curves. I like dressing sensually out of showing lots of skin. Sometimes I love wearing lacy, low-cut tops that unveil off my cleavage.” Asha is a pleased playgirl and enjoyed getting loose at XLGirls. “I love my life and I am not sure there’s much I wanna do that I haven’t done yet but I am always open to fresh experiences. I am glad and I adore it when life surprises me. I like sex especially oral–giving and receiving.” Welcome, Asha Marie!

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Do Juicy, Huge Busts Drive You Nuts?

Written on February 28, 2012 at 7:17 am, by

Do Damp, Mammoth Busts Drive U Nuts?

Do Moist, Biggest Busts Drive U Nuts?

Anorei Collins, big busted phenomenon, is in the rarefied league of unbelievably giant natural marangos that blow a tit-lover’s mind. That babe possesses acres and acres of sweatermeat to explore, ponder and appreciate.

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Busty Dildo Lovers 2: Lana Lotts

Written on February 28, 2012 at 7:12 am, by

Big busted Sex toy Lovers 2: Lana Lotts

Busty Sextoy Paramours 2: Lana Lotts

“It’s not easy being a hotty and enforcing the law,” said breasty golden-haired babydoll Lana Lotts. Ain’t that the truth. Lana is stretching out her police woman uniform in the SCORE Classic Big boobed Sex-toy Lovers TWO. Officer Lotts has just gotten back to her place after a rock hard day pulling over drivers who are trying to proposition streetwalkers and ticketing bucks jerking off in exotic dancing clubs. Lana needs relief and she needs it now. Lazily removing her uniform for your eye-filling enjoyment, Lana creams up her boobies and plays with ’em in atypical ways. This babe lotionizes her pussy and fingers it precious, getting off with each rub. A super-thick rubber wang is her next plaything. We move in incredible ultra-close to watch how Lana‘s lubed cunt lips look wrapped around this monster and to detect out her glamorous, puckered brown-eye. It even squirts ball batter all over Lana‘s breasts. Her hawt mouth pours out a continuous stream of hot talk with each rub and thrust. Even female cops acquire to rub one out!

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She’ll Make You Pop

Written on February 27, 2012 at 3:52 pm, by

She’ll Make U Pop

She'll Make You Pop

Meet Siri afresh. More than a voice. This babe has it all. You have met Siri in her 1st SCORELAND photo-shoot. You’ve watched and listened to Siri in her 1st interview and first episode. Now go with Siri as she does her first SCORE XXX boy-girl scene. She’s viewed SCORE and read SCORE. Now she’s in SCORE. The wife of a SCORE browser, Siri lives in California. That babe is very open to the rock-hard meat-thermometer and says her favourite position is “getting pounded truly hard in doggy.” Siri‘s gone from zero to sexty in a fairly short time. “I was Eighteen when I lost my virginity to a lad,” told Siri. “I had just graduated from high school. I lost my lesbian virginity at 19. I’m bi and I’ve many nice bawdy cleft diving powers! I was nearly Twenty two when I next had sex with a smooth operator. But, now I’ve sex with my partner at least twice a day, more often three times a day, and, since we’re swinging married couples, with a chap or goddess I might swing with.” This is a Siri-ously horny beauty making up for lost time. “With the exception of hot, messy talk for pleasure, I detest it when men use erotic slurs against hotty’s in a derogatory way–slut, doxy, vagina,” says Siri. “If having sex and loving it makes a person a bimbo, then I’m a slut, and so are 99 percent of bucks! But it shouldn’t be a bad thing. It is all about pleasure.” Words to live by, Siri. And now let’s view Siri make zoom-zoom and take care of the schvanz in her own peculiar way.

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Hottie Boombalottie

Written on February 26, 2012 at 3:12 am, by

Vixen Boombalottie

Hottie Boombalottie

Who’s that hotty? That babe is hotty boombalottie Marilyn White, a newbie who’s fresh to XLGirls and real eye-candy. Marilyn has an fetching bod and a enjoyable, marvelous face. That babe opens up to let us afresh inspect her hawt, pink twat and brown-eye, and her generosity is appreciated, believe us! Marilyn describes how a honey as stacked as she’s worked in a combination porn store and exotic dancing club. This is enchanting stuff ‘cuz we all wonder about the beauties who handle the counters in adult mag stores. Most of the time, very, very not many come close to anybody who looks as wonderful as Marilyn does. No wonder that the customers kept asking her when that babe would dance on stage, likewise. Bursting with ripeness, Marilyn remembers one of her horniest times in school. “My boyfriend at the time and I were in class jointly and during the time that the teacher was standing right in front of us giving a lecture, I jacked my boyfriend off underneath the desk. After that buck got off in my hand, I quickly had to excuse myself to the restroom to clean off without anyone noticing. I know I have had other kinky encounters but that has always been the one that is actually stood out in my memory!” It’s a worthy thing for Marilyn and her boyfriend that the professor did not practice the Socratic method and ask Marilyn to stand and answer a question! For the record, we’ve invited Marilyn to try that hand at a boy-girl on XLGirls. Marilyn‘s on the fence about this so let us give her some encouragement. Comment under and be persuasive!

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Love & Hot Sex

Written on February 25, 2012 at 9:30 am, by

Like & Hawt Sex

Love & Hawt Sex

Charming SCORE Gal Rachel Like (Mamazon and many SCORE episodes) needs a lad who is fine at enormous lifting. Not furniture. Rachel‘s natural and heavy 36F cup bumpers are what need lifting. And sucking, licking with tongue and rogering, also. Her guest is up to the job. How could this chab not be, checking out Rachel‘s super-sexy body decorated in a sheer negligee, and see-through bra and straps? “I have some skills that I could flaunt you,” tempts Rachel, laying her hands on JC’s package. This chab begins to play with her fleshy scones and is ready to plough her fertile fields. Rachel sits on the edge of the ottoman and pulls his schvanz out of his jeans, marveling at the size. It’s love a fresh toy for this feisty blond to play with. Rachel had been said not to put things in her throat but, adore almost any girls, she always did the contradictory and this is no exception. So now the blonde kitten is always putting things in her throat and what she urges in her throat now is JC’s junk. When she’s not gargling his cock or mouthing his testicles, Rachel is burying her recent toy inside her cleavage valley. She’s a little beauty. A filthy goddess who loves being fucked by lots of chaps, and he’s a greater than standard stud who likes fucking busty women so this is a match made in hooter heaven. Rachel receives on her back for more tit-fucking, her tongue stretches out to lick the thrusting pecker head as it slides between her squashy, creamy, white globes. Now, it is time to shag her muff. Rachel goes into a trance when her pussy is first opened by his meat, saying the word “Fuck” over and over one more time as she gets filled and fucked in randy positions. JC craves to slip into her sideways and flips her around like the little doll she’s. “You just wanna stretch it all out, do not you,” says Rachel, partly teasing, partly cock-delirious. Her wet crack is pounded again as she reiterates the word “Fuck” like a mantra. Rachel kneels on the floor to engulf more weenie. However, as that babe blows him, thinking he’s ready to squirt her, JC wishes to copulate her once more some other time so this chab mounts her on his pole for a cowgirl ride. Rachel‘s love tunnel is trickling succulent as she goes up and down, soaking his shaft with her clutch juice. Even her arse is shiny from the juice. This babe builds up the friction from his diction as this chab rams into her, giving Rachel a fuck she will not forget for a while. JC wishes to mark Rachel‘s tongue and face with his seed to leave her something to remember him by when this babe receives home. Rachel appreciates his parting gift of a heavy load all over her charming face and lengthy tongue and his jism tastes nice to her. This babe has been screwed well.

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All About Zeta

Written on February 25, 2012 at 1:34 am, by

All About Zeta

All About Zeta

Our Voluptuous editor, Scoreland Blogger and Big-Boob accustomed Maria speaks to Zeta Verrone here at so we can learn all about Zeta. Anything there is to know. What does she love to do? How did that babe cum to adult model at XLGirls? Is this her first time? What’s her life like? And many more questions that Zeta answers in this up-close and incredibly personal chat. Zeta has phenomenal milk sacks that that babe will show once once more in close-up. What pointy nipps this babe has! That babe could blind a guy with ’em! But no worries. Zeta‘s a softie, a vixen boombalottie just the way we love ’em at XLGirls. Let’s go to the movie scene as Maria and Zeta join forces in an XLGirls neverseen!

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A-hole In The Grass

Written on February 24, 2012 at 8:03 am, by

Gazoo In The Grass

Ass In The Grass

When you got to make money, u gotta make specie. That means u got to employ all the skills that u can to make sure that u can get some bread and earn some sort of paycheck. Poor Jana can’t sort, so an office job is with out the question for her. This babe can not serve, so working as a waitress is not going to happen. But surely there have to be something that a woman with these 2 big assets on her chest can do, right? And that’s when Jana has a Eureka! pont of time. This babe can use her pussy and bazookas to plough wang throughout the countryside. But expect…she doesn’t have an apartment or enough specie to rent a hotel room. No worries, as this babe is resourceful. If she’s gonna disrobe down to her natural state and fuck, she might as well do it outside in nature, right? Anyway, her Johns are so wanton over the sight of her biggest scones that they do not mind getting a little arse in the grass.

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Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin’

Written on February 24, 2012 at 4:43 am, by

Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin’

Straight-from-the-Oven Lovin'

Cassie‘s not the kind of hotty who thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but she’ll make an exception to her please her smooth operator. Just so lengthy as that babe can bake and cook in constricted, revealing raiment and high heels. But the real fun begins when the muffins come with out the oven. “I think it is very sexual and sexy when a Lothario feeds me, and it gives me the chance to unveil him just what I can do with my mouth. When I’m being fed my cum-hole gets just as hot as an oven and I definitely have to have some goodies put inside of it!”

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Locker Room Groupie

Written on February 23, 2012 at 10:40 pm, by

Locker Room Groupie

Locker Room Groupie

Here’s anybody new to XLGirls (a personal request by the editor), who will rock your socks off as that babe did to the stunt-cock that’s going to work her out in “Locker Room Groupie.” She is Salena Marie, all the way from zipcode CA. Salena can’t live with out shopping, going out with her cuties and that babe loves Jersey Shore and Snooki. She kinda looks love Snooki likewise, short and stacked. (So does Tatiana Blair.) “The 1st time I had sex, I was hooked,” discloses Salena. “I’ve been a freak ever since. I adore to have it at least five times to ten times a week.” Salena‘s fitness instructor plans to do a thorough job of training her. “So how are you plan to stretch me this day?” Salena asks JC. “I do need a stretch.” “Let’s get this off first,” JC replies. This ladies man urges Salena to change out of her raiment into a fitness outfit. “Have a seat and we’ll start to stretch u out,” JC grins. “Talk to me about your fitness goals.” JC cups Salena‘s large tits that are crammed against his groin. Salena describes what that babe desires tutored, fondelling her hands all over JC, especially his pipe area. You know where this is going. “Stretch me worthy this day,” Salena requests. Oh, don’t worry about that. That babe squeezes his package as this stud unhooks Salena‘s undergarment to must the goodies, these 36F-cup topper-whoppers. Salena‘s fitness instruction takes a backseat to sexy locker room smushing as JC resolves to actually stretch Salena worthwhile with his exercise equipment. Salena is in whole agreement with that plan once she acquires her hands on his large tool, her eyes brightening up. Welcome aboard, Salena Marie. As far as fitness goes, u fit right in here and so did JC, into you.

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Elaina Gregory’s Incredible Tight Titty Top Try-Outs

Written on February 23, 2012 at 4:51 pm, by

Elaina Gregory’s Nice-looking Tight Titty Top Try-Outs

Elaina Gregory's Mind boggling Taut Titty Top Try-Outs

Elaina Gregory is plan to do us all a bigger than typical favour and try on some of her constricted titty tops and bras whilst we watch and report for SCORELAND. Thank u, Elaina! What you are about to acquire is a hooter-man’s holiday. If you relish visiting women’s garments stores with a woman friend or peeping into womens’ dressing rooms or u have sufficient money to install a two-way mirror in your underware store, you are gonna adore this. Dropping down a bit, it has to be told beforehand that Elaina‘s legs and her a-hole cheeks are very sexy in her constricted jeggings. The first dainty girl-thing Elaina tries on is a pink slip that’s really great at highlighting her pointy, very dark-skinned areolas. Spectacular areolas they are. We would at no time give Elaina the pink slide so this is an exception. “I adore the way you can watch my nipples in this, too,” acquiesces Elaina proving that breast minds think alike. Elaina‘s not sure if she’s intend to fit into a brown long-sleeved number that doesn’t make it over her 41-inch, 34N-cup pantoons and leaves some bottom deep cleavage nude. She manages to pull it over and says, “I adore the way they hang just under it.” Now this green top has no straps to hold it in place. It hangs on constricted against her scoops, just barely, to Elaina‘s breast ledge and her areolas are in great danger of exposure if this babe bends forward coz this top is sure to ride down. Mamma mia! However, Elaina thinks it is “perfect” and that babe knows breast so that is what counts. Checking out a denim mini-skirt, the brunette bra-crusher decides to watch if it still fits her so this babe pulls off her jeggings and squeezes into the skirt. This babe likes ’em and you love ’em too ‘cuz if u were to squat behind her, you could see the bottom of her a-hole cheeks pursuing daylight. Now comes Elaina‘s brassiere and straps try-ons. By now, things are out of hand. Elaina gets way overheated trying on and taking off her scanties that there is merely one thing this voluptuous goddess boombalottie can do after her Astonishing Constricted Titty Top Try-Outs. That babe likes her shapely body just as much as we all do and that’s a worthy thing. These of u who love to explore the bush will appreciate Elaina‘s furry patch of heaven as that babe puts out the fire in her follicle forest. Yeah there’s a episode version! Thank’s afresh, Voluptuous domina Elaina Gregory. Admirable times!

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