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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sunshine – Eating for Two, Fucking for One

Written on January 31, 2013 at 3:36 pm, by

Eating for 2, Screwing for One

Eating for 2, Screwing for One

Preggo hotty’s are the hungriest and horniest of ’em all. Now that Sunshine is six months along, her love bubbles and belly are greater than ever and the solely two things she desires are dick and chocolate. A regular check-up at the doctor turns into a preggo feast-and-fuck appointment when the male nurse feeds Sunshine chocolate. Once her appetites for food and sex have been triggered, there’s no stopping her from getting what she wishes. The merely time she stops eating is to engulf his wang. It is only with chocolate in her throat and a wang in her twat that Sunshine is sated…for now.

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Marilyn Mayson – An XL Girl Doubles Her Pleasure

Written on January 31, 2013 at 1:20 pm, by

An XL Beauty Doubles Her Fun

An XL Cutie Doubles Her Pleasure

“I can’t prevent jacking to Marilyn Mayson’s 38H milkers and her butt,” writes G.V. of Canada, proving that Canadians have awesome taste in women. Wet Marilyn pulls out all the stops in her first scene with two chaps. Previously, that babe did an interracial three-some with Molly Howard and a fellow. Now two cocks are hers to suck and screw.

We knew this hotty was a winner when we first saw her. Now that she is become well-known ‘cuz of her XL appearances, T&A paramours stiffen at the very mention of her name. Marilyn writes in her diary that one of her deepest dreams was to be rogered by 2 dudes at the same time. Now this succulent dream has come true.

If u haven’t observed Marilyn’s XL movie interview, check it out. This babe talks about this three-some, her first time with 2 guys. was glad to make this fantasy come true for Marilyn. (During the interview Marilyn told that babe hadn’t had sex in a during the time that.)

Marilyn loves sucking penis. Now she’ll get 2 of ’em. And one will be in her twat when the other is down her mouth. At times, she’ll have one meat-thermometer in each hand that that babe can engulf. We aim to please at Display some adore for Marilyn Mayson and comment below!

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Lucy – They Love Lucy

Written on January 30, 2013 at 11:20 am, by

They Adore Lucy

They Like Lucy

Polish-born Lucy is the operator of a tanning salon in Germany. The greater than standard thonging blonde likes reading, swimming and watching soccer. Her favourite type of men are virile, teetotaling bucks with bigger in size than run of the mill weenies betwixt Twenty and Fourty. (Their age not their knob size.) Her beloved Hollywood fellow is, get this, Al Bundy (Ed O’Neil from Married With Children), slob husband of Peg (Katy Segal). That babe doesn’t say why that babe loves Al Bundy so much but it may need to do with Al’s like of bigger in size than standard fun bags. “I am female sufficient for two studs!” says Lucy. We believe it. She’s pumped up adore a rogering brick shithouse. Lucy’s archetypal day is working, going home and making dinner and reading a book or watching a episode in daybed. On weekends, this babe calls up a stud and invites him over to bonk. This chab has to be out by Sunday or that babe nicely throws him out.

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Busty Becky – Voluptuous Xtra #10

Written on January 29, 2013 at 2:18 pm, by

Voluptuous Xtra #10

Voluptuous Xtra #10

Now and then, SCORE brandishes the truth about politics, business and other components of our society, raking the muck in search of justice and integrity.

In this scene, Angelica Raven, née Big-Boob Becky, discovers the murky world of office politics in this sordid flaunt of American business practices.

Miss Raven is not the most priceless of staff. Her attitude is poor; she is late all the time; she’s out “sick” a lot; that babe spends all day on personal interests and her greater than run of the mill tits and this babe doesn’t get much real work during the day. Sound familiar? Do u work with a hawt, Big-Boob chick adore this? If yep, then tell her we desire her to pose for SCORE at

When Angelica gets called into the CEO’s office, this babe knows what’s coming. He goes on about what a crummy employee this babe is and then drops the F-bomb on her, telling the brunette hair man-killer that she’s fired.

Angelica grabs him by his tie and pulls him into her large bra-busters, asking him if this charmer is sure this chab urges to fire her. Now he’s not so sure. This chab buries his face in Angelica’s breast valley and then helps her with out her hawt raiment. The die is cast.

They every take one of her areolas to take up with the tongue and suck–this is called collaborative working–and the CEO admits that when he hired her he had no idea of the shocking body she’s got.

This boss isn’t the smartest lad in the world. That fellow tells Angelica that if she desires to keep her job, she’ll get to engulf his meat-thermometer. Then he tells her that if his wife detected out this chab would be in big trouble. This chab bonks the shit out of Angelica furthermore during the time that his staff go about their business, unaware of the secret deal being made behind closed doors. He’s not the 1st boss to think with his little head and later regret it.

Angelica knows the 2 words her fur pie and bigger than run of the mill love bubbles mean.

The 2 words: job security.

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Stefani – Preggo Workout

Written on January 29, 2013 at 8:49 am, by

Pregnant Workout

Preggo Workout

Knocked-up Stefani is willing for her exercise routine but it is disrupted by her wanton fuck pal. Who could blame him? Preggy honey bunnys have that fertile scent that makes men insane. When a knocked-up gal craves something, she usually gets it, right? Pickles, ice ball cream, hard jock. Pregnancy is a sexy button topic. Many adore it, many loathe it. Here are opposing comments we’ve received. E.S.: “I get to say, I absolutely like the preggy woman’s form. The further along in their gestation the better. A lot of the time I do not particularly like boy/girl pictorials and videos, but u don’t see me whining about it.” On the other side of the debate, J.D. writes: “Seeing a exposed lady should let dudes think of sexy sex. We do not wanna fantasize about adultery with someone’s knocked-up angel.”

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Harmony White – Cream Dream

Written on January 28, 2013 at 6:15 pm, by

Cock juice Dream

Cream Dream

That babe is new, that babe is hot, she’s a Florida chick who’s jumped into her first girl-meets-boner scene at SCORELAND and brought down the abode after raising the roof. Harmony White is a web-cam model who contacted us through The glamorous V-Girl-next-door has bouncy bosoms that demand attention. Her first two appearances were a solo and a Love bubbles ‘N’ Tugs boob rogering. Harmony thought about going beyond that and decided to hit the grand slam with a first-time full-sex scene. This is her on-camera cherry-busting. There’s more than meets the eye to this petticoat chaser, a freaky-deaky side that this babe talked about in her clip. Harmony can’t live without it hard and fast. Fast fingers, fast dick. After Harmony finishes playing with her large scoops and admiring herself in a mirror, her bonk husband exposes up to tackle that hot body and give her screaming orgasms. She did warn us in her pre-fuck chat that she’s a screamer! Reveal Harmony some love and send in your props for this fresh Voluptuous pleasant heart. She’s here for u, SCORELAND Woman chaser.

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Scarlett Rouge – Her Big Tits Need Handling

Written on January 28, 2013 at 7:40 am, by

Her Greater than typical Fun bags Need Handling

Her Large Bouncy bosoms Need Handling

“I like greater than standard hooters,” says Scarlett Rouge, a co-star of K-JUGS, one of the superlatively wonderful XLGirls clips. “In fact, I won’t be with a female-dominator who has everything less than a DD-cup. I just love smth larger than standard to hold on to. Well, other than my own love melons. I like full, greater than average fun bags. I love to squeeze ’em and I love to engulf on teats. I suppose it’s sexy to take up with the tongue a woman’s nipps until that babe is writhing, lascivious and with out control. I adore it when people play with my mangos. It feels so valuable. What can I say? My boobs get to be handled! It is healthy. Well, I think it is healthy.” We acquiesce absolutely. It’s very healthy to play with greater than typical bosoms and whoever is getting the opportunity to play with Scarlett’s large milk shakes is one lucky, healthy bastard!

Watch More of Scarlett Rouge at XLGIRLS.COM!

Shyla Shy – Cowgirl With Curves

Written on January 27, 2013 at 5:25 am, by

Cowgirl With Curves

Cowgirl With Curves

Our busty cowgirl Shyla Coy lives up to her name. Not that she is bashful. At no time. When it comes to sex, she’s putty in the hands of the stunt-dicks and will glamorous much do anything with the exception of opening the rear porthole. The coy part is that she’s one of the quietest gals to ever swing and fuck-fling at The SCORE Group. We have Blogged with her and interviewed her and Shyla truly is shy when it comes to talking about herself. Instead, her body and larger than run of the mill love bubbles say it all at very loud volume levels. This babe did tell us a great story about her wearing a bathing costume whilst super-pregnant at Luscious N Wild.

We’re going on our 4th year with Shyla. She’s the second gal (with Kali West) from our video Mamazon to get knocked up after filming. Guess that idol the Mamazons guarded not merely gave ’em big bumpers, it made ’em extra-fertile. (We have not heard any reports of Mamazon co-stars Alexis Silver, Rachel Adore, Alia Janine or Daylene Rio getting preggy.)

“Most boyz wanna shag me, then tit-fuck me, or sometimes they’ll do it the other way around,” Shyla informed us about her sex life. “I like it more captivating in my love tunnel, but you gotta keep the boys cheerful! A lot of boys love me to wrap my mounds around their schlong during the time that I’m giving them head. I do that, likewise. Being snatched turns me on. Coarse sex. Not likewise rough. I like to do the coarse part, adore I’ll hop on top of a boy and truly ride him hard. Lads do not complain. They need to see my juggs bouncing all over the place! I broke a daybed once just being coarse. Smacking around and stuff. Riding the lad truly rock hard. I was actually lewd, and his schlong was indeed hard, and I could not acquire sufficient of it. I don’t think this smooth operator could make no doubt of how hard I was riding him. We were really banging! Too rough for me is when you hit me one time and my wazoo cheek turns red. I like to have my gazoo smacked but not too rock hard. I’ll say quit it if a smooth operator acquires also coarse! And then I’ll get coarse with him, adore I’ll slap his face with my scoops or even slap his ramrod with my mammaries. Boys adore that.”

Watch More of Shyla Demure at XLGIRLS.COM!

Harmony White – I Dream Of Harmony

Written on January 26, 2013 at 4:10 pm, by

I Dream Of Harmony

I Fantasy Of Harmony

Our Queen (Harmony White in one of her two rock hard SCORE vids) is hawt. Beads of perspiration form on her enjoyable royal bumpers. But air conditioning hasn’t been invented yet so this babe uses an ice cube to kewl down her sexy boobies (that are eye-poppingly huge!). Harmony’s serf fans her the old-fashioned way. Things are about to get a lot sweatier when this babe reaches for the object that will bring her a great deal of enjoyment.

“I desire I had a stiff fellow to please me,” says Harmony as this babe strokes her magic lamp with a cushioned hand. Pleasant Harmony will not be rock hard considering how hot that babe looks. Her genie appears from wherever genies hang out and is willing to serve her every need. What self-respecting genie wouldn’t crave to serve this hot piece of arse? “Your urge is my order,” her magic lady-killer replies. He knows what big boobed Queens need.

This chab works his way 1st to Harmony’s royal pussy and licks and sucks her nice-looking, damp twat and clitty, then advances to her colossal mountains to suckle upon her beautiful areolas. Exotic dancing her in nature’s garb, this charmer stands before her, prick out, as this babe sits up and takes his magic meat lamp down her throat and sucks.

The Queen had warned us in a SCORELAND interview that she is a screamer and the bigger the dick plugging her, the louder she receives. But her neighbors are not going to lose their heads and complain. When the genie permeates her tight, royal wet crack with his long beef sword and begins fucking and filling Harmony, the screaming begins. She’s a man-killer, this stunner. This babe is a killer Queen.

It is enough to drive a lad bonkers!

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Camelia Davis – “Spank Me,” Camelia requests

Written on January 26, 2013 at 2:45 am, by

“Spank Me,” Camelia requests

“I adore being spanked,” says tan-canned Camelia Davis in the models’ dressing room. “That is my ultimate fetish. I love to be spanked and said that I am a bad girl. I know that in my regular life, I’m actually a fine gal. But I adore to be bad in the bedroom. When a dude spanks me, it turns me on. It makes me feel naughty and makes my wet crack gush. I love it for a charmer to just put me over his knee, pull my briefs down over my arse and just spank me and tell me how bad I’ve been. It makes me grind my cunt into his legs. It receives me so sexy that I can not control myself. I mean, a buck can even use a paddle on my ass. I don’t wanna be beat on; I just wish to be disciplined a little by a sexy gent.” Almost certainly Camelia not at all has to worry about finding spankers to taste that gazoo.

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Rikki Waters – Take Out… Your Cock

Written on January 25, 2013 at 11:49 am, by

Take Out… Your Shlong

Take Out... Your Cock

Being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant is wonderful, but sometimes you just wanted to order take out and veg at home. Rikki prefers the latter, and this babe has her reasons. “I receive so banging lewd when I eat that I’d rather just be at home so I can bonk right there. If I’m at a restaurant I just acquire into a predicament. Especially if the food is truly valuable. The more wonderful it tastes, the hornier I receive. I will start trying to suck my guy’s ramrod beneath the table. In the heat of the moment I might drag him into the bath to bonk. To be honest, the number of restaurants I am not allowed in anymore is a bit ridiculous. So I would rather just instruct take out.”

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Selena Castro – Sex In The Titties Orgy

Written on January 25, 2013 at 12:47 am, by

Sex In The Milk shakes Orgy

Sex In The Zeppelins Orgy

Tucked away in their penthouse retreat high above the bigger than average titty city, Renee Ross’s bosom buddies use Renee’s plush body as a temple of breast worship. But first, all six beauties (Renee, Selena Castro, Haydee Rodriguez, Hillary Hooterz, Camelia Davis and Scarlett Rouge) suckle their nipps love adult babies, their monumental jugs hanging and dangling and contemplating for a couple of hawt lips to clamp onto those pointers of enjoyment.

The areola stimulation leads to a tingling between their legs that has to be ramped up with fingers, lips and tongues until every hotty explodes with non-stop orgasms. Renee becomes the main recipient of their slit and nipp plugging and engulfing until that babe also succumbs to the Bigger than run of the mill O. Class action fuckfests among XL Gals do not receive bigger, hotter and hornier than this groping bang fest and may not ever one time more!

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