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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Jazlyn Summers – XL Anal Strip Club

Written on May 31, 2013 at 7:17 pm, by

XL Anal Lap dancing club

XL Anal Disrobe Club

This customer at the XL Anal Lap dancing club doesn’t need to go anywhere else. Anything this stud needs, that guy is going to get right here. Golden-haired Carolina babe Jazlyn Summers is the main attraction at this stripping emporium. Here, a ladies man can get the unsurpassable in huge-chested entertainment. The bouncers look the other way.

Jazlyn approaches him and suggests him a hawt dance. The best gogo dance he’ll ever click here his life. That babe lowers her top so this charmer can suck on the bigger in size than run of the mill pantoons of this thickalicious domina. Now he’s hooked and hooked bad.

Jazlyn’s solely starting to weave her magic on his tool. She sits on his lap, grinds her meaty buttcheeks into his crotch and scissors her beefy thighs. His fingers dance on her exposed teats, making her pointers tingle with enjoyment.

Jazlyn sits on the edge of the stage so this buck can stand up and drop his drawers. She immediately takes his schlang in hand and begins to give him real lip service. This is a gal who savors making face hole love to rock hard meat-thermometer. When she has sucked to her desire, she holds her large love melons jointly to create a boob muff for his dong.

A torrent of rawness pours without Jazlyn’s face hole while he’s banging her jugs. “Put your dick inside my pantoons, baby. Copulate my mammaries, baby. Copulate ’em boobs. Copulate my face, baby. Pull my hair, baby.” Music to a man’s ears.

Jazlyn looks up with a pleading expression. “I desire you to fuck my cum-hole and booty so bad. Will you do it, baby?” This gent goes back to his chair so Jazlyn can sit on his pole and take each inch. It is a constricted fit but Jazlyn’s vagina is so moist, it slips right up her tunnel of pink pleasure. This babe starts bouncing rock hard, her titties moving in cadence with her pole riding. Jazlyn likes it fast and raging with her hard-cock daddies.

Jazlyn’s not done with her share of man-missile just yet. That babe likes it in her anal opening and this babe craves it now. What Jazlyn wants, Jazlyn should always get. At XL Anal Club, ass-fucking is a time-honored tradition. When u bonk Jazlyn’s arse, you’re rogering with the best!

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Sensual Jane – Mad Sex Skills

Written on May 31, 2013 at 11:16 am, by

Insane Sex Skills

Mad Sex Skills

Fleshly Jane enjoys putting on a reveal before that babe gives her fuck partners what they’re potty to receive their hands and other body parts on. That babe tanalizes an impatient Neeo and enjoys the mental punishment she is temporarily inflicting on him. For this occasion, Jane is wearing a undergarment, panties, nylons and sky-high dark-skinned heels that this babe is picked out for this discharge. She receives off on formally presenting the fetching, skinny and stacked body that she has to suggest.

Jane doesn’t make him wait too lengthy and turns around to gyrate her arse in front of him, an a-hole this chab starts giving a kiss just now. Jane likes to have her arse kissed. And her areolas. And her slit.

After greedily mouthing on Jane’s nipps, Neeo gets on the floor so he can receive beneath Jane and tongue copulate her slit although it likewise appears like she is screwing his face. One wonderful turn merits one more. He sits on the couch and Jane receives on her knees so this babe can hold his bone in one hand while that babe sucks it stiff. His haunch makes a breast-shelf for her big, hanging bumpers. That babe holds his enlarged nuts as that babe bobs for jock, hands-free.

Jane is an experienced at hands-free dick-slurping and cock-licking. While still hovering over his lap, that babe holds his shaft between her large funbags and tit-fucks him, licking the head on the upstroke. She’s driving Neeo avid. That dude stands erect so this chap can pump Jane’s deep cleavage. She holds her boobs together to make a tit-slit for his ding-dong to piston. Her bra buddies are so bigger than standard, that babe can barely hold ’em up with one as well as the other hands.

Jane is also able at tit-fucking and her lips and tongue expect eagerly as the ramrod approaches. Somehow Neeo manages to identify the willpower to not blow his man-juice in her mouth after the exertion Jane has put this ramrod throughout. But Jane craves her titties drilled some more so she lies on her back while he straddles her, plowing through her cleavage canyon.

And now it is time to shag. Jane gets on her side and Neeo slips right into her pink aperture. His schlong is buried to the hilt inside Jane’s sexy love tunnel and the inflexible drilling starts. Watch rod in Jane and Jane on pecker and watch why Fleshly Jane is one of Europe’s lustiest milk shakes.

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Jazlyn Summers – Tit Talk

Written on May 30, 2013 at 5:04 pm, by

Tit Talk

Tit Talk

Lads, we have a live one in fresh discovery Jazlyn Summers and the questions that come to mind are, where’s this one been hiding and how come we did not identify her earlier? Soever the reasons, Jazlyn’s here and she is sexy, fresh and willing to go.

So we’ll forgo these questions and focus on the here and now in this neverseen episode interview with Jazlyn. She is a Carolina playgirl and things receive epic when Jazlyn shakes her arse at the digital camera and pops her bra to thrust her milk sacks out at 3:50. And then gets epic anew at 8:26 when Jazylyn pulls her bigger in size than average pink flaps and unveils her pink pleasant spot for your inspection.

The Carolina girls we have been lucky to rencounter are great fun-lovers. The legendary SCORE Hotty Dawn Stone is from North Carolina. Jazlyn reminds us of another Carolina SCORE honey bunny, Small Nicky Tanalize, and even looks a little adore Nicky.

One time you have gotten to know Jazlyn through this tit chat, you’ll be primed to see how wild she can click this link her first scene. And trust us, Jazlyn’s got so much heat that if this babe sat on an iceberg, she’d go right through it.

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Jazlyn Summers – Southern Belle Time

Written on May 29, 2013 at 2:55 pm, by

Southern Belle Time

Southern Belle Time

Jazlyn Summers is brand fresh to This babe is a webcam hotty our studio identified during its each day search for sexy, fleshy hotties. Jazlyn is a Carolina angel with a feisty, lusty, man-pleasing personality. This babe is fuckin’ hot-looking!

“I love my knockers and the attention they get me,” Jazlyn says. “I like to shake my butt and tits for chaps. I love mouthing hard dicks. Thick gals do it unsurpassable. I love cum. That’s my fetish.” (XL Hotty Jasmine Jones is also a cum queen.)

SCORE magazine veterans might watch a facial resemblance to a southern gal named Dunky Nicky Tanalise who was on Boob Cruise ’98 and is likewise from Carolina.

“I masturbate every day,” Jazlyn told. “It’s a great stress reliever. I adore to check out porn when I do and prefer three-some scenes. My Rabbit is my beloved toy to cum with but sometimes I just like to use my hands. I’m randy all of the time.”

Jazlyn has an unconventional sex fantasy.

“I think or dream of a fellow who could bonk my mind before this petticoat chaser touches my body so that I cum with out his touch.” Sounds adore the plot for a video we made called Tits-A-Poppin’.

Any beauty with large boobies and a bigger than typical butt and the nickname “Creampyepussy” needs further investigation. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Jazlyn, and she’ll expose you exactly how hot and horny she is.

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Krissy Dawson – A Blonde Named Krissy

Written on May 28, 2013 at 1:25 pm, by

A Golden-haired Named Krissy

A Golden-haired Named Krissy

How to receive Krissy Dawson off with a bigger in size than typical orgasm: Take up with the tongue her bawdy cleft until you look love Pruneface from Ramrod Tracy. Screw her subrigid in missionary; she on the daybed, u standing. Kiss her face hole and neck and stick your tongue gently in her ear. Let her sit on top and grind your meat-axe.

When she is not in front of a digi camera back home in Prague, either showing off her big billibongs, fingering her cunt or mouthing weenie, Krissy is watching a movie, a hockey game (hockey is king-size in the Czechia) or listening to music.

Krissy says the most-fun job she is ever had was wrestling. This babe is a little mysterious about that, but every hottie has to have her little secrets. Maybe in a Prague night club? We rarely if ever get emails and letters asking to see XL girls wrestle each other. It is been not quite ten years since we made our 1st and only wrestling DVD, the Breasty Ladies Of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.). Depending on your responses, it’s something we’d be happy to look into.

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Stephanie Stalls – Ba-Da-Boom

Written on May 27, 2013 at 12:22 pm, by



If Stephanie Stalls’ trousers were any tighter, that babe would need a lube job to acquire out of ’em. When the Kentucky bombshell finally unwraps herself adore a piece of candy, her bigger than run of the mill jugs take center stage.

“I’m used to being looked at all the time,” says Stephanie, who is one of the not many big-boobed dancers on the lap dancing club circuit these days and is always a crowd-pleaser with her excited reveals. “I mean, I’m in the magazine ‘cuz I crave to be looked at. I went online and saw the comments about me.”

A number of those comments were about Stephanie’s 1st trio DP in “Big Titty Tag Team”. Most big-bust stars don’t do Dual Penetration. Sabrina Linn matches Stephanie for wildness, but there aren’t also many others who are pumped up love a brick shithouse and have a nuclear sex drive.

This is a fact not lost on Boobman, who comments, “Not lots of SCORE glamour models are fans of DP. She has fire.” And Tom added, “Stephanie is quite the raunchy acrobat.” The understatements of the year.

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Holly Brooks – Are Busty Strippers The Best Fucks?

Written on May 26, 2013 at 6:07 am, by

Are Breasty Strippers The Superlatively worthwhile Shags?

Are Big breasted Strippers The Foremost Shags?

This is a hot-button topic. Many will say yep. Many will say no. Once you have watched Holly Brooks work the pole (the man-pole), you may become a yes-man.

Holly was born in India and lives in Los Angeles. That babe wanted to be a pornstar, and now that babe is fulfilling her goal. She’s the second super-slender and stacked blonde to hit SCORE in fresh times, coming (literally) on the heels of Lolly Ink. Holly and Lolly. They can blow your trousers right off you with the greatest of ease. If u like fuck toys with skinny bodies and big wobblers, they’re for you.

As Holly’s expose opens, Johnny is hypnotized staring at the nubile gogo dancer shaking her bra-busters and a-hole on stage. She has him in her ravishing heart trap. Johnny aims to seal the deal. This chab must poke his rod in her cunt or go down trying.

At this club, a patron of the arts can too push his face into the cleavage of the dancers, and that is exactly what Johnny does. Holly sits on his lap for a hot dance and grinds and bounces her way into his heart and another body part. The lump in his trousers makes her seize tingle as this stud helps himself to a hands-on investigation of her jiggling melons.

Holly switches positions and lap dances him again face-to-face. His hands palm her dunky ass. It’s perfect for squeezing. This babe turns around again, her bathing dress bottom in his face, and pulls out his shlong. It is exactly what that babe wants, and that babe begins mouthing it adore mad. The size of it fills her with glee. Getting it in her face hole is no simple matter. He fucks Holly’s bigger than run of the mill scones, and when he stuffs his pecker inside her bawdy cleft, this babe goes rogering insane.

If Holly Brooks ever disrobes at a exotic dancing club near u, make sure you receive a stage-side seat!

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Nikki Smith – “Love Your Pie”

Written on May 24, 2013 at 5:05 am, by

“Love Your Pie”

Nikki Smith, cheerful homemaker? Breasty little pie maker? Works for us.

This has been the dream of many since they 1st feasted their eyes on this palatable morsel of a girl: to have a stacked wife at home baking her heart out and providing nutritious food to keep up their strength for her in the sack. Nikki was all for this role-playing game. In fact, this babe is flawless for it!

One time Sergio and Nikki start getting it on, there is no feeding, food play or splodging as we have done in some scenes and in the Feed Her Bonk series. Well, maybe there’s some food act when Nikki spurts some whipped jism on one pleasing nipple and licks up all that goodness. But otherwise, it is all about red-blooded, righteously hawt screwing and sucking. Sergio does not have pie on his mind. Not apple pie, furthermore.

Nikki’s hungry, also, but not for any of the lavish spread she’s laid out on the dining room table. She’s hungry for man-sausage, and she’s plan to get it wonderful. Dinner can expect until they’ve burned off some energy!

Adore your pie, Nikki Smith.

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Lolly Ink – Meet Lolly

Written on May 23, 2013 at 1:24 pm, by

Meet Lolly

 Meet Lolly

Lolly Ink acquires her surname from her adore of tats. One as well as the other of her arms are completely tatted. Lolly is a super-slim and stacked blond with a tiny butt and bigger in size than run of the mill banging whoppers. The kind of hotty that males spin on their rods, and lift and carry in the bedroom. That babe has some similarities to the great and nasty Danielle Derek. One as well as the other blondes have tiny asses, slight waists and large, augmented juggs. It is a shame Danielle retired from porn a not many years ago. This babe and Lolly would have made a wicked duett working over a guy’s pole.

“I love to role play and dressing up is one of my much loved things to do,” says Lolly, who enjoys playing the human love doll. “I love doggie and getting rogered on all fours. I love getting my neck kissed and being finger-banged. Angels are enjoyment to kiss and fun for foreplay but I prefer the meat-thermometer. When it comes to sex, I need a fellow.” That babe gets one at SCORELAND.

Lolly is a titanic fan of Howdy Kitty. That’s a coincidence as we are colossal fans of “Hello Titty.” Lolly urges to journey to Japan because she can’t live without the hot babe fashions there and she desires to visit that international shrine, Greetings Kitty Land (“Sanrio Puroland”) in Tokyo.

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Cassitty – How To Make It At The Office

Written on May 23, 2013 at 8:31 am, by

How To Make It At The Office

How To Make It At The Office

Cassitty is a dedicated administrative assistant and dresses ultra-conservatively at the office. She hides her gigantic hangers below corpulent captivating clothes, but her boss, Mr. Titlicker, a male chauvinist pig, wishes her to wear hotter outfits. That babe accedes, and this gent eagerly helps her change. His partiality is a see-through red dress and high heels. This chab loses his mind when this chab sees her magnificant body like this and is all over her adore glue. They have a nipple-sucking party, then he lays her on his desk so that babe can tit-fuck him.

This babe sucks his massive rod as her king-size love bubbles suck it. A stream of saliva spills without her throat and all over his meat-thermometer and her milk cans. She rides him for some on-top banging. Cassitty turns into a dirty-talking nasty goddess the more they couple. She lies back on the desk and that smooth operator screws her rock hard. Cassitty adds nipp stretching and pulling and changes position to get rogered side-saddle. She acquires on her knees for hands-free blowing. Now at the edge of eruption, Mr. Titlicker jacks off on her chest as this babe looks at him and asks him to anoint her colossal danglers with his man-juice. Some other wild bonk scene at the office with a wild porno star, Cassitty!

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Shyla Shy – Milky Teats

Written on May 23, 2013 at 3:21 am, by

Milky Areolas

Milky Teats

Milk guys and lactation lovers will savour Shyla Shy’s teat handling as this babe squeezes the baby juice without her chubby dairy cans and onto the couch. Shyla is one of the greats of one as well as the other V-mag and XL Beauties, and that babe deserves much praise and inflexible attention. The past 13 months have been a Shyla Bashful preggy love fest with many hardcore and solo pix and movies and Blog videos.

D.N. writes, “I have written to u before in support of heavily preggo cuties, and the layouts are stunning. Shyla looks absolutely charming and erotic in her photo shoots as this babe proudly flaunts us her extended baby belly and milk-engorged milk sacks!”

We were very glad that Shyla called our studio when this babe learned she was knocked-up. The complete experience of having her here at different stages of her pregnancy was a (pardon the expression) “labor” of like. Patience was a key factor, but ultimately, anything worked out perfectly. That Shyla screwed at seven months made anything all the more peculiar and super-hot!

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June Summers – P.O. in Joy City

Written on May 21, 2013 at 8:53 pm, by

P.O. in Joy City

P.O. in Pleasure Town

Sometimes you break the law and sometimes it is the job of the law to break you. And that means that you might be on probation for a during the time that. You know about probation. You can’t do anything pleasure and all of a sudden u are wearing a recent piece of ankle jewelry that makes it difficult to go where you desire, when you crave. And if u are unfortunate enough to be on probation, then you will have a Parole Officer. Now, a P.O. can make your life hell. They desire u to pee in miniature cups and they break your balls about anything you are doing, thinking about doing or crave to do. But imagine if u will, that your P.O. was a hawt lovely heart with big bra-busters. That when this babe showed up, it meant that she wanted a example, not of your urine, but of your man-juice. Then it is not so bad, eh? Now we will not lie to u and tell u that June Summers makes a great P.O., but we will say that when that babe says that babe is here to “Bust You” that means she is plan to milk your knob with her bigger in size than average bazookas. If that is the case then just put your hands up and surrender.

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