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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Renee Ross – Foursome

Written on September 30, 2013 at 4:17 am, by



The Red Hot Titty Peppers (Reyna Mae and Brandy Ryder) are visiting K-JUGS to promote their fresh CD. Samantha welcomes ’em to her radio expose. “Good morning all you lustful fellows out there in boob land. This is your favourite big busted DJ, Samantha. And we have a surprise for u today in the studio. I don’t have just one hawt, stacked singer with me. I’ve two big breasted women here who wanna flaunt u just what they can do with their face holes. Everybody give a warm welcome to the Red Sexy Titty Peppers!”

The girls introduce themselves to the listeners and Samantha announces the greater than average contest of the day, a chance to copulate the Red Sexy Titty Peppers right there in the studio live on the air! The board is jammed with calls but 2 fellows score. Samantha tells ’em to receive down to the station ASAP.

The two winners arrive and a impure and wild foursome begins right there in Samantha’s studio while that babe does the blow-by-blows (literally) on air and rubs herself at the same time–so turned on does that babe receive watching Reyna and Brandy expertly take on these males.

A day at K-JUGS is not just another day!

Samantha acquires into a thing with the high-strung station manager after the unveil. Something is beginning to boil over.

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Renee Ross – The Red Hot Titty Peppers At K-JUGS

Written on September 29, 2013 at 2:15 am, by

The Red Hawt Titty Peppers At K-JUGS

The Red Sexy Titty Peppers At K-JUGS

Sex-bombs Reyna Mae and Brandy Ryder make up the band Red Sexy Titty Peppers. Today they are guests in the K-JUGS radio station studio to speak to DJ Samantha about their careers and their fresh contest. Callers can have a chance to screw them right there in the studio during this promotional travel and we mean fuck the living daylights out of ’em on the air whilst the audience listens. Samantha enjoys the show with the Peppers and makes sure it gets nasty. Brandy and Reyna open their legs wide for the two favourable fans in a immodest four-way during the time that Samantha narrates the act. If more radio stations followed K-JUGS‘ lead, they would draw bigger in size ratings, plain and effortless. Wonderful, sexy act with 2 monster boobed, big-assed wild babes!

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Jolie Rain – Full-time Coed Part-time Hooker

Written on September 28, 2013 at 4:03 pm, by

Full-time Coed Part-time Hooker

Full-time Coed Part-time Hooker

Jolie Rain was working as a bartender when a musician smitten with her wonderful looks and larger than standard meatballs urged her to contact SCORE.

“I hadn’t actually thought about myself likewise much as being pro to do this,” told Jolie. “I thought it had to be angels with so much going on, and I felt that I’m this little college cutie trying to relish. But that smooth operator said me, ‘No, I’ve a friend who can’t live out of SCORE, and u are so gracious that I would die just to see you.’ I thought that if he’s just a boy in a band who would adore to see me in it, that would give me the confidence to do it. So I went online to SCORELAND, and I loved the web resource. I was turned on the minute I saw it.”

Little high-school girl? Not so little! Here, Jolie plays high school goddess by day, hooker by night and in her spare time in this dramatization of a very serious problem in the YOU.S. Jolie needs tuition money cuz of the fucked-up educational system in USA. Big-Boob girls get to fend for themselves to pay their bills unless they have a rich daddy or uncle!

So Jolie takes advantage of her assets and she likes the rod in any case. She changes her hot clothing, transforming herself from big boobed co-ed to breasty hooker and hits the streets. Crossing over to the incorrect side of the railroad tracks, she’s picked up by a ladies man. The hot redhead brings him back to her place where that lady-killer pounds her luscious fur pie valuable and rigid and busts a banging nut all over her firm, big billibongs and pierced nipps.

The pursuit of higher education is a fine goal and Jolie has her own scholarship plan.

Do u know a deserving coed with large casabas? Investigate!

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Skye Sinn – Double-Dicked 38DDD Blonde

Written on September 28, 2013 at 12:37 am, by

Double-Dicked 38DDD Blond

Double-Dicked 38DDD Blonde

It’s double-dick time for the excellent 38DDD blond known as Skye Sinn. Yes, 2 men will be given to Skye this time at Their assignment: fun Skye well and make her feel like a million guys. Make that two million.

Skye is 5’9″ in her exposed tootsies so in her larger than typical dark pumps she towers over her two temporary boyfriends love the statue of a domme come to life. They’re up for the mission, or…they will be in a minute or so once Skye begins on ’em with her competent hand and fellatio skills. With one prick getting licked by her pierced tongue and the other in the grasp of her squashy, warm palm, their poles are facing north in no time.

Skye’s big sucklers provide a lot of sweet-tasting flesh for these blokes to kiss and engulf on. All 3 climb onto the sofa to finger-poke her honey-coated candy-box and proceed the areola mouthing. Meanwhile, Skye is jerking ’em with a firm hand.

Who’s the 1st to have the applaud of sticking his pecker into Skye? When Skye turns around to receive on her knees, ass-high, to deep-throat one lucky lady-killer, the other comes around and prepares to make the initial approach to her bald landing undress. With a thrust, this chab lands safely but their flight to fantasy-land is far from over. The adventure that’s Skye Sinn has only begun.

2 males; one Skye. The odds are in her favor.

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Lily Madison – New Discovery!

Written on September 27, 2013 at 5:20 am, by

Recent Discovery!

New Discovery!

Lily Madison is a British discovery with a mind boggling body and a luscious couple of natural pom-poms. “People kept telling me to apply to SCORE so I lastly decided to try it and now here I’m,” Lily said. Detect out her 1st movie after you’ve checked out this debut glamour photoshoot. Lily has very greater than typical areolae and hawt tan-lines. This babe won the big busted sweepstakes, for sure.

Lily developed juvenile and, yes, she was the bustiest gal in school. “The solely sports I could do were ping-pong and trampolining. My mum wrote a note to get me with out everything else. But I do love to swim.”

“Guys and beauties like to put their faces in my breast valley,” says Lily. No surprise there. “I love to wear low-cut dresses, push-up bras and bralettes. I love to wear underwear as outerwear.”

“Taking my impressive garments off and being photographed and on the internet is the most pleasure thing I have ever done. I do not even think of it as a job.”

In her spare time, Lily loves to tour, take photos, go camping, attend music festivals and decorate cakes. When this babe returned to United Realm after her visit, she arranged to send over a vegan cake as a thank-you gift. The staff made short work of it in record time. Thank you for sharing, Lily Madison.

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Micky Bells – Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

Written on September 26, 2013 at 9:51 pm, by

Even Cowgirls Grow Massive Mangos

Even Cowgirls Grow Huge Boobs

It’s Euro-cowgirl time for 36J-cupper Micky Bells, looking very American west in her glamourous costume. She’s ready to ring your bells. Micky doesn’t sing but that babe does have a place to hold that microphone.

Miss Bells did play around one time with a karaoke machine with Natalie Fiore and Japanese top-pop star Hitomi when they were in Mexico for the movie On Location Puerto Vallarta.

“Sometimes guys are intimidated ‘coz of my mellons,” says Micky who speaks in soft, low-tones that often sound love a purr. “A lot of guys have at not time seen love melons as big as mine, so they are taken aback.”

The funniest pick-up attempts Micky’s ever heard, and that babe hears lots of them from crude to suave, were “Do you have a twin sister?” and “Is your Mamma obtainable?”

Each inch a super-natural, Micky’s unstoppable curves and her sensuous, tender style has made her a mistress in the eyes of thousands of boyz. “I dont play sports,” says Micky. “I adore to go for long walks in impressive areas and I like to play games. I don’t think I’ve any peculiar talents unless you consider engulfing my own nipps a special talent.” Indeed, we do, Micky and in that, u are greatly adept. In fact, we could watch u do that for hours.

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Bri Love – Meet Bri Love

Written on September 24, 2013 at 5:42 pm, by

Meet Bri Adore

Meet Bri Love

Meet Bri Love. She’ll knock your fuckin’ socks right off. Bri measures an nice-looking 53-40-50 with a 43″ underbust. She shoehorns her king-size mellons into 40DDD-cup bras.

Bri is only 19 years mature. So new, so juvenile. She saw the XLGirls website and read about our never-ending adult model pursue. “I’m for that,” Bri thought and contacted our studio. We appreciate that that babe liked what that babe saw and contacted us.

“I always wear taut shirts and shorts with jeggings and sometimes boots,” says Bri who is a total girl-next-door and to say that this babe receives a lot of attention from lads is the understatement of the year. “I always wear a brassiere, even in bed. I get to acquire fitted almost any of the time. It is hard to acquire them off the rack.”

After u feed your need for monumental melons and a recent, new enjoyable heart, play Bri’s first video and feed the need even more!

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Jennica Lynn – Come Along With US

Written on September 23, 2013 at 4:00 pm, by

Come Along With US

Come Along With US

Modeling for The SCORE Group can be love a vacation. Come along with beginner Jennica Lynn as this babe leaves for The Bahamas by airplane from Miami.

Jennica has not at all been to this part of the world. Pursue her from the airport to the swanky beach abode on Eleuthera overlooking the ocean. All very scenic although not almost as scenic as Jennica.

Jennica gives a quick journey of the house, the outdoor terrace and the intimate pool. Plenty of awesome places for photo shoots and episodes. Back at the abode, that babe lays out some of the sexy underware and bras that have traveled with her.

The weather is great. Sunny, warm and tons of blue skies. They take a car ride to the noted Governor’s Harbour and inspect the beach so Jennica can acquire her feet wet in the waters of the Caribbean for the first time.

Back on the road, Jennica tries a local coconut pastry. You’ll be also preoccupied staring at her love bubbles in a low-cut orange top to even notice. Back at the ranch, the staff prepare specific gifts for Jennica and surprise her in a bedroom while this babe is trying on the skimpiest of bikinis. How spectacular is that body?

Thanks, Jennica Lynn, topmost traveling companion.

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Gianna Rossi – Beach Babe

Written on September 23, 2013 at 6:08 am, by

Beach Vixen

Beach Babe

Wearing a diaphanous white gown that becomes transparent when succulent, Gianna Rossi explores her sensuality and her eroticism in the surf and the sea, fingering herself in the rolling tide. This clip comes close to looking like a European art film. Definitely a change of pace for Gianna. In this movie scene, it is just Gianna and the sea.

“The water was like a sexy bathroom,” Gianna said. “I adore spending as much time as I can in the ocean. I love places adore this.” That babe makes almost certainly of that people should do their own thing and not be influenced by others. Gianna’s philosophy is “Live, love, chortle.”

“I’m a lot of things. I’m plenty of things from my past, I’m a lot of things from my present. My present is what it is, so accept it and deal with it and make life the unsurpassable u can.”

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Deauxma – The Final Approach: Deauxma’s Ass

Written on September 22, 2013 at 8:16 pm, by

The Last Approach: Deauxma’s Booty

The Last Approach: Deauxma's Ass

Deauxma first visited The SCORE Group in 2004 when this babe started in glamour modeling. She’s a sharp lady and is very affable with many other SCORE Beauties. Here, Deauxma’s a stewardess with greater than standard milk sacks. This babe is on a layover in Miami. The shapely brunette hair looks hawt in her tight uniform and high heels yet so prim and proper. That’s just a facade. Deauxma’s plan to her motel room when this babe sees a passenger from the flight that babe just worked.

“I’m intend to be next door if u need everything. Just let me know,” this smooth operator says. Pretty sure of himself, eh? What could Deauxma want furthermore a knob in her throat as a pacifier before that babe goes to sleep.

Deauxma hears a knock on her door and spreads it. “Hi, I’m Lucas,” says the black ladies man. Yeah, each guy wishes to group-sex a stew. “I’m Deauxma,” this babe replies. “Weren’t you on my flight?” Deauxma checks out his junk. That babe likes darksome ramrod, especially in her butthole. She’s married but that babe has permission from her supportive partner to copulate strangers. They receive comfy on the sofa and prepare for indecent action. Motel rooms make Deauxma wanna do naughty things with strange studs.

Her new strange-fuck sucks on her rock hard nipples and plays with her bigger than average knockers as this babe receives stripped. She is wearing very hawt underclothes for a flight attendant right off the jet. The passengers would at not time guess that the female handing ’em a bag of peanuts could adult model bras for Fredericks.

Deauxma acquires on her back so he can lick her fur pie. That warms her up and makes her wanna engulf his engorged ding-dong in very hot poses. This chab cant believe he’s gonna ram and slam the luscious slit and constricted butt of a stewardess. This doesn’t happen that often to the archetypal jet passenger. Deauxma receives her asshole pounded with out mercy and this babe can’t live with out it. Fly the amicable skies? Really.

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Beti Phellasio – A Girl To Rave Over

Written on September 22, 2013 at 1:52 pm, by

A Gal To Rave Over

A Angel To Rave Over

Beti Phellasio is the covergirl of September ’13 XL Beauties magazine (SCORE Particular 253) and she’s already a major hit with browsers, especially in the Britain where it is a top-selling topshelf mag.

If you’ve seen her vids and sets at, u know that Beti is lascivious and hot to the highest degree. That babe will tell a boy point-blank that this babe urges to fuck him. No game-playing or contemplating for the object of her interest to make the first move. Beti too makes no doubt of in longing at first sight and doesn’t love to lose the moment. Beti’s even shagged a fellow on a educate during the day which is not easy to do and not get caught. Anyone who looks this hot and says her peculiar talent is deep-throating is someone we wanna know better. It was a admirable day when XL Beauties and Beti connected.

An artist/model, Beti likes plan to concerts, raves and parties and if the event includes stripping, count her in. We’ll be counting the days until Beti returns. Hopefully, she will.

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Jazlyn Summers – C’mon & Jizz For Jazlyn!

Written on September 21, 2013 at 11:46 am, by

C’mon & Jism For Jazlyn!

C'mon & Jizz For Jazlyn!

Jazlyn Summers is a wild one and this babe proved it in her first scene which took put in a undress club. It was the 1st time she had sex on-camera. You do not see too many ultra-voluptuous angels exotic dancing in undress clubs. This country needs more fleshy large beauty lap dancing clubs!

Jazlyn proceeds her wilding in “C’mon & Sex cream For Jazlyn!” It kinda picks up where the last one ended. This time, Jazlyn is in a bedroom but she is still shaking her astronomical tatas up-close and personal for an audience of one who’s nutty to fill her bawdy cleft and face hole with hard schlong in a lewd fuck session. This goddess indeed is hot-wired for sex. That babe said this babe can’t live with out to fuck twice a day and loves it doggie-style.

Jazlyn has great tan-lined meatballs and bigger in size than standard areolae. Studs adore engulfing on ’em. Her pink flaps are thick and prominent. When we first met and talked to her in a video interview, she told us that babe was a virgin to porn. (If u haven’t see that exposed T&A chat movie, we incredibly recommend it.) But you’d never know the way she takes care of wang on-camera. That babe watches plenty of porn. This babe has tons of toys. That babe loves cum and has a cum fetish. “Anywhere on me and I love the taste,” says Jazlyn. “I’ve even swapped cum with a female.”

This beauty knows it all although she says she doesn’t know all the words, slang and expressions for different sex acts. This babe must shag a lot back home in South Carolina ‘coz she’s hotter than plenty of veteran porno stars. In other words, she’s a natural. Jazlyn indeed rocks!

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