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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Arianna Sinn – Arianna The Voyeur

Written on October 31, 2013 at 2:16 pm, by

Arianna The Voyeur

Arianna The Voyeur

When Miosotis and Arianna were finished with their girl-sex party in part 2 of Mammary Mambo, Arianna said Miosotis, “Now I’m plan to see you bonk him.”

Mio is crazy for that after seeing Shane fuck Arianna from a hardly any inches away in part one and then relishing Arianna’s enchanting honey-trap in part 2.

After enjoying multiple orgasms, Arianna now craves to view Miosotis give John a blow job, her bigger than larger than run of the mill love melons actually resting on her hips! These billibongs are beyond belief. They stagger the imagination, yet they are real, unbelievably real!

“Do u adore her sucking your cock?” Arianna asks John. This babe touches Mio’s KKK jugs and can’t live out of the feel. Mio and Arianna became close on this tour to the tropics and although they live thousands of miles apart, they are boob sisters at heart.

“Yeah, baby. Make him cum so rock hard,” Arianna says. “Titty-fuck him. Put those enormous knockers around his knob.” Arianna is normally highly erotic but she has at no time been so lustful and salacious in advance of. It acquire to be the place and Mio doing this to her.

Arianna watches inches away as he plows his pecker throughout Mio’s enormous mammaries. She takes his 10-Pounder from between Mio’s breast valley and kisses it, then spits on it. That babe wishes him to stick it in Mio’s pink-box and screw her rigid. Mio can not wait for this.

Arianna sits on a bar stool nearby, smiling, as the couple indecent dance the Mammary Mambo.

Mammary Mambo is accessible as a DVD set at

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Gina George – Huge Peaches & Cream

Written on October 30, 2013 at 11:56 am, by

Huge Peaches & Cream

Huge Peaches & Cream

New XL Girl Gina George was identified by a TSG editor on a hunt for new sexy vixens with bigger than run of the mill bra-busters and well-fed bodies. His pursue led to Gina who accepted our invitation to show her fantabulous talents.

Gina is only 5’2″ and has 34HH fun bags. An unbeatable combination.

It turned out that Gina has a lusty appetite for sex and that babe can’t live out of to expose that lusty hunger on-camera. This is called a win-win for everyone. “I am a impure, excited, little tart,” says Gina. “I love to engulf and screw hung chaps.”

Uninhibited Gina has her sights set on Jay in her first XXX scene and it’s a man juice pie agonorgasmos also! That’s her favorite thing as it turns out. “A good, hard shag and a gent coming inside me satisfy me majority valuable,” says Gina. She has that lusty British big enchanting heart vibe that reminded your veteran editors of Samantha Sanders, Toni Evans and Gaynor.

Gina’s bed-mate is absorbed in a mag. That won’t do for Gina. That babe has better and bigger in size things planned than to have a reading session in the sack. The sheets are meant to be scorched with their body friction.

Gina knows exactly how to wind up her human doll and set his cock-work in motion. This babe knows what makes a boy tick. Big titties fondelling against his prick, for starters, before she swallows it down her throat!

Gina mentioned that that babe has a foot and ankle fetish. You’ll see what this means in the video. Gina enjoys the full spectrum of red hawt sexuality from exotic dancing to wearing costumes to massaging a guy’s prostate and beyond.

Thank you, Miss Gina George, one of Britain’s bust!

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Nikky Wilder – Bad Bad Teacher

Written on October 29, 2013 at 10:05 am, by

Bad Bad Teacher

Bad Bad Teacher

Enjoy Nikky Wilder as the blonde with big hooters and a hot personality delves into her sexual fantasies and sexual experiences and then transforms into the Bad Bad Teacher right previous to u. She is one excited minx. Sex is a humongous part of her life. How does this babe treat her boyfriends? What does that babe adore to do with her lovers? Investigate.

Bad teachers are good teachers. Nikky will show you what a bad teacher is all about. Nikky likes being bad. And that is worthwhile. This babe needs to express her badness and that’s what XLGirls is for. To give bad cuties adore Nikky a worthwhile environment to act out her bad self and give every gent who sees her giant boners. This babe is proud of making dudes stiff. Coz she is a worthwhile girl.

First, Nikky exposes her bra-busters, cookie and dark-skinned hole. Then this babe displays how she sucks strapon using different-sized dildos. Then this babe bonks one of the dudes in “First Time Pecker Lap dancing,” her first-ever XXX scene. She’ll be back pretty soon to copulate some more. Cuz bad teachers have a lot to educate.

“I love being on my knees,” Nikky wrote in her biography. That babe did not mean pottering about in the garden by that revelation. “I have sex nearly each day. I adore a admirable, unyielding pounding doggy style until I’m all gooey. I like having my neck kissed, licked and bitten.” That is how a teacher talks? On this campus, it’s!

Wild, wild Nikky Wilder. Bad, bad teacher!

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Hitomi – School’s Out For Hitomi

Written on October 28, 2013 at 9:31 pm, by

School’s Out For Hitomi

School's Out For Hitomi

How can anybody with such an innocent-looking face have such an insanely sexy body and stupendous gazongas? That is part of the Hitomi mystique. Playing coed afresh, these photos were discharged by Mr. Tomoaki Hosoi for his recent picture book, X bomb bomb. This coffee table book is dedicated to the boob-star of Japan and now The United States of America. X bomb bomb is published by Saibunkan and is sold in the United States by the Kinokuniya book store chain and by the Asahiya bookstore in Torrance, California. Hitomi is a future legend. We knows Them when we sees ’em.

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Jennica Lynn – Joggin’ With Jennica

Written on October 28, 2013 at 8:23 am, by

Joggin’ With Jennica

Joggin' With Jennica

Life is a beach for Jennica Lynn, M-cup femdom-goddess and apprentice to The SCORE Group. It is not a job, it is a vacation. Jennica said that babe loves to travel. In this clip, we need to see Jennica jog on the beach and play in the surf, a sight that’s unforgettable. Jennica has at not time been to the Caribbean. She’s read about it and viewed it on television. Now she is here and this lush tropical location suits her.

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Claire Dames – Street Walkin’

Written on October 27, 2013 at 8:15 pm, by

Street Walkin’

Street Walkin'

When a guy receives really lustful, so sexually excited his testicles are swollen, he goes out looking for action. Some go to bars. Some go to strip clubs. Some go to singles mixers. Some call an ex or hit their little darksome book of cuties they know. And some, adore this gentleman, cruise the streets looking for hawt honey bunnys they can pick up.

Now what Claire (played by Claire Dames) is wearing as that babe walks along the boulevard is not any hotter than what angels wear walking in South Beach or Santa Monica or on the Las Vegas Strip. But Claire’s clothing is mega-hot and that babe has that supplementary touch of swagger as this babe walks. The lewd driver spots her just now. This chab pulls over, thinking this babe is a hooker. He needs a mouth and a twat to copulate.

A little curbside talk and a little drive-time talk and they arrive at his place. Claire looks so fuckable, the driver can’t control himself. Her hot little body is driving him crazy. That chap pulls his pants down on the staircase and Claire gives him a tremendous jock and ball mouthing. The digi camera angles are extraordinary and so is Claire’s talent at sex. Claire takes off her raiment on the stairs and this guy licks her pink taco. This babe digs it.

Claire stands up and taunts him with her curvacious gazoo as she walks up the stairs and enters a bedroom. She gets on the sofa and begins to rub her clitoris. The driver follows and just now opens her legs and begins rogering her bawdy cleft. Claire has turned out to be an mind blowing couch boyfriend. She’s a wild woman, a walking luscious fantasy.

After they fuck in doggy, she tells him that she really urges his large dong in her booty. What Claire desires, Claire acquires. His cock is buried in Claire’s sweet anal opening for a boiling hot bonk! And watch what they do for a surprise ending!

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Scarlet LaVey – Hotter Than Hell

Written on October 27, 2013 at 6:38 am, by

Hotter Than Hell

Hotter Than Hell

“I’m a adult model but I am likewise a dancer,” says Scarlett LaVey who teamed up with Nikki Smith to double down on a Lothario in the wild and naughty XXX movie scene “Good Girl/Bad Girl Roommates.” It was an charming pair-up. They are one as well as the other 38H bra-stuffers!

Would Scarlet wear this hotter-than-hell costume in public? She would need a bodyguard. Maybe 2. Fast nipple access is one of its design features. Scarlet does it justice with those well-rounded curves that babe has.

“I danced ballet, jazz, tap and modern for majority of my childhood and teenage years so I figure out doing tons of stretching and dancing. It helps to keep me supple and keep my body in shape. There’re plenty of routines that I do and a lot of moves that keep me flabby and assist me stretch out my back and legs and stuff. Exotic dancing is truly really precious for you coz it keeps you flexible.”

Flexibility counts whether Scarlett is holding a pose for a still camera or in a doggy-position riding the large charmer. “It’s hard to contain mammaries when you’re oozing around and jumping, but other than that, no. In fact, exotic dancing actually helped me with my posture and ram. So I’d say it by no means truly bothered me to have fullsome funbags.”

Tit-men are grateful for that!

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Marilyn White – From Porn Shop Clerk To 38H-Cup XLGirls Sex Star

Written on October 26, 2013 at 3:47 am, by

From Porn Shop Clerk To 38H-Cup XLGirls Porn star

From Porn Shop Clerk To 38H-Cup XLGirls Sex Star

Marilyn White worked in a porn shop connected to a club. Since almost all porn shops seem to hire male staff, breathtaking Marilyn was peculiar, especially since that babe has really bigger than typical love muffins, 43-inches of wonderment that fill a 38H-cup bra.

The customers at the store were always cheerful to watch Marilyn when they dropped in to buy a mag, DVD or novelty and they often asked if that babe was interested in becoming a hot dancer in the adjoining exotic dancing club. That babe commented about this in full detail in her 1st visit (“Freshgirl”).

Over 2 years have passed since that first time on October 7, 2011. But Marilyn did not forget about It turns out that Marilyn did join the party and become a gogo dancer after her 1st time at XLGirls. That babe demonstrated some of her stage moves when that babe returned to XLGirls (“Marilyn White Returns”). Marilyn also decided to go all the way and try her 1st hardcore shoot with a charmer. Sometimes all priceless things come to those who wait.

The breastivities commence as in a short time as Marilyn enters The SCORE Group and is welcomed by the crew. Settled in the dressing room before her 1st on-camera XXX, Marilyn chats with the photographer about the act to cum.

James is envisaging for Marilyn on-set and when this chab finds out that this fellow is the lad who is gonna bust her “video virginity,” he’s naturally crazy to get acquainted as quickly as possible. Who would not be with this babe? Marilyn is even more avid to receive drilled by a skillful dick-slinger. She’s been thinking about it and expecting for this time since this babe accepted the invitation! How does Marilyn look doing the deed? How does this babe look with dong in her sexy face hole and cunt? She looks fantastic! Watch for yourself in Marilyn White’s 1st XXX. Thank’s, Marilyn!

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Nikki Smith – Nipple Lickin’ Good

Written on October 25, 2013 at 2:06 am, by

Areola Lickin’ Good

Nipple Lickin' Good

Nikki Smith talked about her specific talents during a visit. Now we know what some of these specific talents are. Nikki exposes what they are in this video. Juggling her mammoth 38H bra-stuffers and finger-banging her sugar-snatch whilst talking about it.

“I have been said I’ve a glamorous singing voice,” says Nikki. “I am quick with witty comebacks and my nerd side likes to shout out the answer to the Wheel of Fortune puzzles. But I think my finest talent is giving head.”

True it’s about Nikki giving great head and the substantiation is in the five hardcore movie scenes on

Nikki told a TSG editor a laughable story about a no-so-funny neighbor who interrupted one of her webcam brandishes.

“I was outside in my backyard and I was doing a brandish. My flat mate, who is a boy, came outdoors. And this smooth operator never comes outdoors when I am on the web digi camera cuz this chab knows. This chab was all love, ‘Nikki, there is somebody at the door for u. ‘And I was adore, ‘Well, I am busy.’ This dude told, ‘It’s the cops.’ And this fellow asked if I was gonna get clothed. I was all adore, ‘No!’ So I went to the door stripped and they were like, ‘Miss, do u wanna cover up?’ And I was love, ‘No, I am ok. I am in the middle of doing something right now.’ And they told me my neighbors had complained about the noise level. And they just wanted to let me know that there’s a decibel level, not that I was anywhere near the decibel level. It was my neighbour who called and the cops told me that she had the right to take me to civil court, or soever it’s called. But I have come to the conclusion that she was just actually jealous and she called the cops ‘cuz her partner started checking me out the pont of time I started camming. So, I know why she was so piddled. They were literally dumbfounded. They did not know how to have the conversation with me ‘coz I was standing there undressed. It took ’em a pair of seconds to realize that I wasn’t plan to receive dressed to talk to ’em and they more incredible just get this conversation going.”

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Kasey Grant – Tits & Tugs

Written on October 24, 2013 at 10:20 pm, by

Mellons & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

Slim-and-stacked Kasey Grant knows how to dress to impress: a two-piece pink mesh floozy outfit and hot dancer heels. Kasey knows how to expertly jerk a load without a man’s bloated nuts and calls herself a “sexual dream fulfiller.”

“Anything is hot to me,” Kasey explained. “Life is all about sex. Being hot is wonderful. I have fantasies about whole strangers in remote locations and dreams involving sports cars.”

Kasey employs the “slow hand” technique on this research subject for this P.O.V. movie scene even up to detonation on her boobs. Kasey’s nipples harden when he reaches out to touch her billibongs. That babe also used the “hand over hand” technique and taps the dick against her juggs love it is a hammer. When this babe leans back, her legs open wide and this buck finger-fucks her. Her straps come off so that babe can acquire a hand there also. Kasey is worthwhile to have around on a rainy day. This babe knows some enjoyment games to play.

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Danielle Derek – Pussy Angel

Written on October 24, 2013 at 10:14 pm, by

Muff Cutie

Pussy Angel

In 2006, Danielle Derek was a spokesmodel for The SCORE Group at the annual Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, the monumental adult flaunt in North The United States of America at the time. With her were her buddy Alexia Moore and fella stars Summer Sinn, Crystal Gunns and Rebecca Adore. The mob scenes at the SCORE exhibit were smth for the record books. At the very height of her popularity, super-slim and super-stacked Danielle Derek left the world of porn.

Danielle was a wild one in her videos. This babe was born for porn. This babe liked to keep up a leaking stream of messy talk when she was getting drilled in her clutch or her anal opening. This movie scene, and her other SCORE vids, shows why. “Guys love to palm my arse,” told the dollish Danielle. “That’s their greater than standard thing ‘cuz they can get my complete wazoo in one hand. Boys are very rough with me because they’re skillful to toss me around in couch. They can maneuver me. Tons of bucks tell me that when they’re with other sweethearts, they can not move ’em the way they want in different poses, but I’m so petite, they can pick me up and move me wherever they urge, like against the wall. I wrap my legs around ’em, and they bonk me against the wall. I love to go down on vixens, but then you need the pounding. U need the woman chaser.”

This scene was discharged P.O.V. We not at all watch the guy’s banging face. He’s just a human fake penis for Danielle to unfathomable throat and ride and that’s enough.

Many lads keep the faith and hope Danielle will make a comeback to hardcore. That would be astounding.

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Arianna Sinn – Lapping Lezzies

Written on October 24, 2013 at 12:07 am, by

Lapping Lezzies

Lapping Lezzies

“I wish Miosotis to dominate me,” Arianna told in advance of this incredibly rare meeting of two breast-goddesses happened. “I want Miosotis to tanalise me with her tongue. Take up with the tongue my nipps and suck it. Take up with the tongue my clit. I’m a lesbo virgin, and I’m so contented that Miosotis will be the 1st one.”

And that’s exactly what did happen on Miosotis’ home turf as these 2 mind boggling super-naturals redefined the meaning of tropical heat.

This chapter of Mammary Mambo picks up where Part 1 ended. Arianna has climbed off of Shane and he is basted her bodacious boobies with his ball-batter. His sex cream remains on Arianna’s scoops. Miosotis acquires on top of Arianna and rubs her bra-busters all over Arianna’s knockers. That babe craves some of that jack. Then Miosotis heads betwixt Arianna’s legs to stick her tongue deep inside that nice-looking pussy.

Mammary Mambo is accessible on crisp DVD from the eBoobStore.

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