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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Kamille Amora – That’s Amora

Written on January 30, 2015 at 11:29 pm, by

That is Amora

That's Amora

When your sights hit a bust, and your eyes receive as bigger than standard as a pizza pie, that’s Amora. We’re not sure if we love this gal, Kamille Amora, or if we love her. But in moments adore this, when she’s hawt, slutty and ready to shag, we don’t worry about such things. All we’re thinking about is watching one of our beloved gals receive her brains team-fucked out. Especially since Kamille is so enthusiastic about banging.

“I’m the sort of gal that can not get enough,” Kamille told us. “I wear boyz out now and then. They do not complain, but they’re overtired. I like a priceless, long all-night sex session.”

Tony DeSergio isn’t the sort of boy that wears down easily. Her I-cup mams merit endless attention and her wonderfully fat body a rock hard rogering. She is plan to get tons of both.

“If it’s not rough, it is not right,” Kamille says. “A hotty like me needs to know and feel adore you’re giving it to her.”

That is Amora.

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Suzumi Wilder – Back in Black 2

Written on January 29, 2015 at 10:14 pm, by

Back in Black 2

Back in Darksome 2

Suzumi is the name of a celebrated woman Japanese anime artist. Suzumi in Japanese likewise means to achieve a feeling of coolness. And Suzumi Wilder is a cotton-candy golden-haired who appears like a walking, talking, life-sized doll and poses at XL Gals.

Suzumi has a hawt body and a captivating face. She carries her name on her chest above her left breast which is helpful for boys with a bad memory for names but a fine memory for milk sacks.

A high school cutie studying art and biology, Suzumi also learned more about human biology (and art too ) by glamour modeling at XL Gals. She’d wanted to try it for a whilst but was also bashful. Then Suzumi went ahead and applied in May of 2014. Everybody wanted her to discharge. They’ve been around the XL block a petite in number times.

“I’m addicted to porn and masturbating,” told Suzumi. Gee, what a coincidence! So are we! Suzumi is a hotty who can’t live without a inflexible buck up her booty. That babe is spoken about trying a Dual Penetration one day. If the World of Warcraft gamers Suzumi plays online had any idea what that babe has the appearance of and how open her holes are in her pics and vids, they would drop their joysticks and choke their chickens. Game over.

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Chloe Vevrier – Tantric Sex

Written on January 29, 2015 at 7:07 am, by

Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex

This was the second and final XXX movie that SCORE legend Chloe Vevrier made in 1999. Both were discharged in London at SCORE’s studio. By this time, Chloe had been glamour modeling and Boob Cruising for six years. The 1st clip featured Chloe and the very prolific “Russian” Kathy (where is this babe today?) and Kathy’s then spouse Matt, an ordinary lad and not a skillful porn buck.

For this second scene, Chloe reveals Englishman Tony DeSergio what she can’t live without in sex. These days Tony is still a regular at SCORE and banging lots of hawt, Big-Boob babes.

This scene mirrors Chloe’s recent age thinking and lifestyle habits. She’s into yoga, meditation and a “new age” diet. That philosophy crossed over into her sex life.

Chloe explains what Tantric yoga (a form of sex yoga) is to Tony and that babe demonstrates what this babe means on his body. Then they fuck. So this is different from 99% of group-sex Them porn scenes discharged over the past Thirty years except for these hardcore carnal instruction movie scenes. Originally, there was a longer explanation about what this kind of sex was all about.

Tantra or not, Chloe enjoyed Tony’s thrusting strapon and this Lothario enjoyed her hirsute, cock-milking cum-hole and her world-famous larger than standard zeppelins.

Chloe still glamour models to today but has not touched a knob on-camera since this scene.

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Summer Leigh – Boob Cruise Paradise 4

Written on January 29, 2015 at 3:53 am, by

Boob Cruise Paradise 4

Boob Cruise Paradise 4

Boob Cruise Paradise Part 4 starts on the island of Saint Barthélemy or St. Barths. This French territory is a picture perfect location for photo discharges. Busty Dusty, a beach bunny and insane SCUBA diver, can’t live out of this place.

Following Dusty is Adele Stephens of United Realm, on board for her merely Boob Cruise. Adele began her career as a celebrated Page THREE Hotty which brought her to the attention of SCORE‘s photo team. By sheer coincidence and timing, the renowned Pandora Peaks was vacationing on St. Barths, heard the Boob Cruise was in town and came out to meet some of the shipmates. As the Cruise entered its final leg of the tour, the parties and flaunts on board the Star Clipper went full blast. This was the end. The dancers on-deck included Minka (who would always grasp a volunteer for some oily one-on-ones), Summer Cummings, Skye Blue and Summer Leigh.

Cruise diarist Summer Leigh wrote, “I can watch why everyone likes the Boob Cruise beach party. It’s so relaxing and everybody just parties love avid. There’s something about being on an island at night, with the water lapping at the shore, the moon and stars shining bright. It is the ideal romantic setting and it actually got me randy. So, what did I do? I went back to the ship after the party and masturbated in my cabin! Lastly!”

And on the final night previous to landfall, Summer wrote this entry, “Back on the ship, we’re all getting ready for the Captain’s dinner! The final dinner. I can’t believe it’s almost over. The dinner was great! It was good seeing everybody clothed up. Such class! I myself clothed up each evening except for one because I wanted to make a worthwhile impression. I don’t must suit up that often, so it was enjoyment. I got a little drunk on wine. I hadn’t been drunk all week except maybe the first day.

“And of all nights, they put up the sails this final night, which made it unbending to walk on the ship in my high heels. I was trying to spend as much time as I possibly could to say goodbye. It was sad. I felt adore they were family after spending a entire week with ’em. However, I did not have to know enough of the angels. I suppose ‘cuz I was likewise busy with the passengers.”

Chuck, writer of the ship’s official log closed the book on Boob Cruise 1998.

“It won’t hit the passengers until they receive back that it is all been a gigantic SCORE dream that lured ’em in for a magical week, then spit ’em back out into the real world: the office, the boss, the wives, children, what have u. And that is when they’ll really commence their vivid remembrances. That’s what this dream does to you and these of us who know it all too well.”

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Sasha Brabuster – XL Xtra 5

Written on January 28, 2015 at 7:36 pm, by

XL Xtra 5

XL Xtra 5

Sasha Brabuster’s name is verification that there’s truth in advertising.

This was Sasha’s very 1st XXX discharge. At the time, Sasha measured a face-smothering 44-30-40. That babe wore heavy J-cup bras that had to be custom made by experts. Her first on-camera sexing took place during the aftermath of a birthday party for porn charmer Matt Bixel. Sasha becomes his voluminous birthday gift and this woman chaser enjoys what she has to suggest him. Good surprise gift! When ya got it, flaunt it.

Sasha was very nervous at 1st. Her husband in the video, porn stud Matt Bixel, made her feel relaxed by joking and flirting with her during the day so Sasha enjoyed the experience of her on-camera “cherry-popping.”

Sasha made a comeback lately after leaving the adult scene in 2007. But we would not have recognized her at all if we had bumped into her. Now a cam beauty, Sasha has totally transformed herself–we mean totally–in fresh years and is no longer a plumper.

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Trinety Guess – Fat Tits, Plump Rump

Written on January 27, 2015 at 6:08 pm, by

Fat Milk sacks, Plump Rump

Fat Love muffins, Obese Rump

We’re all here ‘cuz we can’t enough of vixens with admirable, bigger in size than typical bulky bra-busters. Trinety Guess has one of the greatest sets of mams you’ll ever have the joy of laying your eyes on and spilling your load to. But one of Trinety’s finest attributes that often goes with out mention is that this babe has a admirable, chunky a-hole, too. We think each XL Lady-killer is, to varying degrees, an ass man. Corpulent beauties, with their obese haunches, thick hips and larger than standard asses, are ready-made for unyielding from behind screws. Trinety says that babe can’t live with out, “Pure, raw, ardent sex.” When a vixen is athletic love her, that sounds flawless for a doggy position shag.

“I think every hotty can’t live out of doggy,” Trinety said. “You can feel the lad all the way up inside of you, which feels great. I adore the feeling of his pelvis slapping against my booty, likewise.”

That is a feeling we fantasize about every time we watch you, Trinety.

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Sandra Star – Miss Hot SCORE: Hot Ass Sex

Written on January 26, 2015 at 9:04 am, by

Miss Sexy SCORE: Hot Gazoo Sex

Miss Hawt SCORE: Hot Arse Sex

Sandra Star was a stacked university pupil in Berlin, Germany with a wild side. That wild side got a chance to emerge when Sandra learned about a contest called Miss Hot SCORE Germany. This contest was sponsored by Hot SCORE magazine, the German language edition.

One of the judges of this contest was German porn superstar Annina, who’s been in SCORE magazine a dozen times.

“I first noticed her marvelous smile!” Annina told. “Sandra has pizzazz and a great, buxom body. This babe is the complete package. For me, Sandra is Miss Hot SCORE!”

Sandra knew all about SCORE and, surprisingly, this babe knew about the Boob Cruises even though the last one was in the spring of 2000.

When the American workers was visiting Berlin, they had to meet Sandra. That babe accepted our suggest to adult model for the international edition of the mag. Sandra likewise wanted to try her talents at screwing with the cameras rolling. Sandra does it all: blowjobs, tit-fucking, str8 fucking, anal and a cum facial. Yes, this busty coed who was studying business likes being taken in her ideal wazoo and felt there was no time to waste. Today’s modern high school students with large pantoons dont hold anything back, especially German students.

Sandra wore space-age, silver knee-high boots and purple monokini lingerie. Kneeling on the daybed, this babe kisses, licks and sucks her fuck-partner’s weiner, mouthing the balls with reverence and adoration. Still kneeling, Sandra holds her astronomical bouncy bosoms together as the rod slides betwixt ’em, rogering her breast valley and slipping into her throat for her to suck on. This babe looks at the camera with an expression that says “Look at me, observe what I’m doing. I shouldn’t be doing this but I love it.” How her diminutive little butthole could accommodate such a large weenie is another sample of jaw-dropping German engineering.

Sandra Star, there could be no more fuckable and prettier Miss Hot SCORE than you.

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Chloe Rose – Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

Written on January 25, 2015 at 4:52 am, by

Young & Hawt With 38E-Cups

Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

Chloe Rose wanted to try adult modeling. It was on her to-do list. As fate would spin its wheel of fortune, Chloe’s longtime male ally, not a partner, has a dad who is a SCORE and Voluptuous magazine browser. That smooth operator was the one who indeed recommended that Chloe apply to The SCORE Group. Daddy has an eye for big-busted cuties and Chloe is a 38-E cupper (and still growing). There is just no hiding these mellons no matter what Chloe wears.

Chloe self-debated the idea for a while. That babe had her superlatively wonderful friend take three naked pictures at home and emailed ’em to the SCORE studio. “I was sure I wanted to try it so if I was accepted, I was definitely going to go ahead and do it,” Chloe said. This babe means what she says and says what this babe means.

Chloe is a porn fan and likes to view hardcore girl-on-girl movies. They do not need to have greater than typical love muffins but they should be glamorous. That babe tried working in a topless bar for a pair of weeks but did not like it all that much. This babe is never heard of SCORE or Voluptuous magazines and didn’t know that such vitally important, educational publications even existed. Further confirmation that the US educational system needs repair.

If fate is a headmistress, that babe moves in mysterious ways. And you are the beneficiary of her generosity.

Thank’s again, Chloe Rose! Stay pleasant!

Chloe returns for her first boy-girl scene. Prepare!

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Kimmie Kaboom – Mistress Kimmie

Written on January 24, 2015 at 11:56 am, by

Woman Kimmie

Mistress Kimmie

Female Kimmie Kaboom may be clothed adore a mean and nasty fetish woman but don’t let that fool ya. She is indeed a big-hearted and mountainous breasted country angel. We should know.

Tony Rubino receives to savor Kimmie’s sexy body and donate a sample of his nut paste on her charming face after they suck, blow, finger, motorboat, lick, fuck, breast-bang and the rest of that worthwhile ol’ stuff with mucho hooter swinging, shaking, juggling and jiggling.

So is Kimmie into any fetishes for real?

“Well, I’m not sure if booty stab [“Kimmie’s First Anal!”] counts as a fetish. I adore having sex in public places at times,” says Kimmie. “I mean as lengthy as you are good and effortless going into it, I’ve joy booty stab. I truly cant explain the feeling but it does feel wonderful.”

And is Kimmie dominating or obedient in the sack?

“I know what I wish when I want it,” Kimmie replies. “I can be very passive and let the fellow take entire control. It depends.”

Kimmie chats on the XL Gals livecam room. Simply go to LIVE CHAT at top right and type her name in Pursue.

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Bianca – Brick House British Bird Gets Banged

Written on January 23, 2015 at 11:00 am, by

Brick House British Bird Receives Tag-teamed

Brick House British Bird Receives Banged

Bianca was a toothy British brick house who checked in at 40-26-36 with natural 38DD mounds. Some of the boys from our London studio at the time detected her working in a restaurant. Facially, this babe had a resemblance to SCORE Boob Cruiser of 2000, Donita Dunes.

Bianca posed exposed and spread, then returned to accept an suggest to shoot hardcore with SCORE‘s regular pro-stud Tony DeSergio who was a valuable teacher for her. This chab put her in the right camera-ready poses and whispered instructs. By the time this buck doused her greater than run of the mill bazookas with his British sex cream, Bianca was fully tutored.

“I was willing, absolutely,” Bianca told in her clipped Brit accent. “I try at no time to do everything halfway, and I certainly wasn’t going to hold back when it came to having sex!”

Bianca was easygoing and avid. She showed up at the studio on-time and willing for act. A little nervous but that is the norm for newcomers.

Bianca knew what she liked in the sack. “Doggie style is the superlatively fine. Missionary’s precious, but you need to feel it much deeper when you’re doing it doggie style. Plus, I adore the way it feels when a lad grabs my haunches and just pounds away at my twat from behind. Or that Lothario can reach around and grab my hooters.”

During the time that riding Tony sat up and facing the digital camera, Bianca’s milk cans swung up and down loose and free and this babe even sucked on her nipp. During the time that rogering her doggy style, Tony fingered her backdoor and then afresh when Bianca was on her back. This babe was an apt scholar.

See More of Bianca at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Peyton Thomas – New Discovery

Written on January 23, 2015 at 10:21 am, by

Recent Discovery

New Discovery

You’re in for a treat today, gentlemen. We’re unveiling our latest discovery, and she’s a hotty you have got to watch cuz she has wobblers you’ve got to see to make almost certainly of. We did double, triple and quadruple takes when Peyton’s test shots found their way into our inboxes. This babe is an N-cupper, and the N is for natural. They’re real, they’re spectacular and they’re all yours. Oh, and Peyton is merely Eighteen years old, too. We forgot to mention that. Which means one thing: her boobies are probably still growing. We still can’t make almost certainly of this. If you’re looking for the mother-lode, mates, it resides just under her charming face and button chin. That babe is the satisfied owner of a treasure chest of breast, and you’ll be dropping your load to it for years to cum.

“I nearly always suit to flaunt off my juggs Peyton told. “Low-cut tops, constricted shirts, whatsoever. I can not truly contain those cuties in any case, though. So I guess you could say just about everything I put on is a taut top.”

That sounds about accurate. Peyton is freshly with out school and exploring the world. This babe does adore to stay active, though, and this babe participated in a number of sports growing up.

“I did gymnastics for a bit,” that babe added. “I was a cheerleader for a bit, too. And I like playing volleyball.”

We’d root for whomever Peyton cheered for. Which makes it perfect that this babe is joined our team.

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Frenchie Sinclair – XL Xtra 4

Written on January 22, 2015 at 8:16 am, by

XL Xtra 4

XL Xtra 4

When the editor of XL Angels asked Frenchie Sinclair what she did in her boy-girl discharge, that babe replied, “In my movie scene, I have sex with a studly woman chaser who’s come over to be my gogo dancer. This chab had a big weenie and I enjoyed every inch of it. This fellow knew how to shag a larger than run of the mill angel love me. I felt overtired afterwards, that’s how energetic it was. You’ll see what I mean.”

It is difficult to find statistics about chicks telephoning male gogo dancer agencies and banging the strippers at home. This might be a priceless study for the Masters & Johnson clinic.

Frenchie Sinclair told this babe can’t live with out watching porn DVDs and masturbating to the copulating couples on her TV. U do not meet too many honey bunnys who admit freely on-camera to that popular hobby. Interested in making a porn display for herself, Frenchie’s fantasy became a real experience when she contacted XL Angels. Frenchie was an mad student wanting to learn the ins-and-outs of porn making and Anthony’s on-camera fuck-as-you-go training exceedingly helped.

No have to ask why her nickname is Frenchie.

It’s usually written all over her face.

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