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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Amiee Roberts – Kitchen Spread

Written on September 30, 2015 at 3:25 pm, by

Kitchen Widen

Kitchen Spread

Amiee Roberts is recent to hawt modeling, but all this babe has to do is be herself and it is all nice. Showing what a kitchen widen is all about, Amiee doesn’t get around to cooking anything. This babe is likewise busy playing with her bigger than average marangos and caressing her cooch.

What do you adore to do for enjoyment?

Amiee: View sports and hang out with my girlfriends.

What’s your much loved sex position?

Amiee: Being on top does it superlatively admirable for me.

What makes u additional lustful?

Amiee: Having my neck kissed.

Do you use toys at home?

Amiee: I use a sex tool.

Do u have any special time of the day that u like to do it?

Amiee: Usually at night in advance of going to sleep.

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Hayley Jane – Large Lovin’

Written on September 29, 2015 at 1:58 pm, by

Large Lovin’

Large Lovin'

Hayley Jane looks so sexy and hot being fed the trouserpipe, losing a load in your shorts is a possibility. Hayley calls herself a “domestic diva and adult entertainer.” She is shorter than she appears on-screen. Without the heels, she is only 5’3″, which makes her big hangers look even bigger in size. The Weenie Dude is barmy to a team fuck the shit without her.

Said Hayley, “I wanted to be in XLGirls ‘cuz I spend tons of time on the Internet and I’d seen ads and info about it for years. I think the girls on it are so hawt, so I wanted to join in, also. I love seeing the girls engulfing lads. Me, I adore to shag, too, and I wanted to make vids with well-built boyz who know what to do with their rods.”

Hayley’s flawless evening activity:

“The ideal evening for me would be laying down with my smooth operator. I love to play with my pussy using a vibrating bullet then have him join in and fuck me worthy.”

What not to do:

“The worst thing a boy can do is to call a bitch girl by one more woman’s name, especially when they are having sex. Make a reservation at her prefered restaurant if you ever do that, chaps.”

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Dominno – U Bang Dominno

Written on September 28, 2015 at 12:17 pm, by

YOU Gangbang Dominno

U Group action Dominno

Opinions differ but Czech sweethearts seem to live on the wild side more than any other nationality. Here, Dominno worships the faceless SCORE Stud with her tongue, large mounds and snatch in P.O.V. digi camera work. That babe gives him a pleasant smile and a sexy look and knows she’s in for it.

What is it about those Czech gals that makes ’em so sexed-up? There are many theories, but who actually cares. The confirmation is in their near-obsessive worship of weenie on-camera. Almost any Czech glamour models that do adult do XXX porn. Scarcely any do nudity alone. In fact, we’ve filmed them. But almost all have tiny in number restrictions, different from Brits and Americans.

This fellow hands Dominno a petite top so that Lothario can savor how her jugs look in it before that charmer shags the shit without her. She expects a pounding or she’ll be dissatisfied. These angels want male vigour, domination and control. That is why they are doing this in the 1st place.

After modeling a few times for SCORE in Hungary and the Czech Republic, Dominno retired from porn in 2011 and now does merely glamour shoots. Dominno got married a couple of years agone and her wedding was filmed for a reality brandish in the Czechia. All of the guests arrived on motorcycles ‘coz the newlyweds are riders.

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Bridgette B – Busty Blonde Fucked By Towing Company

Written on September 27, 2015 at 2:34 pm, by

Busty Golden-haired Rogered By Towing Company

Busty Blonde Fucked By Towing Company

The story you are about to watch is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. The incident depicted happens daily around the world. Juvenile, fetching women with larger than average love muffins discover that their parked cars are missing and have been taken away by towing firms. Many are left stranded and angry by these parking lot plunderers.

One woman decided to take assertive act, fight back and reclaim her automobile against all odds. She’ll take it lying down. Her name: Bridgette B., and this babe is a voice for all big-boobed honeys whose cars have been towed.

When Bridgette finds her vehicle has been taken and that babe have to pay an ridiculous fee to get it back, this babe stomps into the lair of this operation and demands total satisfaction from the manager, JMac. This babe not merely gets it, she gets her car back, also. Chalk up a victory for this Big-Boob and buxom blonde. SCORELAND commends Bridgette’s take-charge attitude.

Bridgette B.’s favourite carnal position? “It depends on the guy’s penis.”

Bridgette B.’s fuck dreams? “Most of ’em involve real life situations such as on a plane or parents’ daybed.”

Is a towing company office among ’em? It might be now.

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Liza Biggs – SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 1

Written on September 27, 2015 at 9:56 am, by

SCOREtv Season TWO Movie 1

SCOREtv Season TWO Movie scene 1

SCOREtv is back with all-new videos!

This season, SCOREtv covers more than the world of big-boobed SCORE and Voluptuous Gals. We have got 18eighteen Cuties, MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK and XL Girls joining in the act plus many peculiar guest stars.

Clip one stars 18eighteen Hotty Naomi Wood, the great Liza Biggs of SCORE and Voluptuous fame, 60PlusMilf Madison Milstar, XL Hotty Lila Fascinating, “How To Be A Porn Woman chaser,” a new series with Tony Rubino, and SCORELAND Hotty Marie Leone, showing how she buys and tries her bras. Peculiar thank u to all of our guests and our SCOREtv host and SCORE magazine editor Dave.

Stay abreast for more movie scenes of SCOREtv Season 2 coming at ya!

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Peyton Thomas – Huge Hooter Hook-up

Written on September 26, 2015 at 7:28 am, by

Titanic Hooter Hook-up

Huge Hooter Hook-up

Carlos has the pleasurable assignment of helping Peyton Thomas try on some tight sweaters that babe is bought. The 1st two are cardigans, and they can not button the front-loaders. They’re likewise dunky for her greater than run of the mill meatballs, or are Peyton’s greater than run of the mill knockers way likewise greater than standard for her cardigans? They achieve success with the pink pullover. Even that’s not big enough to actually fit her heavenly 40N chest.

Helping an XL Cutie try on garments inevitably leads to sex, whether it is on-screen or at home. Carlos savors Peyton’s extraordinarily stupendous love muffins, sinking his face inside her deep cleavage. Each boob is larger than his head. In this pictorial, Peyton is licking an ice ball cream cone and, being a generous lass, offers one to Carlos. Watching her take up with the tongue it is sufficient to cause a tent-pitching.

With their sweater exam over, Peyton and Carlos are willing to fuck their brains out.

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Dallas Dixon – Dallas Dixon

Written on September 25, 2015 at 1:51 pm, by

Dallas Dixon

Dallas Dixon

Voluptuous Cutie Dallas Dixon merely modeled here at The SCORE Group. That babe never popped up in any other magazine, DVD or web resource. The wife of an encouraging breast-man, Dallas had no bashful about doing hardcore with porn-studs. In the “real world,” Dallas worked in an office and lived a quiet life. Living the fast life of a porn star was not in her game plan.

“I live in a very conservative area so I usually keep ’em to myself. No one I know has recognized me since I started my exposed modeling coz I look absolutely different in fotos and movie scenes. It kinda excites me to know I have my secret life. I always had secret dreams about posing in nature’s garb. My spouse had no objections and can’t live without seeing me exposed in images.”

Her husband doesn’t want to bonk other men’s wives, or any cuties, but he enjoyed seeing his big-chested wife receive banged in this scene, Dallas told. We’re lucky this chab did or this babe wouldn’t have done this.

When this scene was filmed, Dallas measured a whopping 44-36-40 and wore a 38DDD below garment. She weighed 150 pounds and stood 5’5″, wore a size 12 suit and a 9 shoe.

Dallas remembered the 1st time she had sex with a lad.

“We were performing mutual masturbation. That lady-killer was caressing his penis against my love button. It really felt fine. The head of his 10-Pounder slipped inside my slit. I panted in his ear for him to keep going and put it all in. Even now, I masturbate, either with a ‘friend’ or alone.”

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Lila Lovely – Butt Plugged

Written on September 25, 2015 at 6:04 am, by

Booty Plugged

Butt Plugged

In “Busty Shoplifter Busted,” Lila Enchanting tried to hide some bras in her bag during a visit to a store’s dressing room. The store ramrod laid down the law, and Lila right there.

This time, Lila’s hidden something else. A anal plug concealed in her butt and overspread by her panties. She indeed is nasty and incorrigible. That babe needs no help in removing it.

A toy fan as well as a petticoat chaser fan, Lila has plenty of experience with all kind of lady cum-machines. This babe was in a relationship with someone who had a suitcase full of gadgets and novelties.

“I masturbate with a dildo a hardly any times a week,” says Lila. “I’m a tractable gal. I love fetish play and I’ve joy getting spanked, slapped in the face, restrained and banged booty up, face down. I love being dominated psychologically and role-playing.”

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Renee Ross – “I Like To Sleep Nude”

Written on September 24, 2015 at 4:12 am, by

“I Like To Sleep Nude”

Renee: I’m nervous ‘cuz it’s been so long. I am amorous to be back, though. I have missed everyone. I especially missed the fans. I always try to read the comments. They’re so enjoyable and make me feel so precious.

You said you kept in touch with some of the girls you’ve shot with.

Renee: Well, certainly, Ms. Samantha 38G. We’re fine friends and speak on Twitter a lot. I haven’t talked to her in a year or two, though. I have kept in touch with Camelia. We truly spoken about doing a little Sex In The Mounds reunion. It would have been a beauties night out in Vegas, but we could not coordinate it. That would have been enjoyment! A scarcely any maturer SCORE Girls reached out to me, likewise. Cherry Brady reached out to me, and so did Maria Moore. We not ever discharged jointly, but there was a period when we talked all the time.

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Ivana Gita – Return of the Rack

Written on September 23, 2015 at 3:43 pm, by

Return of the Rack

Return of the Rack

One of the surprise comebacks at SCORELAND is the return of Ivana Gita after 16 years. Ivana emailed us out of the blue from Europe, interested in naked modeling anew. “I worked for you in the 90’s love other juvenile busty sweethearts. I now have G-to-H cup funbags,” Ivana wrote.

Veteran Voluptuous readers may remember Ivana from December 1998 and December 1999 V-mag. A Czech, Ivana only appeared in a handful of photo discharges and hardcore videos before vanishing. At that time Ivana measured 44-27-38, wore a 38E beneath garment, stood 5’5″ and weighed 138 lbs. Now 44 years aged, Ivana’s mounds look four times as big as they were in 1998 and more filled out.

Not much was known about Ivana back in ’98 and not much is known even this day. This babe was always a “woman of mystery” type. We hope to investigate what prompted Ivana’s digi camera comeback and when her astonishing breast growth spurt to her current size began.

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Nikky Wilder – Play Time

Written on September 23, 2015 at 1:51 am, by

Play Time

Play Time

Some cuties see their scenes at home when they’re published. Others do not. Nikky Wilder splits it down the midst. “I look at my photo sets. I don’t watch the movie scenes. I indeed do not view myself fuck. I love to check out other people copulate! I looked at all the pics with my fiancĂ©. This chab probably viewed (or is watching) my clips whenever he’s home alone.”

“I think my scenes are hot! I like getting dressed up and I adore to bonk. I think it exposes on digital camera. I didn’t entire showing my fiancĂ© the photo sets the first time. I ended up undressed on the sofa getting drilled like what was in the scene.”

Nikky can use our beds for a trampoline anytime she urges. Flying mounds are always welcome here. This is the kind of outfit she’d wear jogging and at her fitness center.

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Lacy Love – First and Only XXX

Written on September 22, 2015 at 4:03 pm, by

1st and Merely XXX

First and Only XXX

Lacy Love is from Beckley, West Virginia. This was her 1st hardcore scene.

In standard life, she loves to go out dressed adore a dick teaser. “I wear low-cut tee-shirts, tight sweaters, tank tops, short, taut shorts, jeans and skirts, and always heels, the higher the more wonderful. I adore jewelry and perfume. If a stud doesn’t check out me, then I’m not doing smth right.”

Whether she is taking charge or being controlled in bed depends on the spouse this babe has.

“It depends on the boy. Some boys I just must jump on and give ’em the banging of a lifetime and some lads just give it to me.”

Lacy was a cheerleader who became an sexy dancer. That babe told her hobbies are being naked or getting stripped (nice hobbies), dancing, masturbation, energetic sex (an even more valuable hobby) and shopping. Her first clip was a masturbation scene in Big busted Sextoy Paramours #6.

“What I like almost all about being a exotic dancer is seeing in a guy’s face how much he’d like to fuck me. There’s no larger turn-on than seeing a fellow acquire into me when I’m stripping in front of him and showing him my milk sacks. The thing that truly turns me on the most is engulfing a fellow off. That is my prefered thing to do. Blowjobs.”

Lacy sucks her friend’s rod for not quite five minutes so that babe was not just saying that sucking is her much loved thing to do for a lad.

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