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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Fuck Time For Roxee

Written on January 31, 2017 at 2:20 am, by

Screw Time For Roxee

Fuck Time For Roxee

We asked our Canadian ally Roxee Robinson, “What is the frantic thing you’ve ever done in bed, either alone or with a hubby?”

And Roxee told, “An greasy oil rub-down sex session. It felt real fine at the time and made for a humongous slippery oily mess afterwards.”

This scene is Roxee’s first fuck-shoot with a stunt-cock, filmed in Prague at one of our satellite studios…and it gets oily too. We’ve always filmed Roxee in this historic town coz of US legal requirements about photographing non-USA citizens. Smiley Emma is another Canadian XL Gal we have filmed in Prague.

Steve knows Roxee from seeing her at XL Gals, and when this chab identified out the curvy bra-buster was coming back for her 1st hardcore discharges, this chab volunteered to screw her massive bouncy bosoms and pound her fleshy wet crack.

When Steve sees Roxee alone, fingering her grab and oiling her stripped love bubbles, this chab comes doggy style her to lend a hand and a rigid prick The curvacious redhead takes his penis in her face hole to engulf and slurp away during the time that his hands squeeze her stupendous hooters of mammary meat, his fingers sinking into her enormous naturals. “My nipps are very sensitive and I can bigger in size than typical O just from nipple stimulation,” Roxee told us.

Roxee’s enjoyed the Prague experience twice previous to courtesy of XL Gals. This babe told she loves Czech coffee and Czech food. Now Roxee can add Czech unbending man-sausage to her much loved things to put into her throat as this babe gets the very almost any worthwhile dicking-down.

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Fantasy Motel Fucking

Written on January 30, 2017 at 9:37 am, by

Fantasy Motel Fucking

Fantasy Motel Fucking

Scandinavian SCORE Girl Puma Swede declares that Swedish girls are the hottest vixens on earth. The Nordic nookie-star states for the record that Swedish beauties are the superlatively precious screws. U may object to Puma’s declaration of Viking girl-power but we by no means debate sexy chicks. This copulate scene was discharged in a dream motel that caters to the quickie cheaters’ crowd and this room is designed like the Hollywood version of an Egyptian temple.

Puma didn’t acquire dicked until this babe was Eighteen years old. “I was a horse nerd. I went to the stable all the time. I was afraid of boys. I had no interest in fashion soever. I have no idea what happened. Later on, I detected males. I discovered going out, partying and drinking, and from that, I went nuts and it hasn’t stopped yet. I had to make up for all those years I missed in advance of I was Eighteen. My first time was nothing special. I was more cheerful that I got it done so I could go back to school and say, ‘I did it.’ I was probably the last one, but soever. I did it.”

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Sweet Angel

Written on January 29, 2017 at 3:35 pm, by

Lovely Gal

Sweet Angel

“I adore a stud whose eyes say, ‘Come to sofa and shag me,'” Angel Sweets told. Angel likes a controlling dude, someone who will control her. “I’m a sub who needs a master and I get damp from kinky play. I acquire juicy just thinking about it in advance of we even kick off the kinky play.”

Angel’s top three erotic experiences?

“Losing my virginity to an maturer chap on the bonnet of a motorway maintenance truck. The apprehension when rencounter my slavemaster for the 1st time, knowing nothing but soaking damp at the thought. Being belted to a swinging play device in a sex undress club and being drilled senseless with an audience looking throughout a peep window.”

A hotel room after the prom appears to be a little vanilla compared to Angel’s trysts.

We will next watch Goddess with a accustomed gent. Sounds like a plan.

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Weighs On Your Mind

Written on January 28, 2017 at 8:49 am, by

Weighs approximately On Your Mind

Weighs On Your Mind

Maserati and X-Man Carlos Rios have a scientific experiment to conduct. The myth: what common household items weigh the same as Maserati’s super-breasts?

The team has their scale and the objects to be weighed: a stapler, a greater than average book, an electronic box and a two-liter bottle of soda. How do each of those items compare in weight to her bra-busters?

The experiment starts.

The result? The heaviest item was the soda bottle at five pounds. Maserati’s left breast alone weighs seven pounds.

After the myth has been busted, a recent experiment begins. The question: can Maserati make Carlos’ bigger in size than average pecker disappear? The answer is effortless but the pleasure is in getting to the solution. We like Maserati.

Maserati is not only a myth-buster and a bra-buster, this babe is a nut-buster!

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Milly Marks: Rated XXX For Sex

Written on January 28, 2017 at 8:46 am, by

Milly Marks: Rated XXX For Sex

Milly Marks: Rated XXX For Sex

And now for Milly’s more-than-eagerly awaited 1st boy-girl scene. A chat primes the pump in advance of the hump. It is getting to know Milly time first. You’ll watch that 20-year-old Milly has a very down-to-earth, very direct approach to sex.

SCORELAND: What did u adore more nice-looking, shooting the still pictures or the movie scene, and why?

Milly: As much as I loved shooting the movies, I guess I had more enjoyment shooting the photos coz I was getting rogered but also I could talk and be my silly self whilst doing it.

SCORELAND: Had u ever met a pro porn performer in person before this scene?

Milly: Not at any time! But that chap was down to earth and just a average person which was actually priceless and relieving.

SCORELAND: What kind of advice or tutoring did your boyfriend give you previous to or during this discharge?

Milly: This chab said me to just chill out and have fun myself. This ladies man told me to go with the flow and don’t worry about it…that it would come pretty naturally. And that man was right, it absolutely did.

SCORELAND: Are u plan to masturbate or fuck or have sex with a hotty whenever you check out your 1st hardcore?

Milly: I am not sure which one of those I’ll do but definitely one of them. I am crossing my fingers that I’ll be fucking a hotty the first time I see it. That’s just ‘coz I do not have sex with gals as much as I would like to but it’s one of my favourite pastimes.

SCORELAND: Compared to regular boyz u have dated, how did you find your first accustomed stud as a sex husband?

Milly: Well this dude has a big nice meat-thermometer for one and that’s not smth I’ve ever gotten used to. However it is something I’d adore to receive used to ‘coz it was terrific. This chab also had a lot more skill than probably anyone I have ever had sex with.

SCORELAND: Milly Marks, please come back soon.

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Holly Wood Booty

Written on January 27, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

Holly Wood Butt

Holly Wood Booty

Chase Holly Wood as that babe walks around our swanky beach house. She’s got hypnotic hips and tillatin’ milk sacks. Explore the wonders of Moonlite Bunny Ranch honey bunny Holly and try to catch her. This babe is mad to be petted.

WAZOO: So, Ms. Holly Wood, when you’re doing regular standard ram, do you suit to brandish off your bod? What do you wear?

Holly: With a body love mine, there is very little that would hide my bod! But I’m very guilty of wearing low-cut tank tops, taut dresses and skirts, and constricted jeans. Might as well enjoy what I’ve got!

A-HOLE: And the people will enjoy also. Suppose you were invisible for a day. What would u do?

Holly: Be nosey. View people, masturbate and have sex. So hawt!

WAZOO: Do you like to talk obscene and wicked in ottoman or are u more the pleasant, quiet type?

Holly: Majority of the time I’m enjoyable. I’ll say a pair of naughty things now and then. Typically though, you acquire mostly hawt moans out of me as I receive lost in the pont of time. But catch me on a day when I’m super concupiscent and all worked up, and I can say the dirtiest things you have ever imagined.

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Outdoor copulate from dong hotty

Written on January 27, 2017 at 3:28 pm, by

A hot sunny day in a green garden is filled with groans of enjoyment. This is the place where a blonde lesbian female-dom has her collared slave restrained and bonks her taut luscious muff with a big dong sextoy. This bossy woman can bring joy or ache at will and if her sexy compliant doesn’t […]

Boobs, Bubbles, Banging

Written on January 27, 2017 at 8:29 am, by

Bra-busters, Bubbles, Banging

Boobs, Bubbles, Banging

Christy Marks and her lucky date acquire cozy in a bubble bath but tubs are not a nice place to fuck so they dry off and receive into sofa to fuck their brains out.

“I like rogering and playing with myself at the same time,” Christy told. Some other SCORE superstar, Minka, tends to rub her clit fast when a meat-thermometer is thrusting in and out of her vagina.

“I do not do it all the time because some males get really self-conscious adore, ‘Am I not doing my job right? She is playing with herself.’ And I must be love, ‘Yeah, you are doing it right, keep going!’ And I like to impure talk during sex, too. That gets me hawt. But I do not talk a lot cuz almost any boyz are not into that. Most lads are indeed traditional where I’m from.”

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Getting Wet

Written on January 27, 2017 at 2:17 am, by

Getting Juicy

Getting Wet

Our videographer has a habit of walking into a washroom whilst a lady is drawing her baths. Fortunately, that chap does this in the XL Angels studio and not in hotels or apartment buildings.

This time, the object of his showering attention is Angel Sweets, a ravishing British female from Manchester. According to some sources, the angels in the Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire areas have the monumental milk sacks in UK. Those cities might be fine places to hire a plane and fly a Be An XL Hotty banner overhead.

Gal acquires juicy, first in her lingerie and then when this babe goes starkers during the time that he rolls digital camera. You’d do the same thing in his place. Watching handsome, breasty gals shower not at all gets mature.

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A Girl Who Loves Nerds

Written on January 25, 2017 at 3:41 pm, by

A Angel Who Likes Nerds

A Cutie Who Can't live with out Nerds

Work-out chick Camelia Davis talked about nerdy males (“Nerdy men can fuck more fantastic than anyone else. Nerdy males are great in sofa.”) and one of her beloved bedroom activities that doesn’t require any bar-bells.

“I love being spanked. That is my topmost fetish. I have no idea why. I like to be spanked and said that I’m a bad girl. I know that in my regular life, I’m truly a worthwhile angel. But I like to be bad in the bedroom. When a lady-killer spanks me, it turns me on. It makes me feel nasty and makes my wet crack gush.

“I love it for a gent to just put me over his knee, pull my panties down over my butt and just spank me and tell me how bad I have been. It makes me grind my vagina into his legs. It receives me so hawt that I cant control myself. I mean, a fellow can even use a paddle on my gazoo. I do not urge to be beat on; I just wanna be trained a little by a hot ladies man.”

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Bikini Car Wash

Written on January 24, 2017 at 9:38 am, by

Swim suit Car Wash

Bikini Car Wash

If there is anyone who did justice to a car wash, that goddess was Janet Jade. Almost all breast-men who see Janet think, “Now, there is anybody who I’d like to watch buff and shine my ding-dong with her valuable zeppelins.” Janet’s got it all: front, rear and center. What fetching knockers. What a hawt chassis.

“I liked nude modeling a lot,” said Janet who now lives in Las Vegas. “I had pleasure during this photo discharge.”

“I modeled a little bit in college,” Janet remembered. “But it did not take me anywhere. I did some fashion brandishes. I was supposed to acquire some nice jobs but a adult modeling agency scammed me. But I was used to being the center of attention and to people looking at me. I was a cheerleader in school. I was the goddess who could dance actually well. The gal who had the bigger than average love melons.”

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Devin Does South Beach Ch. 4

Written on January 24, 2017 at 9:18 am, by

Devin Does South Beach Ch. 4

Devin Does South Beach Ch. 4

Even though Devin Taylor is on vacation, she doesn’t neglect a work-out in part four of the DVD Devin Does South Beach.

It is too hot and sunny to train out side. Devin arrives at the fitness room in a two-piece that decorates her body love frosting on a cake. Devin is as serious about her figure out as any other dedicated person. This babe doesn’t baby herself.

You are luckier than the boy who may spot her working out at the Fitness Centre, ‘cuz at the gym she doesn’t let her enormous, beefy 38GG melons pop out of her halter while she is jogging or stretching. At the Health Exotic dancing club, she doesn’t remove her top and shorts. Just here; totally stripped. At final, lastly a work-out episode you can drop a load to.

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