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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Aspen’s Hot Fling

Written on July 31, 2017 at 1:36 pm, by

Aspen’s Sexy Fling

Aspen's Sexy Fling

U do not need us to tell u that Aspen likes sex and men. This babe can’t live out of a subrigid rod plunging into her damp vagina. Aspen has a day-to-day job. That babe came to us whenever this babe had the time. Modeling was a joy activity for her, a chance to explore her erotic fantasties and to acquire away from reality.

Aspen loved being on-camera, the interaction with the photographers and workers, the preparation in the dressing room, the hustle and bustle of the studio and, of course, the sex and the last results.

Aspen told us a a matter of joke story about the magazines this babe was in.

“I moved and I had all of the issues I have been in all together in a bag. I did not wish everybody to watch them when I moved, so I put them in the trunk of my car underneath the flap where the spare tire is. Well, I forgot about ’em being there. Later I traded my car in, and I was thinking and feeling like I had forgotten smth, but I just couldn’t remember what it could be. Three days later it hit me love a ton of bricks and I thought, ‘Oh, my God! My magazines!’

“So I called the dealership and said I had just traded my car and I thought I had left something in the trunk. They said they had gone all throughout it and hadn’t identified anything. I feel sure they detected them and I can only imagine that now they are all over the shop of this car dealership. I was so embarrassed. I mean, not that I really care, but they played dumb and I could tell that they had the magazines. But I figure that unless someone was smart enough to realize that the same glamour model was in every of the issues, they just thought I was some honey bunny with a bunch of adult magazines in my car!”

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First On-Camera XXX For Alaura Grey

Written on July 30, 2017 at 5:44 am, by

First On-Camera XXX For Alaura Grey

First On-Camera XXX For Alaura Grey

The first time Alaura Grey modeled, she met Harley Ann in the studio. Harley Ann was doing numerous boy-girl scenes. Even though Alaura was doing girl-alone shoots, that babe was curious enough to ask Harley Ann questions about hardcore at dinner. In a way, the seeds had been planted for Alaura to make a decision to try it at a much later date.

Alaura told she was super-nervous about doing her first full-sex hardcore scene even though that babe was wondrous doing her first funbags & tugs. “I’ve not at any time had sex with somebody else watching or for the digital camera,” Alaura said before this “cherry-poppin” scene took place.

It is a given that Marco, the surrogate man who has the honors, has by no means observed, held, licked or fucked a couple of milk shakes as large and as impressive as these belonging to lovely Alaura Grey.

Almost any of us never thought that we would see Alaura get screwed on-camera, especially after she was away for so lengthy. But it happened and it is real, unbelievably real.

Alaura is the dream girl of many and the excitement and thrills she’s created since the starting at XL Girls is one for the record books.

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Hardcore Door Knockers

Written on July 29, 2017 at 1:25 pm, by

Hardcore Door Meatballs

Hardcore Door Knockers

Sam is grumpy when there’s a knock on his door. When he opens it, he is greeted by a hot-looking, aged brunette hair who needs help. Her car and her phone do not work. Underneath her coat, Sabrina-Jade wears a sheer, tiny suit over a bathing suit. That babe is been out clubbing and her car broke down on the way home. Happenstance has brought her to Sam’s door. Will that dude be a hero or a zero? What would you do?

Sam is still grouchy but invites her in and takes her upstairs to use his phone. When she takes her coat off and that guy checks out her brick house body and mammoth natural funbags, his attitude changes fast. Sabrina-Jade welcomes his intensive interest in her abundant chest so in advance of lengthy, he’s fondling her jugs of joy–a couple that puts the word great in Great Britain–then fills his throat with her thick teats.

In no hurry to call for assistance now, Sabrina-Jade helps him drop his drawers so she can receive her lips on his fuck-pole. Seeing how Sabrina-Jade orally worships his shaft, it’s obvious that that babe enjoys giving blow jobs and that engulfing off a gent acquires her very sexually excited to shag.

Sabrina-Jade did say that younger, hung males satisfy her most outstanding and this babe is got one who’s half her age and kooky to engulf her nipps and fuck her cookie and mouth. This babe does a number on him and he finally pops on her large fullsome funbags. This babe holds her melons up in her hands as a cum tray, intensely watching her gigantic twins acquire glazed.

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Training Day

Written on July 28, 2017 at 11:21 pm, by

Training Day

Training Day

It is training day for Kat Bailey. 1st, an outdoor session in the park with jumping jacks and dripping in place. Her big fun bags bounce like insane. Then it’s indoors for stretching. Her trainer claims she’ll be doing backbends beneath his guidance. Kat one ups him by doing one right off the bat.

Kat takes notice from that position looking up that he’s pitching a tent. It is her fault. That babe reaches out for it playfully and yanks it. It is definitely time for some advanced training.

Her trainer feeds her ramrod but Kat needs no training in blow jobs. That is for sure. She is screwing amazing, drooling and gagging and pushing it deep down her face hole. For their next exercise, Kat acquires boned in her favorite position, doggystyle, and let’s tell u, this angel likes to bonk! She included that in her list of activities back home.

“I’m one as well as the other assertive and passive when it comes to sex,” told Kat. “G-spot stimulation is the majority magnificant. I like oral job, giving and receiving and I relish being fingered and plenty of breast and nipple play.”

When Kat was asked what this babe craves to try for the 1st time, her answer was to the point and one word. Porn!

When that babe decided to go ahead and try it after a ally encouraged her, Kat came to the wonderful boys.

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Open Tryouts

Written on July 28, 2017 at 9:30 pm, by

Open Tryouts

Open Tryouts

What does a hottie with a bigger in size than typical ol’ gazoo do when she’s lookin’ for work? Well, if u can drop and pop it adore our hotty Luccia Cardona, you tryout for a chance to be a dancer at one of the most poppin’ clubs in town. Our Lothario Carlos owns one of the superlatively good in city, and this skirt chaser needs a gal just love Luccia.

“What makes you unlike the other Twenty seven gals that came in?” Carlos asks Luccia Cardona as that babe drops and pops her booty in hopes of becoming his newest dancer.

“I think I’ve lots of potential for a first-timer,” Luccia responds. “Oh, and I have this.”

Luccia is referring to her kewl, tan donk. If it were up to us, we’d give this bad lil’ Latin babe the job right on the spot. But Carlos can be a bit more demanding than we are. He requires a hands-on approach. Carlos cups, smacks and kisses Luccia’s butt to begin her last scrutiny.

“Oh, is this part of the job, also?” That babe asks. “That’s remarkable.”

Luccia acquires on her knees and gives him a sloppy blow job in advance of this ladies man bangs her wet crack out doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. When he’s done evaluating, Carlos drops a mammoth load on her booty. Luccia definitely has the job after this. That babe passed the interview with flying cum shots.

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The Alaura Grey Pre-Sex Warmup Show

Written on July 27, 2017 at 1:07 pm, by

The Alaura Grey Pre-Sex Warmup Show

The Alaura Grey Pre-Sex Warmup Show

Hawt and beautiful Alaura Grey chats with her cameraman/director in advance of her 1st hardcore XXX scene with a porn stud. Alaura talks about encounter one more glamour model in the studio the 1st time that babe visited and, at dinner, asking her questions about doing boy-girl scenes. Alaura discusses her fantasies and what that babe is plan to do next at XL Cuties after this first hardcore shoot. We see Alaura self-measure her incredible breasts and receive clothed in the outfit she’ll shortly be taking off. Alaura has a very inviting, pleased personality in this candid chat. She truly is the total woman.

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Riley Reid

Written on July 27, 2017 at 8:41 am, by

Riley Reid Riley Reid
Riley Reid @
Riley Reid has a hubby, and it is his birthday! But let us face it…Riley is WAY without his league, but that babe sticks with him for a pair reasons: he’s an earner (and makes a lot of cash); that fellow too not at all questions where Riley goes or who Riley "hands out" with; and, lastly, he’s very generous with his credit card in dictate to fund Riley’s many shopping sprees. Something else Riley loves about her skirt chaser — his favorite kind of porn is "cuckold porn"! Since Riley loves the BBC, they look at it jointly. So Riley knows he is a closet cuck…and this day that babe is gonna drag him without that closet! Riley has 2 gifts for the Birthday Boi. The 1st is his own chastity device! The second? "Close your eyes and do not open ’em!" this babe giggles. This babe returns in a hawt bar-and-pantie set…and holding hands with 2 Dark Bulls!! A cuckold session is on! Sure sufficient, Riley was right! Her hubby is a cuckold. Riley can’t live without the BBC not quite as much as Cuckboi enjoys watching Riley acquire railed! All three of Riley’s holes are open for her Bulls, and after the Bulls frost her "cake", it is time for Cuckboi to savour his "piece"!!!
Riley Reid Riley Reid

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From Fitness to Fucking

Written on July 26, 2017 at 6:19 am, by

From Fitness to Rogering

From Fitness to Fucking

“By the time I reached college, which was ninth grade, I was a 36D, and then they got bigger in size over the next 2 years,” said Kerra Dawson. “I ran track. I wrestled. I was in Junior ROTC. I was very built. I was a truly little person with really greater than typical mammaries.”

After Kerra’s run and a worthy shower, that babe acquires on the daybed with her headphones but some creeping hands interrupt her chill time. Those hands urge some breast play from this little pixie. Wanton, Kerra opens wide for his thrusting dong. That dude plows her slit worthwhile, savoring her miniature but Big-Boob and fat body.

“My bra-busters have given me some great adventures,” told short ‘n’ stacked Kerra.

The dudes who have gangbanged her have gotten some great adventures themselves.

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Written on July 25, 2017 at 12:44 pm, by



Gagged and shackled, Vanessa Y. struggles on the daybed to escape. A red cord crisscrosses her large juggs and hair-lined fur pie. Some villain in black has got the Polish princess in his dastardly grasps.

This chab plays with her curvacious body and bigger in size than typical meatballs like she’s a life-sized doll. Turning Vanessa over on her elbows and knees, the mystery guy spanks her and spreads her gazoo cheeks apart to examine her thick pink flaps and abundant bush. When his strange desires are contented, that smooth operator leaves her tied on the couch, high and dry.

Vanessa manages to release herself but she’s so randy from being dominated by this black-gloved stranger that that babe needs to cum so this babe dominates her cunt herself. It turns out that Vanessa loves a bit of fetish and dream kink, so being tied and spanked turns her on.

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Cameron’s Fire Crotch

Written on July 24, 2017 at 11:22 pm, by

Cameron’s Fire Crotch

Cameron's Fire Crotch

Cameron Skye was asked if she wouldn’t shave for a while. When that babe arrived, that babe sported what this babe calls her fire crotch, a thick patch of unshaved ginger hair that she said took nearly 3 months to cultivate.

Cameron used a term majority of us have not at all heard of. “Breast puddling” is when a gal wears a too-tight bra and the constriction bulges the top of the bra-busters near the cups. These bulges are called the puddles, explained Cameron.

“I adore to be wanted,” Cameron said. That babe is a excited married female. “I adore when I dress hot and dudes look at me. I went to a high-school party and had to leave ‘coz all the boyz there wanted to feel my scones. That made me lewd. The topmost part of being a alluring bitch gal is knowing that boyz observe me and wanna bonk me.”

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Picked-Up & Fucked

Written on July 23, 2017 at 1:00 pm, by

Picked-Up & Drilled

Picked-Up & Fucked

On a sunny day, Reyna Mae is lost and her phone battery has conked out. This babe solely wanted to go to South Beach for some pleasure. Here to her rescue is Jimmy, bonkers to aid her and receive his hands on her big, enormous boobs. This babe jumps into the front seat and they head off, making miniature talk about greater than run of the mill tit. Reyna even lets him cop a feel.

Where they head to is the parking lot of his apartment building. Playing with Reyna’s blouse-stretchers has made him rock-hard. This buck pulls his ramrod out and Reyna engulfs it in her throat, engulfing and jacking it rock hard, her exposed titties on his lap. The pix are super-hot. The slutty pair figure they’d more amazing go upstairs in advance of someone sees them so he manages to snap without his BJ ecstasy.

Once upstairs, they put the small talk on hold and disrobe quickly. There is fuckin’ to do. Reyna resumes her hawt jock mouthing. This babe is very able on the skin flute. Getting on her back, Reyna holds her knockers together so he can copulate ’em in advance of diving into her vagina and savouring the plush feeling of her smoothly curvacious, thick body that his fingers sink into. Eventually, Reyna will acquire to the beach.

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Brooke Tyler

Written on July 23, 2017 at 8:48 am, by

Brooke Tyler Brooke Tyler
Brooke Tyler @
Brooke Tyler has an interesting relationship with her step-son. It is one many step-sons would adore to have. You watch, Brooke is a "hot coog" with a rack that makes it difficult to maintain eye-contact with her during a run of the mill conversation. This babe is a whore, also, and the 1st time her step-son caught Brooke red-handed, this babe did not acquire nutty…or upset. Or worried. Brooke simply sucked him off, too! And since then, step-son helps Brooke receive randy with out dad discovering, and in return, Brooke offers up carnal favors to step-son. What a deal! It is so precious, step-son brags to his buddies during a game of back-yard hoops. Which is about the time Brooke returned home from work, put on her micro-bikini, and traipsed past the boys for a dip in the pool. She didn’t make it that far, though, before one of the BBC’s got her back in the house. From there, it’s a full-on gang group-sex, with step-son cheering the Black Bulls on! After they get sucked and all take turns on that cougar pussy, the nut flies everywhere. Even in Brooke’s twat! Step-son even blasts her! What a day! Only thing left? Brooke invites the dudes back next week for one more round!!
Brooke Tyler Brooke Tyler
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