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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Lola Rayne’s Tits-out Office Surprise

Written on March 31, 2018 at 5:58 am, by

Lola Rayne’s Tits-out Office Surprise

Lola Rayne's Tits-out Office Surprise

Hawt PA Lola Rayne is doing a work project for her boss and using his laptop. She checks out his browsing history and finds out that he looks for larger than average boobies and slavery.

If this stud had deleted his history daily, Lola would not have known about his secret pleasures and she would not wind up now on his desk with her larger than standard bosoms out. She’s got her personal thraldom gear and toys ready, and now she is contemplating for him to come back so she can set his trousers on fire.

“I like body caressing,” Lola said. “I like to have my body kissed and I love a lot of boob play. Caressing my slit makes me even hornier. Fondelling my clit gets me off the quickest. I’ve just not lengthy ago started to enjoy anal play. I like using my wazoo plugs. I am still easing into anal invasion. My favourite position is cowgirl ‘cuz I can cum truly unbending.

“I am into all kinds of kinks and fetishes. Voyeurism, foot worship, domination and submission, servitude toys. I enjoyed bringing my toys for this scene.”

What’s in your secretary’s browsing history?

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A Booty-ful Roze

Written on March 30, 2018 at 9:30 pm, by

A Booty-ful Roze

A Booty-ful Roze

When a hotty walks into a room with an itty-bitty waist and a large arse in your face, a charmer gets sprung.

Sir Mix-A-Lot was speaking our language when he uttered the words, “I like big asses, and I cannot fib.” That’s exactly where our guy Rocky is as pretty soon as Cherise Roze struts into his living room, with her 52-inch caboose chugging along behind her. This is the sort of ride where u look forward to having a layover and hope for a round voyage.

“Oh, you adore that,” Cherise says as she bounces on his sternum with her bubble gazoo pushing out of her overmatched jeans. “You love that, don’t u?”

Cherise isn’t solely about having her ass worshipped, though. She’s a Jersey beauty who likes to get down and ribald, and she goes to work on Rocky’s 10-Pounder and balls. This is the sort of head you tell your buddies about after you get back home. Cherise can’t live without large dicks, and that babe cannot lie.

You are too intend to tell them about how Cherise rode your ding-dong so inflexible, they should nickname u Sea Biscuit. That babe pops that cookie on his meat love she’s never had a solid bonk from a hung guy.

Rocky flips her onto her side before beating her cunt up doggy style. Cherise is begging for his load by the end of this scene.

“Oh, come in my throat,” that babe says.

Rocky knows when to pursue directions, and this dude unleashes a healthy load onto Cherise’s mouth and fullsome funbags.

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South American Superwoman

Written on March 30, 2018 at 12:33 pm, by

South American Superwoman

South American Superwoman

What Shara Lopez is wearing in this photo-shoot is what she’d wear leaving her abode to go roller-blading or some other outdoor activity. No surprise that the sight of Shara makes people freeze as they investigate her spectacular body. She’s often asked if she is a adult model. Seriously, how many hotty’s have a rack adore this? Trust us, not many.

“I am a very erotic female,” Shara proudly said. “When I was 16 years aged, I was scared that I was not going to have priceless mangos. I worried about this. Then, suddenly, they began to grow and grow. And now observe them. I like them ‘coz they are so big. I have names for ’em. The right one is called Maria and the left one is Angie.”

It is obvious that Shara takes good care of Angie, the slightly greater of the two, and Maria. That is what bosom buddies are for.

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Beti’s Bangin’ Boobs

Written on March 29, 2018 at 11:11 pm, by

Beti’s Bangin’ Boobs

Beti's Bangin' Boobs

Beti Phellasio is an illustrator and commercial artist in London. She listed “deep throating” as one of her talents and proved it. What throat and lips! She can blast any ladies man off to the moon with her silver tongue and 38G mangos!

Beti has the girl-next-door look that’s total eye-candy. This babe is had sex on a train and in a park in the daytime. This babe can’t live out of to swallow when this babe sucks cock.

Beti is into thraldom and being spanked. This babe jills off with double-headed dildos when a buck is not at hand to bonk her. She loves orall-service, 69, tit-fucking and having her milk cans sucked by an skilled nipp sucker. In this scene, Neeo gives her a shagging that rocks her world.

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Girl With A Rack

Written on March 28, 2018 at 1:10 pm, by

Beauty With A Rack

Girl With A Rack

“One summer I went from a dunky B to a very full D,” told Michelle May, describing her breast growth spurt. “I was in excruciating pain. Going up two cup sizes in a not many months was truly intense.

“And it was tough ‘coz in school, I was a dancer, and then all of a sudden I had big scoops. But after my titties grew, I quit. I had to because I looked ridiculous. I had this mammoth chest in this sea of flat-chested ballerinas.

“I got lots of smiles and winks from tons of the boyz. I wouldn’t say that I was hated on ‘coz I went to school in California and everybody showed plenty of skin. I mean, it is archetypal for people to walk around half-naked in California.

I’d say that I was the flavor of the week for maybe a week and then people got over it. I got the nicknames Shelly Greater than run of the mill Pantoons and Scoops McGee. It was all in wonderful pleasure. No one ever went with out their way to be naughty to me.”

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Magnificent Melons

Written on March 27, 2018 at 6:07 am, by

Magnificent Pantoons

Magnificent Melons

What makes for a nice blowjob? Melonie Max knows.

“There has to be tons of inflexible engulfing,” said the hawt brunette. “It doesn’t need to be sloppy. If it is likewise loose and all over the place, it is no worthwhile. It has to be taut and very unbending mouthing. At least in my opinion. It’s gotta be rigid engulfing to make the fellatio actually wonderful.

“I gulp. Worthy beauties always gulp. I like to spit on the 10-Pounder during the blowjob, certainly, but when it comes to the cum, I gulp.”

Melonie’s favorite position is doggie. Getting pounded from behind does the trick for her.

What about where that babe likes her partners to cum?

“I have merely done the whole cum on the face thing one time and that was coz the fellow wasn’t comfortable cumming on my face more than one time. This fellow was not into it. And I guess u need to be private with somebody for that kind of thing. It cant be some random stud. But anywhere else on my body is worthwhile.”

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Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets

Written on March 27, 2018 at 1:40 am, by

Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets
Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets @
A hot, dark pair. A white angel who’s constantly wondering if it’s "normal" for her ravishing spouse to have a 3-inch 10-Pounder and erectile dysfunction. Meet Daizy Cooper and Carolina Sweets. They work at a local brew pub. They’ve been co-workers for a whilst now, which means they share secrets…secrets love, "oh my gosh my husband merely lasted a pair minutes final night" and "oh my gosh my boyfriend’s ramrod is so larger than average I can barely take it". We all know where this is going. "Maybe it’s time to cheat on your lady-killer…with MY guy!" When Carolina heard Daizy say that after their shifts ended, she knew her first response was to say "no", but when Carolina showed up at Daizy’s abode to group action Daizy’s well-hung charmer, no one was surprised. Including Carolina’s boyfriend, who’s been following her around for months. That skirt chaser knew it was just a matter of time…

Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets Daizy Copper & Carolina Sweets

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Fill Holly Halston’s Asshole

Written on March 26, 2018 at 1:24 pm, by

Fill Holly Halston’s Backdoor

Fill Holly Halston's Asshole

Mrs. Holly Halston will be the instructor of your human sexuality course tonight. Aren’t u pleased u enrolled in adult education classes?

View the top this babe is almost not wearing! View Mrs. Halston’s deep cleavage. You could set a lunch tray on that shelf.

She drops her under garment and top to squiggle, jiggle and wiggle those astronomical, fuckable wobblers in your face. As luck would have it, that babe can’t live out of you and tells you to stay after the bell rings. The other students pile out during the time that u one as well as the other chill.

First, Mrs. Halston reveals you what she’s made of, in every way. Her banging titties, her fucking twat, her screwing rectal hole. She is pretty, miniature and stacked with a 36-inch bust and 34DD-cupper cups.

It’s great that she is likewise teaching sex ed on the side at night. Holly’s kept u after class for one reason. A close collision of the fifth kind. What’s that? Hands, mouth, mounds, love tunnel and asshole. U are going to screw her wet crack and rectal hole right on her desk. And she is not gonna crave you to spray your hot load of cum in her fudge-hole.

This babe wants you to pull your wang without her chocolate hole, put it in her throat and shoot your man-cream on her tongue so she can swallow it down.

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Boob Talk

Written on March 26, 2018 at 1:09 pm, by

Boob Talk

Boob Talk

Glamorous beginner Ellis Rose chats about how and why that babe became a model and how she learned about SCORELAND. We learn about her interests and hobbies and what that babe thought about her experiences on the set. Lifting up her T-shirt, Ellis shows her qualifications for big-bust posing. This babe is of course naturally qualified. Ellis is likewise a natural smiler and laughs easily. We can watch why she draws boys to her like bees to a rose.

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Gagging For It

Written on March 25, 2018 at 11:12 pm, by

Gagging For It

Gagging For It

Checking out the spectacular body of hot XL Beauty Nikki Smith killing a dental floss suit, her wazoo call thinks that Nikki looks fit to be fastened.

Miss Smith’s high heels push her plush tush out even more and enhance her curves. That smooth operator sticks a ball gag in her sexy mouth and shows her the ropes. His philosophy is walk softly and carry a greater than typical paddle for huge-chested girls.

XL Girls usually by no means receives wrapped up in the S&M scene–it’s not our thing–but since Nikki told the editors that she’s into thraldom in her sex life, the studio thought they’d try some experimentation with this willing subject as a prelude to a fleshly coupling.

Does Nikki Smith look hot bound, gagged and powerless with a deer-in-the-headlights look in her eyes? We think so. Of course, this kind of thing can only go so far before the need for some precious old-fashioned fucking has to happen cuz most BDSM isn’t about sex. Miss Smith’s hawt and all that with a ball gag in her throat, but gagging on a rock hard wang in her face hole is more joy and Nikki would assent if this babe could speak.

So Nikki’s date does the gentlemanly thing and unties her so this woman chaser can shag her nicely after removing the gag and feeding her his rock hard wood. Seeing her in action, it is obvious that that babe loves banging much more than getting into a constricted bind.

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Plump & Young

Written on March 24, 2018 at 2:29 pm, by

Overweight & Youthful

Plump & Young

“In the bedroom, I like putting on a display for my stud,” Cosmia said us. “I’m a giver. Giving head is one of my favorite things to do and I am quite worthy at it. Feeling sexually wanted is what makes me feel sexy. I adore to acquire a guy going and then satisfy him completely. I adore to know I’m doing the supreme possible. I’m professional and I adore to show that off.

“The 1st of my top 3 sexual experiences is not my proudest pont of time but the funnest since it was so not right. My roommate’s husband and I started sleeping together after lots of sexual tension and long stares from across the room. It didn’t last lengthy but this chab managed to screw me once on the recliner in the living room very close to her bedroom where this babe was sleeping. It was definitely difficult for me since it’s hard for me to be quiet when I’m being rogered.”

Little Cosmia loves sex on the naughty side. She’s a bad nice hotty.

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Thirsty White Vixen

Written on March 23, 2018 at 9:30 pm, by

Thirsty White Playgirl

Thirsty White Chick

U do not watch white women that can pop and drop their booties like this likewise often. Virgo’s poppin’ it adore she wants a gig at Miami’s King of Diamonds. But Virgo’s not at KOD, she’s on our home turf and ready to take each inch of our lad JMac’s 10-Pounder girth.

“That booty is wondrous,” that skirt chaser says as that babe pulls her costume up to give him a more worthy view of her butt. “I need that.”

JMac’s going to receive it. And so is Virgo. Seeing the bulge in JMac’s jeans is already getting her hot and bothered. So this babe walks over and plants her nifty ass into his lap and onto his pecker. Virgo is giving him the type of lap dance you’d expect to receive at a club, also. She’s rearranging his ramrod throughout his jeans, and JMac’s about to bust loose, so he pulls out his rod. Virgo wastes no time going to work on his throbbing woman chaser meat.

Virgo’s irrumation skills are impeccable. That babe works all the way up and down JMac’s pole, showing off her lack of gag reflex. This babe even goes south and gives his nuts some attention, also. If we awarded trophies for cock-sucking skills, that babe would be a top contender.

Virgo’s sex skills aren’t to be ignored either.

“Come screw this wet crack,” this babe says as JMac slips into her from behind.

Virgo makes her wazoo clap whilst JMac’s smashing from the back. This is what fucking should be. Unyielding, immodest, draining but motivating. These 2 are wearing each other out as they build every other up to their orgasms. And Virgo’s hardest big O comes when JMac stuffs his junk in her butt. There is nothing more killer than a gal who loves anal, and this honey bunny was made for it.

When those 2 are finally done, JMac douses her face with cum, and Virgo thirstily laps it up.

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