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Monthly Archives: August 2018

We’re Believers

Written on August 31, 2018 at 9:30 pm, by

We’re Believers

We're Believers

“Come here,” Mya says seductively. “I wish you to come vagina my butt.”

When a babe is this thick, she doesn’t have to tell our petticoat chaser Jordan Ashley twice.

Mya has a small knicker on and Jordan rips it off and starts to worship that ‘donk. If you weren’t an butt gent previous to this, seeing Mya will make u a believer.

“Oh yep, kiss it,” Mya says as Jordan licks her ass and cookie from the back.

That’s just a little warm up for this stud, though. U can not smack this cunt out of wanting to dive right in it. Jordan bends Mya’s nifty arse over on the sofa and beasts on her snatch from behind.

“Sit down,” that babe says. “I wanna ride that ramrod, lad.”

Mya rides Jordan’s schlong so subrigid it resembles she may break his cock. Our boy is a talented at beastin’ on some snatch, though. His hung wang is made to leave bad bitches with bruised snatches.

“Cum on my arse,” she says.

Jordan follows directions and drops a enormous load on her butt.

This chab is a believer.


Cum For Vanessa’s JJ-cup Tits

Written on August 30, 2018 at 11:17 pm, by

Cum For Vanessa’s JJ-cup Love muffins

Cum For Vanessa's JJ-cup Tits

Vanessa Del acquires busy with her mountainous whoppers, then displays how she shags. The lusty, horny look she always has on her ever-smiling face proves how much joy that babe receives from male attention.

Vanessa plays with her jugs and swings ’em into the digi camera, bouncing them hands-free. Her wobblers come out and this babe wiggles her a-hole. Vanessa could do this for hours, but there is a man with a hard cock who wishes to bury it in Vanessa’s powerful wet crack

Vanessa urges dong in her face hole 1st and then this babe wishes to receive her hooters banged, smth that gives her gratification. One time Vanessa acquires the knob between her flesh pillows, she urges to bonk. She desires to receive a nice pounding in different poses. Her milk shakes are sperm magnets marking the spot where John unloads the contents of his nuts after rogering her in pile driver. Upside-down, Vanessa rubs his ball batter into her floppy cocoa meatballs.

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Take A Bite

Written on August 30, 2018 at 9:30 pm, by

Take A Bite

Take A Bite

When u look like Ms. Mya G., you are used to taking abode calls. Well, we should say, you are used to getting arse calls. She is got a ass that’s worth all the charges on a collect call…and then some.

“I know these lads are in love with my wazoo,” Mya told. “That’s why I show it off. If I adore them enough, I let them take a bite.”

Damn, beauty. You know our boy Jordan Ashley is intend to need more than a bite right now. The bite that chap does take out of this phat apple bottom is just an appetizer. Jordan is also getting a side of head, with constricted wet crack as the main course.

This is a main course any ladies man would crave seconds of. Mya twerks her love tunnel doggy-style before Jordan pops it in her wet crack from the side. Her snatch is so priceless doggy-style that Jordan tells her to get back on her knees and take his man-meat doggy-style once more. This time, this chab cant help himself and drops a wave of cum on her nifty arse.

That is one of the majority worthwhile meals our charmer has had in years.

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Michelle May: A Girl With A Rack

Written on August 29, 2018 at 1:08 pm, by

Michelle May: A Angel With A Rack

Michelle May: A Gal With A Rack

Michelle May receives horny thinking about fellows in uniform.

“I like cops and military guys and uniforms,” Michelle said. “And these uniforms usually come with smth that can be used to tie you up with. I guess it is coz I am such a control freak in my life that I love to just be obedient during sex. I like losing control.

“Military men and dudes in uniform usually love to take charge of the situation. They are so on-task and they take control and I love that. I love to be with a dude who can just call the shots and be the one who says what is gonna happen. Giving up my control to anybody love that is very hot.

“I one time dated a fire captain. He was quite maturer than me, and this guy told me that that skirt chaser was on a call and that this chab saw a box of Fortunate Charms and that they reminded him of me cuz I’ve a four-leaf clover tattoo. So that smooth operator said it was stiff to concentrate on fighting a fire because he kept thinking about me. And ever since then, I’ve this dream about having sex in a burning building with a fireman. It’s my favorite dream.”

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The Busty Barmaid

Written on August 29, 2018 at 12:56 pm, by

The Big busted Barmaid

The Big breasted Barmaid

The finest kind of sexy bartender: A bartender with large bra buddies. Alanna Ackerman was always looking for anybody to tap her kegs.

“I’m a Southern girl from Georgia.” Alanna said “My accent has escaped me. I am a very active goddess. When I go out to a club, I like to show off my hooters so I dress in low-cut tops, and yep I am doing it to get your attention. Too to be the hottest cutie there.

“All eyes must be on me. When I am out just shopping or oozing errands, I can’t say I try to reveal them off. I can say, though, it doesn’t take much for ’em to be noticed, covered or not. I do not indeed pay that much attention to it. I wear what I want and I do not care if somebody doesn’t approve.”

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Valentina Nappi

Written on August 28, 2018 at 6:53 pm, by

Valentina Nappi Valentina Nappi
Valentina Nappi @
Description: Valentina Nappi and her Husband have a problem. It is a greater than standard problem. Everyone knows Valentina is from Italy…but not a lot of people know her Boyfriend, Juan. This chab hails from Spain. And it bears a resemblance to his time in America is just about up. His paperwork is a mess, and he’s even attempted to bribe his way out of today’s a predicament…but the Immigration Agent isn’t taking Juan’s bribe; however, the Immigration Officer will take Juan’s bride. No joke! In his final act of desperation in instruct not to be deported, Juan offers up his impressive wife, Valentina. But the Immigration Officer is one greedy, slutty ladies man! Valentina’s face hole and bawdy cleft isn’t sufficient!! If Juan wishes to stay, that woman chaser is gonna must suggest up Valentina’s arse, likewise! But observe Valentina! She’s such a bitch! This babe doesn’t even care!! She’ll offer it all up to the Immigration Officer, and Valentina will even let Juan join in on the fun! All of Valentina’s holes are open, and both fellows use them all! In the end, Valentina’s a sticky, jizzy mess…but at least Juan isn’t being deported!!
Valentina Nappi Valentina Nappi

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Bra Busting In Switzerland

Written on August 28, 2018 at 5:32 am, by

Brassiere Busting In Switzerland

Bra Busting In Switzerland

Natascha Romanova lives in Switzerland and is Russian by birth. This babe found out about XL Gals from a ally who believed that babe was right for the site.

“My milk shakes grew greater than run of the mill when I turned 16,” said Natascha, who speaks German. “I had the stupendous meatballs of any gal I knew. Big and heavy. It is always been a problem for me to discover bras and tops that fit me properly. My undergarment size is additional bigger in size than average and has to be made only by elect companies. I do not know how much my mangos weigh but believe me, they are very enormous.

“I am an open woman and I like to try fresh things, things that are different, so when I was accepted to adult model, I believed I would enjoy this experience and I have. I adore to masturbate and I had no shyness about doing this. The photographer was very helpful and the staff took nice care of me. I felt very comfortable.”

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Testing The Bras

Written on August 26, 2018 at 10:51 pm, by

Testing The Bras

Testing The Bras

Natascha Romanova speaks German, so our photographer chatted with her in that language. This clip is all about bras and how Natascha tries to squeeze her giant mellons into a selection of hooter-holsters next to her on the bed. No translation is needed. Almost any of the bras next to Natascha are ridiculously small.

“I can solely buy my bras from elect companies that sell bras that fit me,” Natascha told. Seeing is believing.

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Tina Lee: Too Busty For Her Bra

Written on August 25, 2018 at 1:03 pm, by

Tina Lee: Likewise Busty For Her Bra

Tina Lee: Likewise Big busted For Her Bra

“My meaty point is dedication,” told big-boobed brunette stunner Tina Lee. “I think it’s my real talent.” From our point-of-view, Tina has more powerful points than just dedication. She has clip star looks.

Tina lives in Paris. If that babe took a photo posing with the Eiffel Tower in the background, you wouldn’t notice the Tower. Tina’s a worthwhile fit for the City of Lights. The most-fun job this babe is ever had was wine tasting. Hopefully, undressed modeling will become her number-one favourite.

In her spare time, Tina loves arts and crafts. “I adore to create things with my hands. I like to shop and Paris is so interesting a place to shop.”

“I can not say I am passive but I like to meet assertive partners. How often I’ve sex is when I urge it. I am likewise idle for masturbation. My erotic fantasy is to have sex on a Ferris Wheel. But I cannot say if that will ever happen. It is the kind of fantasy that seems impossible to do in real life.”

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Kitty Cute: Breastmeat Idol

Written on August 24, 2018 at 11:20 pm, by

Kitty Cute: Breastmeat Idol

Kitty Cute: Breastmeat Idol

“This girl is a walking pin-up glamour model,” told one of the photographers in the Dominican Republic where those pix were taken. “Kitty was always asking someone to take her picture and she’d receive into these pin-up positions. This babe had the time of her life.”

Kitty began as a webcam girl in Romania, a small country but a major center of the web digi camera industry. Then that babe was asked to glamour model for TSG. The cam girl’s world is her bedroom or baths. Being part of a skilled discharge on-location was an experience Kitty really enjoyed.

“When I was asked to pose, I thought it was a good idea,” Kitty told. “I actually enjoy it now. After the first time, I thought that I could acquire used to this. I learned a lot.”

Kitty developed early. “I began to acquire greater than typical meatballs at age 13. As I got mature, I learned that I had more vigour than other beauties. In my neighborhood, I was the girl who got lots of boys asking me out and wanting to do things for me.”

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Stroke Number

Written on August 24, 2018 at 9:30 pm, by

Wank Number

Stroke Number

“What’s going on, papi?” Carmen De Luz asks as this babe saunters over to Rocky. “How about a private dance for you?”

Ah, that is music to our ears. Even in South Florida, which is home to some of the world’s superlatively fine lap dancing clubs, you’d be fortunate to receive a exotic dance from a dime piece love Carmen. She’s the sort of honey that you’ll brag about bagging for weeks to your boyz. Especially ‘coz that babe has sex skills that make your toes curl as you try not to cum.

“I’ve been known to make boyz cum faster than they wish,” Carmen says. “Especially when they’re rogering me from the back. I’ll look back sometimes and notice that his eyes are closed or that this dude just doesn’t wish to look down. And it’s cuz if this buck does look down, he’ll bust his nut right there. I adore knowing I can do that to a guy.”

We’re not surprised at all. Carmen has a plump wazoo and thick haunches that are made for doggy style, beat-her-pussy-up fucking. She’s made for the kind of hard banging where the sound of your thighs smacking into her gazoo and hips echoes through the abode. This babe is the sort of angel who makes you keep track of your stroke number so u don’t cum too quickly. This babe is the sort of girl whose gazoo and vagina u want to enjoy. Shoot, you wanna fall asleep inside her and have another round as in a short time as u wake up.

“Morning sex is the superlatively admirable sex,” Carmen told. “But it’s rogering. Screwing with me is always valuable.”

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Body Shots

Written on August 23, 2018 at 9:30 pm, by

Body Shots

Body Shots

There is no one in the house, you have got some cold drinks on the counter and a bangin’ Latin babe in the room. This is one of these situations where a woman chaser has to receive down on his knees and thank the heavens for his admirable fortune. Although with Carmen De Luz around, you are plan to crave her on her knees ready to play the skin flute with your unbending 10-Pounder. She’s the sort of vixen guys dream about. Carmen’s a dark-haired ravisher with sufficient junk in her trunk to make us wanna do a little spring cleaning.

But Carmen desires to get dirty right now. This babe fills a cocktail shaker with her preferred beverage, shakes it up and pours a bit of it down her back and down to her nifty arse. Our lad Rocky is there to clean up the mess using solely his mouth. We aren’t mixologists, but we’d wager that a cocktail tastes much more astounding when you’re slurping it up from a chick’s cool cheeks.

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