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Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Girl-Next-Door Named Amie Taylor

Written on September 30, 2018 at 12:31 pm, by

The Girl-Next-Door Named Amie Taylor

The Girl-Next-Door Named Amie Taylor

“Other gals might be jealous of my boobs, but if they are, they don’t say anything bad to me,” Amie Taylor said. “They are very enormous so I wear a bra majority of the time. At home, I don’t wear one.”

Amie wears a 36G-cup brassiere. Her jiggly and jubilant jugs almost bust the straps on an ordinary underneath garment so that babe has to shop carefully to discover ones that provide the right support and comfort.

“I do not wear a underneath garment when I’m home. When I go out, I always put one on.” Amie’s beneath garment in this scene cant keep her side breast valley from spilling with out the sides. They wanna break free. Amie said she has no specific talents but we disagree. That babe is loaded with talent.

Amie is one of the many reasons that Romania is overtaking the Czech Republic as the #1 destination spot for boob-spotting. Four of the eight cuties in the North Coast SCORELAND particular are Romanians.

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Carla4Garda: Milking The Man

Written on September 29, 2018 at 10:57 pm, by

Carla4Garda: Milking The Stud

Carla4Garda: Milking The Man

Wearing stockings and a teddy, Carla4Garda is taking selfies in bed. She pops out one giant tit, then the other and discharges her selfies topless. Steve comes doggy style and wants to get into the picture likewise. What he has in mind is to make hotter selfies. He sucks on her nipps, smth that always sends waves of joy from the tips of her fun bags to the tips of her toes.

Still dressed, Steve pulls his club out for Carla4Garda to suck on. That smooth operator rubs his 10-Pounder on her milky teats and shags her mouth, pulling her head in closer. Her throat filled with 10-Pounder, Carla4Garda opens her legs wide to give Steve elementary access to her pink, pierced love tunnel.

Steve buries his face in Carla4Garda’s shaved wet crack and tongue-bangs her. That drives the Brit bra-buster crazy with heat. Steve may not be a cop but this Lothario plans to give this horny female with the huge, cushioned tits a dick-down this babe will not forget likewise quickly. He pumps and pounds Carla4Garda hard so she’ll go home to United Realm with a smile on her face.

“I like my nipples stimulated,” told Carla4Garda. “It gives me such a beefy orgasm when I cum. I like to have sex about five times week. I have a sex buddy whom I play with often and we love exploring jointly. My favorite kind of foreplay is nipp play and tons of blow job. I’ve had several carnal encounters with beauties. The last one was on holiday. Ended up going out with the bartender of a hotel I was staying in and we partied all night, had loads of enjoyment then ended up in my bed eating every other out. She’d never been with a beauty previous to. But I indeed enjoyed it.

“I’ve had a tiny in number male-male trios but I’d not be into a 3some with another gal and a lad. Not actually nutty into anal either. I’ve attempted it a not many times. I do not receive how a beauty can cum from it. I do like having my gazoo eaten out. That’s joy. My sex buddy and I got a butt-plug for me and that gent made me wear it in public with no briefs. That was joy. Of course, I gulp cum when a Lothario blows off in my throat. I adore it. I cant be wasting that load now.”

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Fitness Freak

Written on September 28, 2018 at 9:30 pm, by

Fitness Freak

Fitness Freak

Nikki Delano describes herself as a fitness freak. That is good with us. We love each type of freak. Especially when there’s an booty love this attached to the freak. We’d be cheerful to help her out with her squats, also. We are gentlemen. In fact, Nikki would tell u herself that her workout routine helps her work hung studs’ dongs.

“I’m the topmost at riding bucks,” Nikki said. “I’ve got beefy hips that make it flawless for me to ride my Lothario cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I hold back a little bit in the beginning, but then I indeed begin to pop my wazoo on ’em. They usually cum instantly when I do that.”

It’s a wonderful thing we set her up with our woman chaser Juan Largo. He hasn’t viewed an butt he could not handle. This is a match made in BootyLicious heaven.

“I’m a bad little girl,” Nikki said. “And I am assured, too. I take what I crave, when I crave it. If what I want is your 10-Pounder, you don’t have a preference but to give it to me.”

After rogering her out doggy, reverse cowgirl and in her gazoo, Juan drops a astronomical load on her wazoo.

This is how a fitness freak breaks a sweat.

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Texas Teen’s Titillating Tits Cums To XLGirls

Written on September 28, 2018 at 1:11 pm, by

Texas Teen’s Titillating Boobies Cums To XLGirls

Texas Teen's Titillating Mellons Cums To XLGirls

A fan of Japanese hentai and manga, Sylvia Bateman calls herself the Princess of Oppai. Oppai is a Japanese slang word for larger than typical zeppelins, from ippai, meaning “a lot of.” The dominatrix characters in hentai tend to have very large boobs. None of ’em are as big boobed as Sylvia who is real, not an animated character, fortunately for us.

The nice-looking Texas teen boasts 38G-cup milk sacks and a curvy, hawt body. Almost all beauties this day shave their slits. Sylvia has a nicely trimmed garden. This babe turned eighteen in June, 2018 and felt by that time that baring it all on-camera was right for her. A friend recommended that Sylvia contact XL Cuties. This is the first time she’s been photographed by a competent photography team.

“I adore to read novels, paint and play movie games and I adore hentai and anime,” said Sylvia. “I used to play volleyball but I do not play or see sports anymore.”

Sylvia developed very early. She acquires tons of attention, but this babe is so cute, she’d acquire tons of attention even if she did not have these Texas-sized T&A.

“My melons came in early. I was a DD-cup in middle-school and I am a 38G-cup now. I am still growing so I’m sure they’ll receive greater.”

We’re sure they will, likewise.

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Finger Lickin’ Wonderful

Written on September 27, 2018 at 9:30 pm, by

Finger Lickin’ Precious

Finger Lickin' Good

“That’s a valuable, bigger in size than standard a-hole right there,” Nikki Delano says as she smacks her taut apple bottom. “I know you wanna be in that wazoo right there.”

Sounds adore this spicy Latin babe is a mind browser. The only thing we’re thinking about right now is slippin’ into that constricted a-hole and vagina of hers.

That’s why we hooked her up with our chap Juan Largo. He’s one hung buck who can’t live with out no thing more than beating up a nifty gazoo and constricted bawdy cleft. Nikki bounces her luscious booty in Juan’s face to tanalise him. Then, this chab leans back and she sits on his face. Juan enjoys a healthy helping of poontang pie while fingering her ass. That is what we call finger-lickin’ good.

After deep-throating Juan’s ramrod, Nikki hops on top of him and goes to work on his magic stick. When you are fuckin’ a bitch this worthwhile, you’ve gotta acquire over here her from each angle. Juan tells Nikki to turn around and this skirt chaser smashes her ass from behind.

“Oh, yeah, click here that a-hole,” that babe groans as that Lothario beats her constricted, little anus up. “It’s taut, right? Shag me!”

Juan’s getting anything this Lothario wanted and then some. So, the solely way to repay Nikki is to drop a ton of cum on her face. Nikki gladly laps it all up. That is what that babe calls finger-lickin’ fine.

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Dani Knows The Power of Big Boobs

Written on September 27, 2018 at 6:12 am, by

Dani Knows The Power of Larger than run of the mill Bumpers

Dani Knows The Force of Big Boobs

Some boyz are turned on by the thought of girls getting tats and pierced. Dani Moore had a story about that. In her story, it was the tattoo petticoat chaser who gangbanged her.

“I finally got the courage to acquire my hood pierced. When I went in, I thought the stud who was doing it was indeed cute. So when this smooth operator was done, I gave him a tip and I gave him my phone number to give me a call some time. When I was heading home, I got a call from him asking if I wanted to get jointly. I told, “Sure, I’m not doing everything right now.” So we went to one of the porn stores in town and got into one of the little intimate rooms where u can view movie scenes, and we banged in there.”

Dani noticed this chab was turned on by her.

“He had a hardon the complete time this chab was doing the piercing. I could not keep my eyes off it. I thought about giving him a oral-sex right there, but I thought that may have been a bit likewise forward. And I did not know if that gent was seeing anyone. But I definitely wanted to engulf his knob. The entire thing was truly turning me on. And I knew my wet crack was getting moist, and that gent knew my cum-hole was getting juicy, so this chab need to have known I was turned on.”

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Paraguayan Pussycat

Written on September 26, 2018 at 1:16 pm, by

Paraguayan Pussycat

Paraguayan Pussycat

Paola Rios loves to sleep exposed. No pajamas, bigger than average T-shirts, sweats or nighties. “I love to feel my skin,” Paola said. “I savour sleeping nude. I feel free.” Paola sleeps abdomen down, and sometimes she wears a undergarment to ottoman. This babe usually bathes in nature’s garb too, except when photographers ask her to wear a lacey bodysuit in the tub.

Every night Paola rubs sex cream on her juggs after her baths or shower. It was her mother’s secret and now Paola carries on the tradition. This babe won’t disclose the name of the man-juice ‘coz it is a family secret. “I feel more relaxed when I use my cream,” told Paola.

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Anorei XXX

Written on September 25, 2018 at 11:03 pm, by

Anorei XXX

Anorei XXX

Long-time porn guy Tony provides the rock-hard hard-on for Anorei Collins to savour. Confident and skilled, Anorei unveils how that babe gives a charmer a ride that buck won’t forget. Banging her highly king-size 38P billibongs is a major defiance, like climbing Mount Everest.

By the time Anorei gotta high school, she was already a K-cup. “As soon as I got fun bags, it was baggy T-shirts,” Anorei told. Her high-school roommate went through all of her pretty raiment and threw them out. Anorei acquiesced to go hot raiment shopping, buying tank tops, shorts and other outfits that showed her excellent figure.

More gals than boys ask Anorei if they can touch her wobblers. We’ve heard this in advance of from other Big-Boob gals.

Anorei can do something with her titties that very hardly any can do. That babe can rest one breast on top of the other and it’ll stay that way out of her having to hold them. Anorei has done this in some photo discharges.

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Ivory Skin & Giant Tits

Written on September 24, 2018 at 1:25 pm, by

Ivory Skin & Biggest Mellons

Ivory Skin & King-size Tits

Alyson Galen‘s giant knockers developed young and she was always the bustiest hotty in school. “I wear a bra all the time except when I am going to sleep,” Alyson told.

When Alyson observed her clips with her hubby (who 1st suggested she contact XL Cuties), they got horny and wound up getting it on.

“When I go out, I don’t wear anything to draw attention to myself. I at not time thought I would pose stripped or make episodes with strangers. It at not time occurred to me to do this. It really gave me more self-confidence.”

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The XL Girls Car Wash

Written on September 23, 2018 at 6:08 am, by

The XL Girls Car Wash

The XL Beauties Car Wash

It was a hawt day and Natascha Romanova made it hotter by washing a car. That babe started in a one-piece bathing costume, and as that babe hosed and soaped away, she naked off, tossing the dress to the side. Natascha buffed the chassis with her biggest zeppelins, making sure her flesh-mountains got tons of soap on ’em too.

“I have lots of dreams,” Natascha told. “I think of one while I satisfy myself. I’m open and I love to try different things. I wanted to model naked because I suppose the body is a captivating creation of nature and I donot believe it’s not correct to be naked and let others relish.

“When I am with a dude, I love lengthy foreplay with tenderness and kisses. My topmost position is to be on top and I love orall-service. Certainly, a buck get to adore bigger than standard bouncy bosoms. Any smooth operator interested in me must be interested in big bra buddies.”

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Heavenly Body Luna

Written on September 22, 2018 at 12:32 pm, by

Heavenly Body Luna

Heavenly Body Luna

When Luna Bunny was asked what that babe wants to do that she hasn’t already done, the stacked psych scholar said, “I would adore to go on a rollercoaster with my eyes open.” Whether or not Luna will receive around to doing that, we’re glad that that babe is already ridden the rollercoaster at SCORE with her dark-brown eyes wide-open.

When Luna’s not sat at the front of the class crossing and uncrossing her curvacious legs and wearing low-cut tops to fluster her professors, or masturbating and role-playing on-cam while her viewers jerk, she is playing movie scene games, looking at Youtube videos, reading or watching Netflix videos.

Luna came along, operative word “came,” at the right time. SCORE needed a hawt beauty to pair off with a curvacious youthful blond in a hawt 3some with a ladies man. A miniature in number names were mentioned. Luna was exactly the right angel with the right observe the right time. The matching of golden-haired and brunette hair added contrast to the eye candy.

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38G-cup Nagini Keeps Her Date Waiting While She Masturbates

Written on September 21, 2018 at 11:06 pm, by

38G-cup Nagini Keeps Her Date Waiting During the time that That babe Masturbates

38G-cup Nagini Keeps Her Date Expecting During the time that She Masturbates

“I was doing nursing, but I am thinking of getting my bachelor’s in psychology and then going to medical school,” Nagini said in a chat with one of XL Girls’ photographers. “Anyway, I gained over a thousand followers on my livecam very quickly, and I was adore, ‘That’s nice-looking phat.’ I was very surprised.”

In a short time enough, an editor at TSG took notice of this cute little brunette hair with 38G-cup mounds.

“I tend to draw attention to my meatballs. Why not? I’ve some very hot, low-cut tops that I usually wear with a push-up brassiere. Why should I hide ’em? I think they’re impressive, and, obviously, men like them. They’re part of who I’m. And it is
usually not a valuable look when a breasty goddess tries to hide her wobblers. It’s usually not very flattering.”

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