A Humongous Chested Pixie Named Nixie

A Colossal Chested Pixie Named Nixie

New babe alert! Meet Nixie Night, a palatable young babycakes who saw XLGirls.com, checked it out–checked out the astonishing line-up of talent within–and made the decision to send in her home snaps for our studio managers to peruse. Everybody made the same note about Nixie when they saw her. “She’s cute. Greater than standard, heavy-looking zeppelins!” So Nixie was invited over to receive into her birthday costume and now makes her XLGirls debut. Nixie likes gaming and she goes to gamers’ conventions and expos. Her on-line gaming avatar is a hawt alter-ego for her. This babe is a tattoo fan and has one underneath the small of her back that’s visible in photo 54. She desires to get some more. Nixie likewise likes intend to Renaissance Fairs where maidens, wenches and knights meet to make merry. Blossoming very early in life, Nixie says this babe is not at all had a steady husband. She is also bi and likes girls. Nixie likes attention but she can’t live without to keep covered when that babe is out. That babe loves attention but is coyness at the same so she doesn’t costume to display off her bod. It is a different story at home. Nixie masturbates and will use her fingers, not toys, to rub one out. Tell us what you think and display Nixie some love in the comment box under!

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