A Intimate Date

A Intimate Date

It is date night with Mya Blair. Just you and her and no one else. She gets without her dress so u can feast your eyes on her plush body and acquire boob drunk on her 46-inchers.

Mya’s a party girl likewise. This babe goes to parties that are way beyond talking to people with a gulp in your hand.

Mya: Almost all of the parties I go to, I’m the first one topless.

XL Girls: Are they swinger or fetish parties, or is that the same thing?

Mya: No, they’re not the same thing. Fetish parties are for people who savour fetishes. Swinger parties are for people who wish to exchange. Those are just abode parties with people who are in the fetish lifestyle. I don’t even need a hardly any drinks in me. I’ll just acquire topless. Then everybody will say, “I guess the party’s started,” so I think I’m the icebreaker.

XL Girls: Does sex happen?

Mya: Sometimes. I have merely seen sex happen 3 times at a party.

XL Girls: So what happens if everyone’s walking around naked?

Mya: Nothing. It’s just normal, I think. Sometimes there’s drubbing involved, but it’s mostly foreplay, and then they go somewhere else and have sex.

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