Sweater Stretcher

Sweater Stretcher

What a way to begin a week and a month! Whilst every single day here is exciting, and every cutie we feature is particular, our latest newbie is a real treat for us boob-hounds at XL Beauties. Gentlemen, say hi to the fascinating, big breasted and bubbly Alaura Grey. This dark-haired dish hails from San Jose, California and personifies the term “full-figured looker.” Alaura boasts plush 34JJ naturals and a smile so vibrant it can brighten up a cloudy day. And standing at just 4’11”, she is the type of fun-sized treat we’d love to take a bite out of. A sentiment we’re sure was also shared by the workers and patrons at Scones, where Alaura worked in advance of we discovered her.

“I’ve always been the bustiest girl in my town and in school,” that babe told us. “I receive attention because of my mounds all the time. Even when I’m wearing sweaters.”

We know a thing or 2 about sweater stretchers, and Alaura certainly qualifies. And coz it has been far also long since our last constricted tops brandish, we figured this was the ideal time and the perfect cutie to bring this XL classic back.

In her initial debut pictorial, Alaura puts on the tight tops brandish for the long-time previous to lastly lap dancing down to play with nips, titties and clitoris. Interestingly, baring her childbearing haunches and mammoth mams probably isn’t the kinkiest thing Alaura has ever done.

“I one time had sex in the back of a police cruiser,” she told. “My ex-partner was a cop and he still had his uniform on. It was gorgeous hot!”

Oh, we’re gonna relish getting to know this fascinating heart. She’ll be back in a short time, but for now, be sure to check out the episode version of the year’s best taut tops unveil.

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