Alix In The VIP Room

Alix In The VIP Room

Sexy dancer Alix Lakehust at the Large Angel Undress club is popular with the lads. Very popular really. A customer at the exotic dancing club has been watching the well-cushioned gogo dancer all night and is ready to douse his boner with the contents of a fire extinguisher. That man can not take much more of her bigger than run of the mill, shaking wobblers and grinding booty and his pants are on fire.

After her unveil, Alix has no trouble talking him into a private bed dance in the VIP Room. Alix grinds her bulky butt against his tent post, giving him a lap dance that he’ll wanna try anew and once more. Alix is too nice, however, and he is got a hard-on that will not soften.

Their intimate dance gets carried away. Alix has given her customers a screw previous to and that babe is in the mood now for a recent one. Strippers get amorous likewise. This skirt chaser starts dry-humping Alix and squeezing her plump love bubbles, fondelling her nipples and relishing her face-warmers. This babe blows him down, engulfing his balls, jerking his shaft and squeezing her jiggling jugs together so this man can tit-fuck her.

The bouncers outside the door are oblivious to what is going on in the VIP Room and the sounds of a screwing couple are drowned out by the music. They wouldn’t care in any case. Her customer drops trouser and starts rogering Alix on the couch.

Alix is well-trained in the art of pole-dancing and after the titty-swinging brunette rides his pole love a Pogo Stick, that stud slides his schlong deep into her muff. Then they move to the bed so that fellow can bonk her on her back. This competent hawt dancer is an pro in male satisfaction and cum removal! Alix Lakehurst is indeed one of Chicago’s foremost.

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