Amaya May & The Brassiere Thief

Amaya May & The Brassiere Thief

Amaya May finds one of her brassieres in Joe’s closet. This man is a bra thief. What happens to Amaya’s below garment in Joe’s room stays in Joe’s room but since Amaya’s identified it, that babe gives a decision to put it on for him and give him a unveil instead of punishing him.

Amaya (aka Giggles4U) gives Joe more than an eyeful of her pretty big mambos. This babe crushes his 10-Pounder betwixt her super-natural scones, swallows it and bangs his brains out. Amaya is indeed a caring dominatrix and built like a brickhouse with a super-busty body made for sex. We’d steal her brassiere also if this would be the result.

Amaya: I acquire truly juicy if the Lothario I’m with is hot.

SCORELAND: No one can miss that “Juicy” tattoo near your twat if that gent were fortunate enough to acquire close to her undressed hips.

Amaya: It can receive really damp. If I am turned on and I am with the right person, I can squirt.

SCORELAND: Do you think your cum-hole is juicier than other women’s vaginas?

Amaya: Probably not, but I’ve the ability to make it juicier than some women’s. The boy has to know what this chab is doing. When a hotty squirts, it’s not all about the goddess. The lad has to aid it along. This chab has to really turn her on and know what this charmer is doing with his fingers and his dick. But if a boy does the right thing, I’ll squirt.

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