Magnificant May

Amazing May

Michelle May‘s school days:

“I got lots of smiles and winks from lots of the boys. I would not say that I was execrated on coz I went to school in California and everyone showed lots of skin. I mean, it’s typical for people to walk around half-naked in California. I would say that I was the flavor of the week for maybe a week and then people got over it. I got the nickname Shelly Big Pointer sisters and Juggs McGee. It was all in priceless joy. No one ever went out of their way to be nasty to me.”

The dudes for Michelle:

“I adore a boy who will take charge. I am not coyness, and I do not love people who are. I love assertive bucks who don’t appear to be phony. I don’t want a wimp. I like chaps who open the door for me and who scoot me throughout it. I like males who approach me and are straightforward. I do not adore games.”


“I like it when a gent pokes me face down into my pillow, grabs my haunches and shags the shit without me. I don’t love tons of foreplay. Just shag me. I love to be taken and ravished by a fellow when I have sex.”

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