The Redheaded Bra-Buster

The Redheaded Bra-Buster

When the editors 1st saw Amerie Thomas, a celebrated SCORE Beauty from the early years of the magazine came to mind. After considerable brain racking, the connection was made. Amerie looks love gorgeous Letha Weapons, a very popular, very busty dancer and adult star. Amerie’s face, not her body. (Yep, we view the models’ faces, too.) They even have the same hawt lower lip curl.

What was Amerie’s most-fun job? (Not counting adult modeling at

“I worked at an Orange Julius in a mall. It did not feel adore a job at all. All of my friends worked in the mall too.” We’ve yet to see anyone as stacked as Amerie at an Orange Julius. Maybe this would be a good place to leave cards.

“I was an early bloomer,” says Amerie. “I had 34B whoppers at 12. Very awkward considering I lived in a slight city. The boys looked at me adore a piece of meat,” Amerie added with a chuckle.

“I do not go to the gym but I am walking or oozing the streets of Fresh York Town every day.” And let us not forget all that fondelling and squeezing Amerie does.

Mark your calendars for July 25th when Amerie has “Epic Sex” with one of the penis kings of

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