Anal Non-professional

Anal Amateur

“I’m indeed into DPs but having one cock in my arse is admirable, too,” told Eva, a 27-year-old playgirl from San Diego, California who’s into bald-headed Latin men with tattoos. Is that u? It could be, but probably not. Don’t worry, though. Eva has a place in her pussy and her butt for all kinds of dudes. “I love to bonk,” she said. “Can’t you tell from those pictures? I have had babes say to me, ‘How can u do anal with a chap? It is so painful.’ Well, no, it is not painful, and I do it coz I relish it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do it. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, not an ordeal.” By the way, if u have to know, Eva’s favorite TV brandish is I Like Lucy. We guess that makes her an old-fashioned angel.

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