Ruler Of Australia

Ruler Of Australia

In 2012, the three top adult models in the SCORE Adult model of the year contest were Hitomi, Venera and Angela White. Additional congratulations to Angela are in instruct for being on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper in a story called “Laying out The Nude Essentials” by Mark Dapin in the March Twenty three, 2013 edition.

Angela was appearing at the Australian convention Sexpo in Sydney (she lives in Melbourne) and had a breakfast interview with the reporter at the Darling Hotel. “I’m treated far better in the adult industry, with far more respect, than I ever was at Burger King,” Angela tells Dapin who appeared to be somewhat overwhelmed in her presence, even bashful. “I’m a bit of an extrovert,” Angela says, “an exhibitionist, so I adore the digital camera being there.”

Angela tells him the condensed version of how this babe came to SCORE and it was good to see the reporter mention the DVDs B.L.O.W. (Big-Boob Ladies of Oil Wrestling) and Supreme Cherry in the story. This babe too commented about the fans who besiege her at the Sexpo. “They will not say much. Some of ’em are visibly shaking. They’ll usually focus what they say on a particular scene, or a particular magazine they saw me in. They’ll remember the poses I had sex in, how my hair was, all those nice details. Then they’ll say, ‘What was it adore to kiss that person?'”

All hail Angela White, ruler of Australia!

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