More to Bonk

More to Fuck

Anna unveils John the bachelor why she has the goodies he needs… why she has “More To Fuck” and why he should pick her to be his femdom-goddess. In one of her interviews, Anna told TSG editots that: “A lot of men haven’t had the chance to experience what it is like to have titty-sex with large hooters. Coz with little meatballs they can kind of rub on them, but they’re not going to fit around their ramrod love a coochie. And they just love the fact that they can do that, that my milk sacks will indeed wrap all the way around their weenie. And then they just like being talented to squirt on your face and your scones.” More To Copulate co-starring Tatiana Blair, Alanna Ackerman, Melonie Max, Destiny Rose and Kaytee Carter is on crisp DVD from “Usually I relish being obedient and letting the fellow do what this chab craves to do to me,” said Anna. “They always ask if they can feel my melons. They ask to touch ’em and see if they are real or how much they weigh.”

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