Annabelle Rogers’ Toy Chest

Annabelle Rogers' Toy Chest

“I saw an article about people who cam, and it intrigued me,” told Annabelle Rogers, a big-boobed blond girl with bombshell sex appeal.

“So I tried it just for fun, just smth to do on weekends. And at that time, I was living in Germany, so since I didn’t speak German, it was hard for me to receive a job. I was working as a nanny, so I thought, ‘Maybe I could do this.’ And the first day was indeed awesome and I fell in adore with it, and I’ve kept on doing it.”

With her looks and sexually excited personality, Annabelle was a natural glamour model in more ways than one.

I am learning slowly to understand the mind of the boob lad. I love boob dudes, that they appreciate melons. I’ve come across many different boob fetishes, and it is so much fun, all the things u can do with boobs, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand the mind of a male.”

There’re boob fetishes that Annabelle not at all knew existed until this babe got into web exposed modeling.

“There are so many. There was one ladies man who wanted me to keep my brassiere on and not fast turn from side-to-side for five minutes and do no thing else. There was one Lothario who wanted me to eat cheese off my melons, which I’ll do any day of the week.”

The first one is understandable. The one with the cheese is something we’d wait the French to be into, but we’d also watch Annabelle eat cheese off her marangos anytime.

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