Fresh Discovery With Humongous Billibongs

New Discovery With Stupendous Boobs

Antica is a fresh discovery that one of our photographers detected by total happenstance. “I saw Antica in my neighborhood and I was shocked at the size of her love bubbles,” that fellow told. That Lothario had strolled with out his apartment to go somewhere when this gent saw her large jiggling 38G-cup marangos (previous to he saw her) as this babe sauntered down the street. His plans changed abruptly.

“So I sauntered over to her and talked to her. It took me 3 hours to talk to her about posing but in the end that babe agreed. U can see why I was so lewd. One more buck would have just looked and done no thing. You do not watch many gals with large fun bags love this babe has. I had to do something quickly.”

Antica had at no time modeled previous to and was a bit leery at first but after showing the glamorous blond, she changed her mind. We’re happy about that!

You’ll be seeing more of Antica again…unless this babe drops out of sight!

Antica’s almost all beloved job before this babe decided to become a model was “An alcohol vendor in a grocery store.” Almost certainly this babe had many customers including teetotalers. “Your photographer saw me on the street and offered me a position as a SCORE Group model. At first, I wasn’t sure.” Very few photographers have pulled this off! Outstanding.

“My much loved sport is boxing,” says Antica. “I enjoyed the epoch of great boxers love Tyson, Hollyfield and Lewis. Now I am the fan of local boxer Alexander Usik. I likewise adore to go skating. I desire to try bungee jumping or parachute jumping.”

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