Ashley’s Bountiful Zeppelins

 Ashley's Bountiful Boobs

“I was the biggest-breasted cutie in school,” told gracious Brit Ashley Sage Ellison. “I was never tanalized in school cuz we had to cover ’em up and hide them. I’d receive over here bother if I didn’t. So no one saw ’em. I didn’t play tons of sports in school. It’s a bit unbending to run with boobies love this.”

At home:

“I tend to wear comfy beautiful clothing when I’m home. But I likewise like to walk around bare almost any of the time when I don’t must get dressed. If I go out lap dancing, I tend to glam it up. Corsets, short skirts, greater than typical heels, large hair, that sort of thing. I’ve got a large bum too but lads are more interested in my funbags. They always wish to take a selfie with me.”

No surprise there.

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