We’re all concerned about the future and what’s in store for us. Our lad Stud-horse is no different from anyone else in that regard. And while this stud isn’t one for horoscopes, we were sure to inform him that there are ample hips, wazoo and hard rogering in his future ‘coz Virgo Peridot is back in town. Virgo is a sexy little whootie from Daytona Beach and she packs Fourty six inches of ass meat into her jeans and skin-tight dresses.

“I love having a big booty,” that babe says. “And I’m a great ass-shaker and booty-popper. I can make it clap and flex my arse cheeks.”

Virgo is a multi-talented cutie, but we steadfastly maintain that Virgo’s highest talent is her cock-sucking ability. We have observed plenty of women with pro tonsil torque, but damn, Virgo is elite.

“It’s just taking pride in what you do,” Virgo said when we asked her about her fellatio skills. “I have enjoyment it and I have fun getting a man off. And, certainly, I always swallow. No mess, no cleanup.”

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