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Ripe and Ready

Written on January 26, 2021 at 11:58 pm, by

Ripe and Ready

Ripe and Ready

Texan Billie Austin knows all about Southern hospitality. Her smile is genuine and warm as she invites us into her home.

“Welcome,” she says, oozing bubbly Southern charm. “Come on in and see my home.”

Who are we to say no to a girl who looks like Billie? Not with those curves, sexy tats and her 42H-cup tits pouring out of her over-matched purple tank top.

“I think I know why you’re here,” Billie says.

Billie boasts brains to go with her boobs and beauty.

“I think I’d like it if you watched me,” she continues.

Billie slowly sheds her tank top and bra and begins to play with her boobs. She cups her left boob and sucks on her nipple, leaving behind a sexy lipstick ring on her areola. Soon, Billie is stroking her pussy while lustily groping her body and boobs, steadily pushing herself closer to an orgasm.

“Oh, I’m so wet,” she moans after cumming. “That’s just what I needed.”

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Written on January 26, 2021 at 7:00 am, by

Anilos - Luscious Lucy

AnilosLuscious Lucy

featuring Lucy Willow.

Added On:

Jan 26, 2021


Looking smokin’ hot in a tight dress, Lucy Willow is a feast for the eyes. She’s even hotter as she gets naked, flaunting those incredible breasts with their tight nipples and then her big ass and sleek bare twat. Once her thong comes off, this mommy grabs a dildo to ride to orgasm city.

Veronika Meets Mr. Titsucker

Written on January 25, 2021 at 11:58 pm, by

Veronika Meets Mr. Titsucker

Veronika Meets Mr. Titsucker

We discovered Veronika in 2005. Back then, she was a blonde bra-buster who made a splash, then dropped out of sight for several years. Veronika did a few hot pictorials with studs and an equally hot video that was posted on SCOREVideos. Recently, Veronika came back to this big-boobed show-world as a redhead with a little more girl-flesh and bigger boobs. Beautiful, all-natural tits.

“My sex drive has only gotten stronger as I get older,” Veronika told our staffers with the help of a translator. She speaks some English as you’ll hear when Mr. Balls arrives to interview her in a mix of English and Czech before Veronika strips off completely and gets fucked totally nude. Even the heels come off. When she says she masturbates, he immediately asks her to show him how she does it.

“That’s why I love making pictures and videos. I consider myself 100% sexually liberated and I’m happy that my country no longer has any stupid sex laws. I feel sorry for the women in many other countries. To make a living at doing what I love…is there anything better than that for me? I don’t think so.” He’ll say anything to get laid anyway. Breast-men are the same all over the world despite the language and national differences.

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Chavon Taylor’s Epic Tit-fuck

Written on January 25, 2021 at 11:41 pm, by

Chavon Taylor’s Epic Tit-fuck

Chavon Taylor's Epic Tit-fuck

Chavon Taylor‘s boyfriend is trying to watch TV but it’s not working. Dressed to show off her curves and big tits, Chavon walks into the room with the disconnected TV’s cables in her hands and an annoyed look on her face. She’s tired of him not paying any attention to her and spending all his time watching sports.

Chavon is a girl who attracts guys like bees to a flower so she’s not pleased with her man’s indifference. She’s going to fix that problem by giving him an epic tit-fuck and hand job like he’s never had before. His iron grip on his remote control weakens as Chavon works his cock in many different ways.

Like a lot of girls, Chavon likes a challenge, for the most part. “I like guys that don’t need me,” Chavon once said. “The hard-to-get guys. But my guy has to have a banging style, bomb-ass attitude and needs to be real confident. I don’t like people who become way too attached. I love guys who take control, but sometimes a girl’s gotta jump in there and show him what’s up.”

That’s what Chavon’s got to do with this remote control guy. She really just wants a cock to play with.

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Oxana Minsk: The Girl With 42G-cups

Written on January 24, 2021 at 8:07 am, by

Oxana Minsk: The Girl With 42G-cups

Oxana Minsk: The Girl With 42G-cups

Oxana Minsk looks out her kitchen window and sees that the weather is crummy. Now what’s a girl to do if she has to change her outdoor plans for the day?

For XL Girl Oxana who has 42G-cups, it means peeling out of her bodysuit and playing with those bra-busters and making her pussy happy.

“I used to play volleyball and was on the swim team,” Oxana told us. We can just picture Oxana playing volleyball and coming out of the pool dripping-wet.

XLGirls: What is your favorite sex position?

Oxana: Doggie is my favorite.

XLGirls: What kind of foreplay do you like best?

Oxana: I’ve never thought about it.

XLGirls: What was your kinkiest sex experience?

Oxana: I’ve never really had one.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex with a girl?

Oxana: Only in a three-way. I never did anything with just a girl.

XLGirls: When you give a blow job, do you spit or swallow?

Oxana: I prefer not to swallow or spit. I don’t like to have cum in my mouth.

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