Backside Rubdown

Backside Rubdown

Salute, Chick. When we final saw you in the June ’09 issue you said us that you love anal and that you were pumped up to take it in the wazoo.
“And here I’m to prove it, baby! [Laughs.] When I 1st came to BootyLicious magazine, you boys asked me what my interests were and to tell u all of my sexiest fantasies. Well, I did and one of ’em was this locker room fantasy that I’ve had since I was in high-school. I’d masturbate and imagine that I was playing with my cum-hole in the locker room after a game and that I’d got caught.”

And who exactly was it that you were fantasizing about catching u doing all sorts of wicked things to your vagina and anus, Honey?
“It was always a different boy each time I fantasized. Sometimes I’d imagine that it was my coach and that he would tell me how I was doing it incorrect and then this chab would expose me how to play with my wet crack and make me cum. Sometimes I’d imagine that it was a entire bunch of basketball players and that they would take turns banging me in the showers. And sometimes I would imagine that it was a scout from some college and that he’d fuck me right there on the bench and then cum all over my anal opening.”

So we set up your dream bonk and you got down in a locker room. Was it everything that u had imagined? Did it satisfy your kinky wishes?
“All I can say is that I was hornier than I’ve ever been in my life. In advance of Colton even touched my twat, I was already luscious and throbbing. And I loved banging on this bench coz I could straddle it and receive his shlong even farther in my fur pie. I recommend rogering on benches! It makes the sex so much better. I straddled him and rode him until I was cumming all over him. And during the time that I was on top, this charmer licked his fingers and slipped them into my backdoor. That is when I actually went bonkers!”

Did you cum from the anal, too, Pleasing heart?
“Yes coz anal always makes me cum harder than a jock in my snatch does. Once his shlong was in my booty, I started grinding on it and playing with my clit. Before I knew it, I was cumming and this stud was yelling that this woman chaser was going to bust all over my chubby wazoo.”

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