Coz One Gent Is Not Enough

Because One Chap Is Not Enough

Nikky Wilder is unbending at work in the office. Well, not that rock hard. Who’s truly hard at work is the chap behind Nikky. This fortunate smooth operator stares at Nikky all day. Her big milk shakes make him as stiff as a rock and this babe knows it.

Nikky and Tony sext each other all day. This is a humongous issue for businesses these days, maybe even more serious than crew downloading undressed pics at work.

Nikky sexts Tony and discharges a photo of her major breast valley for him to drool over. She gives a decision to hook up with Tony and sexts him that that babe desires to screw on the boss’s desk during the time that he is in the break room. Unfortunately, Nikky sends this message to the boss’s phone by accident. He picks it up and reads it, then goes back to his office and has Nikky come in. Will this babe get the pink slip for this transgression?

No way. The boss wishes Nikky’s pink vagina, not her pink slide.

This chab summons Tony to his office and discusses the situation with one as well as the other of ’em. The boss urges Nikky and Tony to proceed with Nikky’s original idea and he urges to look at them copulate.

Then the boss takes his dick out too. That fellow urges a piece of this worthwhile, foxy momma himself. Now Nikky can double her joy and double her mouthful of cum. This has been a very weird afternoon at the office.

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