Adore These Curves

Love Those Curves

Beti’s final name is pronounced exactly the way you think it is pronounced. “It’s no secret I am afraid that I am an absolute pervert and I adore having plenty of sex,” says Beti, hawt English cutie. Her accent makes being pervy seem so proper when that babe tells the photographer this. At least for a goddess. And a very curvy, off-the-chart, playful beauty who giggles and laughs a lot. “I adore laughing. I’m a very glad person.” Is Beti the girlfriend type? Absolutely.

Impressive Beti unveils her adorable, moist body one time afresh as a prelude to an upcoming, smashing scene with a service-cock. Can he keep up with this succulently-padded nymph with a brilliant smile? Her final raunchy caper with regular Neeo was a bed-breaker. Await the same fireworks.

Beti’s philosophy appeals to the mind of the XLGirl worshipper. “I’m a big girl. I’ve got mammoth fullsome funbags. Boys love giant bra buddies. I love boys. So it is a truly great combination as it so happens!”

Beti’s squeezable meatballs are heavy and veiny with bigger in size than standard, pale areolae surrounding darker, pointed nubs. Milk shakes that demand lots of mouthing, caressing and banging. Her beautiful cunt is hairless and a big clitoral hood tops it. An extra-sensitive clit engorges at the dunky flick of a partner’s tongue. Haunches made for holding. Her bum-bum begs to be spanked and legs are strong and buxom, the better to wrap around your neck. This babe can’t live with out wearing large shoes to give her legs these additional curves and a jutting a-hole that would be constantly dark and blue from pinches if she lived in Italy.

All-in-all, the covergirl of September ’13 XLGirls magazine is a real doll.

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