Mammaries Without Borders

Boobs Out of Borders

What’s your favorite Stefania Kinskih scene so far? The pick here is that jogging video that babe did and then the outdoor scene in her country gal outfit.

Mom Nature was very generous to Stefania and this babe said that babe appreciates her gifts. “I watch tons of western women getting implants to buy what God gave me so I am thankful for my pointer sisters. I like to take admirable care of ’em with healthy massages with spunk or baby oil as often as I can. I like my boobies.” Stefania only speaks numerous words of English so we could have at not time collected her opinions and thoughts out of the aid of our translator.

SCORELAND: What makes u giggle the hardest?

Stefania: I adore to see a matter of joke episodes. I like animals so laughable little cats and dogs make me chortle.

SCORELAND: What does sexy mean to u?

Stefania: The strength of a lady-killer. Hearing his breathing. The smell of his shirts. A Lothario who is very masculine and well-mannered. That Lothario need to be kind but I must feel that maybe inside this man is a bad lady-killer.

SCORELAND: Would you have sex on a first date?

Stefania: It doesn’t happen with me. Yet, it depends on how a fellow is treating me. Maybe after a not many dates, we will get jointly.

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