Ultra Gal

Ultra Girl

It is Brook Ultra’s 1st time at SCORELAND and the slim-and-stacked, hazel-eyed brunette is ready to disclose every inch of her hot bod. Brook likes to box, write poetry and train at the Fitness Centre. Her body is fit and constricted and that makes her greater than average meatballs look even greater. Brook likes to suit in taut raiment too and she’s a lingerie paramour. That babe have to have a store’s worth of hawt underware and bras in her closet.

“I’m very pliant and I can twerk upside down in a handstand position,” says Ultra Girl. That acquire to be something to watch. This babe enjoys bondage and discipline (as a resigned) and talks about her fetishes in her movie scene chat. Brook’s voice is very seductive as she talks about sex while she’s tickling her pink taco.

Please welcome Brook Ultra to SCORELAND and make her feel right at home.

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