Bubblin’ The Day Away

Bubblin' The Day Away

“I used to get a lot of attention from lads in school cuz of my body” said Allie Pearson. Having a pretty face helped also. “I developed at a youthful age, so my bra-busters, my ass, all that good ram, got their attention. That’s when I remember really standing out and having bigger in size assets than the other cuties.

“A lot of the other cuties would observe me and say, ‘Oh my gosh! You’ve bigger than typical juggs! I desire I had bigger in size than average zeppelins,’ coz at that age, each goddess wishes bumpers, but as far as participating in plenty of activities, it was uncomfortable at that age because whatsoever u do you’re flopping around.”

“The funniest boob thing is when my ally has come up to me a not many times and played the drums on my titties. It is hilarious. She’ll just come up to me and do it in public. Usually after a scarcely any drinks.”

Allie is the top-rated girl at XL Angels. Considering all of the other knockouts, that says a lot.

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