Picked Up And Fucked

Picked Up And Fucked

JMac sees Bunny De La Cruz and her 34JJ power-cannons packed into a thin top and that dude just urges to fondle and talk about their future. Actually, no.

Bunny has an 60 minutes for lunch before that babe has to get back to work. That is just enough time for JMac to waylay Bunny and feed her a line about making lunch for her back at his place. A screwing fib so this lady-killer can indeed feed her his sausage hero and then send her back to work. All’s fair.

But this Bunny is no dumb bunny. She knows tricks are for kids. She’s willing to play along with his routine so that babe can get some daytime tube-steak herself. Plus, he’s not exactly subtle, squeezing his junk as this smooth operator chats with her on the bed at his abode.

Angels acquire hot for sex too but they don’t feel they need the subterfuge that bucks think they need. They can just say, “Hi, who are you, I’m excited to meet u.” But boys, we like to pursue them also. No guts, no magnificence.

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