Adult Education

Adult Education

After 3 years, a fresh set of the great Carol Brown of Britain was just what the dean ordered at 1998 V-mag Sex star of the year Carol rocks a coed/stripper outfit in those photos and gives fresh meaning to the term “Adult Education.”

Carol is hornier than ever and this babe was plenty slutty in the ’90s.

“I have modeled for The SCORE Group a number of times over the years,” Carol said the editor of XL Gals magazine. “I am thrilled that u think I may look better those days. To keep myself looking priceless, I’ve as much sex as possible. It is the only exercise I have joy. I do adore a admirable facial. It helps to keep the wrinkles at bay.”

“Years ago, it was old chaps that detected me alluring. Those days I acquire lots of attention from younger blokes. I suppose that is coz they know I’m skillful and could show ’em a thing or 2.”

“I love to have sex at least one time a day. I adore mouthing penis. It gets my juices flowing. If my husband is weary, I’ve got a large selection of dildos and a sex machine to satisfy my urges. I masturbate almost any days.”

“The funniest thing a bloke has said to me was that he had wanked over my photos five times in an sixty minutes and hoped that his wife didn’t crave sex with him that night as this woman chaser did not think he could manage it.”

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