The Bod In The Mirror

The Bod In The Mirror

Charlotte Girl is fresh to XL Angels. SCORE Gal Sheridan Love recommended Charlotte try modeling. They met at an adult expo. Charlotte turned out to be a natural at one as well as the other exposed posing and hardcore scenes. She is got the bod, the face, the sex drive and the personality. Charlotte checks herself out in a large mirror and likes what that babe sees. So do we!

XL Girls: You’ve got a regular job.

Charlotte: I’ve been in security a lengthy time so that’s been my main source of income.

XL Girls: What kind of dates do u love to go on?

Charlotte: I’m not one for overly mushy, romantic dates. Usually it is wonderful sometimes but not all the time. I’m perfectly okay with sitting home and watching a movie scene with some snacks or getting dinner and going for a walk.

XL Girls: Would the people who know u be surprised to watch you here?

Charlotte: Some might be but I think that majority of the people I know would not be too shocked. I was always a little wild, even in school. I liked to party and savour and I wasn’t ever bashful about sex so something like this wouldn’t be a humongous shock.

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