Jungle Swinging couples

Jungle Swingers

This is one of Claudia KeAloha’s early SCORE scenes with porn ladies man Jean Val Jean. They’re jungle swinging couples and if you are plan to swing, Claudia is someone you urge to swing with cuz she’ll blow your loincloth clean off.

“I adore a worthwhile ding-dong size,” breasty gogo dancer Claudia told in her SCORE chats. “I love to have my nipples sucked as we screw and to be kissed during the time that screwing makes me cum. I have sex about twice a month. I like sex but since I don’t have a spouse, one has to be careful. I donot love to have longtime boyfriends. The closest I have come to sex in public is filming vids. It’s joy to be watched and read the comments later on.

“Size is important but I do not need a really giant schlong. I adore the missionary position ‘coz I love to have my tits sucked at the same time. I like to be kissed. I love to watch the guy’s face and have eye contact with him also. My least much loved is doggie ‘cuz I can’t watch anything.”

‘Dancing and adult movie scenes have increased my knowledge of how to please a buck. My sex drive was always high. Now I’m a lot more assured in bed and ready to try not quite anything. Except anal.”

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