Dally With Allie

Dally With Allie

Some angels have at not time dropped without the top five in the Adult model Directory at XL Angels. Guess who’s one of ’em? Allie Pearson is from Texas. You know Texas. Everything is greater than standard there. Especially the pantoons. We got to wonder if Allie has any buxom girlfriends. Birds of a feather, ya know. We can not acquire over her. Every time Allie appears, we prepare to fall in love.

XLGirls: The number of lads in your life who have said to you, “I can’t go out with you anymore. Your mounds are too big”?

Allie: Zero, and you’re right. Not cuz of that.

XLGirls: Do u play any sports?

Allie: No. My bra-busters are very sensitive. They take a toll on my back after a during the time that, likewise.

XLGirls: Are you sure you are wearing the right-size bras?

Allie: I usually wear sports bras.

XLGirls: Boo!

Allie: I know, but I’ve to get bras fitted, and it’s been too long since I’ve done that. Underwires are a problem. I get to acquire measured properly for bras.

XLGirls: There’s no shortage of volunteers for that job.

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