Brick House Honey bunny

Brick House Babe

In Texas, the bricks are bigger in size and the breasts are even bigger in size. Bricks are stiff. Boobies are cushioned. Why a beauty with a curvy, ultra-plush body is called a brick abode is something for the word-scholars to sort out.

Illustrating the definition of “brick house” in fotos and a Bonus video is Danica Danali (Full Figured Foxes 2, Corpulent N’ Banged 2 and more), a Texas housewife with 38L-cups and a 52-inch bustline. Danica is back at with a new series of photos and episodes. Danica 1st came here at the end of 2010 and was an immediate hit.

Danica’s been married thirteen years and her partner supports her adult modeling interests. And that’s a great thing for all fans of XL Beauties and their hot adventures.

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