Clash of The Sex Titans

Clash of The Sex Titans

Bitch gal of larger than standard love bubbles and arse also, charismatic Daylene Rio is willing for it. Not the Battle of the Sexes. She is willing for the Clash of the Sex Titans. When it comes to Daylene giving the ramrod TLC and getting her own satisfaction, she’s a gold medalist in the coliseum of copulation with a Ph.D in sensual knowledge.

“I adore multiple orgasms, foreplay, kissing, snuggling and spooning,” says Daylene in her seriously erotic, baby-doll voice.

“I feel hawt when I am all dolled-up, sipping some wine and stripping sensuously. I adore to look hawt by wearing see-through leggings, no briefs or below garment or wearing see-through garments. When I urge it, I will walk up to a dude and just now tell him I’m attracted to him. I donot hold back!

“I’ve viewed my SCORE episodes and DVDs by myself but for some reason when I’m on a date, the lad is always showing me movies of my scenes.

“Shooting my 1st scenes at SCORE [in 2009] did change me, in a worthy way. I’m much more open to sex and I think I’m more aggressive now.

“The sex I have had always looks different when I watch the clip later on compared to when I am making it. I notice things that I did not notice previous to until I viewed it. It made me feel worthy to see that SCORE made a DVD [XXXtreme Daylene] of only my scenes. That’s never happened anywhere else.”

Even though Daylene has a couple of the immense and sexiest bra buddies at SCORELAND, this babe says her ass and her eyes are her utmost features because “the eyes say it all.”

Welcome back, the seriously hawt Daylene Rio. And that’s a fact, Jack!

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