The Big titted Angel In Gold Boots

The Titanic breasted Goddess In Gold Boots

The very word “desire” is in Desiree’s name. This wanton guy still lives with his parents. Blame those difficult economic times. They’re not home so he sees this as an opportunity to have a intimate party with a hooker. Living at home saves cash even if it does put a damper on dating. When the folks are out the son will have some obscene fun.

That Lothario checks out an outcall escort service and picks redhaired cutie Desiree as his play-for-pay bride for the night. That man must have observed her previous SCORE episodes and been impressed. Desiree brandishes up wearing a super-tight, low-cut costume that can barely contain her creamy white Thirty six triple-D sucklers so that babe wears a bikini top under her costume to secure and support them. Black-mesh thigh-high stockings, black mesh straps and long gold boots that not quite cover all of her thighs entire the slutty-hottie look.

Clearly, Desiree must fetch a fine price for her skilled services with a curvacious, buxom body adore that. This babe asks her recent client what that chap desires today. Oral stimulation? Tit-fuck? The smooth operator goes for broke and wishes full-service. Mouthing, rogering, blowing his load all over her. If it is full-service he urges, full-service is what Desiree is gonna deliver. A highly-skilled expert, Desiree undresses him quickly and efficiently. Satisfaction is her goal and that babe knows exactly what fellows want: the shag fantasy, the total sex pleaser. The charmer made a great pick when this ladies man chose Desiree. She’ll drain him dry!

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