Devin Taylor: The solely interview

Devin Taylor: The only interview

In this ultra-rare interview, the solely movie chat with Devin Taylor in existence, the star of the DVD Devin Does South Beach chats with 2 XL Girls’ editors about her interests, her bizarre body and boobies as well as her background.

This interview was conducted after the DVD completed filming. Devin was very protective of her image. She wanted to be presented in a way that followed that philosophy. Boys on message boards and bloggers can be very derogatory and nasty about gals in the adult area. Devin hates this attitude. We never heard her use salty language during her visits to XL Gals.

“I like knickers,” says Devin in her very pleasing, precise and soft-spoken voice. “Some people feel that if you’re over a certain weight, u shouldn’t wear a knicker, but I think that is bull. If I feel hot in a thong, then I am plan to wear one!

“I adore underware, and I always wear matching bra-and-panties, even underneath sweat trousers. I do that for me! I merit it. I wear plenty of skirts, short tops. Not likewise many v-necks coz I acquire stared at. There is that idea that if u have large billibongs, you’re trampy or looking for attention, but I’ve had ’em all my life!”

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