Did My Ass Make the Cut?

Did My Wazoo Make the Cut?

When u are an wazoo woman chaser and u see an a-hole love Luscious Louis‘ just walking down the street, chances are you might lose your mind just a little. Hey, we aren’t blaming you. We got lost in all that wiggle and jiggle, too. Luckily for this ladies man, Juicy is very accommodating. U watch, all this man has to do is hold up a movie camera after he smacks her arse and this babe goes from being angry to being interested. Why? Cuz she wants to be in a movie, that’s why. So when he takes her back to the hotel for a little shakin’ and a little suckin’, she’s all for it. In fact, she breaks him off such a serious piece of booty that that fellow blows his jizz like a virgin on prom night. But, we told it one time, and now we will repeat it: We aren’t blaming him. We’d acquire lost in all that wiggle and jiggle, too.

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