She’s A 21st Century Fox

She's A 21st Century Fox

Minka, Amy Anderssen, Lisa Lipps, Kayla Kleevage, Bella French and other big-bust stars were a major influence on 21st century fox Dolly Fox. It was her goal to be a big-bust star also. Now she is. In January 2016’s SCORE, Dolly’s debut issue, Dave wrote, “Here’s a hotty who just might be the 2016 Apprentice of the Year.” Here she’s, in her third scene.

SCORE: Do you adore playing sports?

Dolly: Yep, in the bedroom.

SCORE: Do u have any a matter of joke habits?

Dolly: Being sexually excited all the time.

SCORE: Do u love to sing?

Dolly: Yes, but I think nobody urges to hear me.

SCORE: Are you called by any pet names?

Dolly: Tiger.

SCORE: Do u drive? Do seat straps fit u comfortably?

Dolly: No, I like to be driven around by my driver. No problems with seat belts, yet.

SCORE: What’s it adore for you going throughout airports with whoppers that bigger in size than standard?

Dolly: Security control seems to take a little longer!

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