“Play With My Bosoms!”

Dulcinea says if that babe were a pastry, this babe would definitely be cheesecake.

“I’m adore a cheesecake with strawberries in it,” this babe said. “I find cheesecake to be savory, whereas other cakes are fascinating off the bat. So with cheesecake, the more time you spend with it, the more breathtaking it receives.”

This sweet HH-cupper’s reasoning certainly is sound. The Brotherhood of XL Dudes loved their first smack of Dulcinea in her September debut, and her 1st hardcore in December was the flawless cherry-poppin’ topper.

Member Rizzo123 had this to say about Dulcinea’s 1st hardcore: “Amazing! Hope to see more of Dulcinea! What a ravisher!”

Your wish is our command, Rizzo. Dulcinea isn’t screwing this day, but her soft curves and plush scoops do look as sweet and scrumptious as ever. Especially since she’s the sort of shy, girl-next-door we adore encounter. Like many of our favorites gals, Dulcinea’s first-ever bare modeling experience is with us. A self-described bubbly but shy angel, posing for us is her way of breaking out of her shell.

“I guess u could call it a raunchy awaking,” that babe said. “I just want to be more comfortable with my body, more pleasured of it.”

Dulcinea has plenty to be satisfied of, and you can inspect each ounce of her once afresh in the video version of this set.

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