Red, White and Funbags!

Red, White and Bosoms!

Dulcinea says if this babe were a pastry, she would definitely be a cheesecake.

“I detect cheesecake to be savory,” Dulcinea said. “Other cakes are kind of ravishing right off the bat, but with cheesecake it gets more wonderful the more time you spend with it. I suppose I’m savory, likewise.”

Dulcinea makes a valuable point. This babe always makes our face holes water, and that babe looks more edible each time we watch her. Our ally Carlos always has a healthy appetite, and he’s about to take a few bigger than typical bites with out the extra-savory Dulcinea. And we’ve to view. Which is not only admirable with Dulcinea, it too turns her on.

“I like exhibitionism,” Dulcinea says. “I adore being observed. I am into sex parties, and that is one of the turn-ons of a sex party. Knowing people are getting off on me screwing excites me.”

We can only imagine how juicy Dulcinea acquires knowing chaps all over the world are getting off to her rogering one time some other time. And this scene may be her hottest yet, so it could take XL Dudes 2-3 sessions to finish this one.

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