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Suki Ski: Reach For The Ski

Written on April 18, 2021 at 2:47 pm, by

Suki Ski: Reach For The Ski

Suki Ski: Reach For The Ski

From Vermont to Florida and The SCORE Group, Suki Ski is here to light up your life. Suki found one of our online ads for models and emailed for details, then she sent several at-home snaps. That lit up our lives at the office.

The SCORELAND blog posting that tipped off readers about her imminent arrival generated 40 comments and counting. Asked whom they thought Suki looked like, the majority wrote Suki reminded them of Nicole Peters. Others wrote Taylor Steele and Valory Irene. British model Stacey Poole’s name was also mentioned several times.

“People say I’m super sweet and friendly,” said Suki who busts a 34FF-bra. “I’m a yoga teacher and getting back into it. I used to dance hip hop, lyrical and jazz. I love dancing, singing, swimming, travelling and blogging. I get a lot of attention. I like to wear strappy or strapless tops and no bra.”

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XLGirls Group Sex Parties

Written on April 17, 2021 at 6:36 am, by

XLGirls Group Sex Parties

XLGirls Group Sex Parties

What do Maria Moore, Samantha 38G, Sapphire, Cassie Blanca, Rose Valentina, Renee Ross, Selena Castro, Hillary Hooterz, Scarlett Rouge, Camelia Davis, Haydee Rodriguez, Ivy Dreams, Lovely Libra, Madi Jane and Peaches La Rue have in common? 

Besides being some of the horniest XLGirls to fuck and suck and drain the nuts of hung studs?

They’ve all over-heated the screen in plumper pleasure party orgies, their big tits and ass-cheeks shaking and jiggling. They are sexual superwomen who share and share alike with guys or with each other.

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Good Girl Gone Bad Girl

Written on April 14, 2021 at 2:37 pm, by

Good Girl Gone Bad Girl

Good Girl Gone Bad Girl

Lavina Dream reclines on a bed, dressed in a turquoise dress and high-heeled sandals. Very sexy. But Lavina wants more. She wants to get a little hotter, a little more naughty, as if spreading her girl-box and toying herself with dildos isn’t horny enough.

Lavina takes her time slipping out of her outfit, making sure she’s doing it nice and slow. She holds up a pair of platform heels that belong on a strip club stage and slips her feet into them. A pair of pink panties is next and then a hot pink dress that must require a license to wear outside.

Lavina gives her hair the hot mess look and makes it wild. What’s that bamboo stick for? Beating up fresh guys? Lavina leans back to rub her pink slit until it’s soaked with her girl juice. That will taste delicious when she sucks on her finger after she cums.

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Scarlet Peach: Sex Games Wives Play

Written on April 10, 2021 at 3:14 pm, by

Scarlet Peach: Sex Games Wives Play

Scarlet Peach: Sex Games Wives Play

Scarlet Peach‘s male friend spends the night with Scarlet and her husband. While the hubby is in the bedroom, Scarlet and her friend have a late night chat. After Scarlet tells him good night, they decide to add some spark to the friendship and fuck next to her husband.

XLGirls: Scarlet, how did you find out about The SCORE Group?

Scarlet: I’m a longtime fan! I’ve been following you since my late teens. I’ve always wanted to work in the industry and be a model for you.

XLGirls: What’s the most-fun job you’ve ever had?

Scarlet: Being a burlesque dancer and performer is by far the most-fun job I have ever had in my life. I’m an intensely sexual person and being able to do what I love to do, I couldn’t be happier. Now, since I started producing porn, too, I’m on cloud nine! I can’t help but recall a job I had several years ago as a graphic designer at a sign shop. I would wear slightly inappropriate attire to work just to tease my boss. I worked in an office full of men. I liked it that way. My boss would call me in his office and tell me that I shouldn’t have worn that and that it was making his cock hard. Then he would keep me late and we’d fuck in the print room after hours. He would bend me over the cutting table or desk, sometimes over the printer, too. But it always started and ended with him pushing me down on my knees. So hot!

XLGirls: What type of foreplay do you like?

Scarlet: I’m a pleaser. That’s what really gets me going. I love turning on some sexy music and dancing and strip teasing for my lover. Then rubbing and grinding my body against his and kissing and groping each other. I love having my tits firmly grabbed and jiggled while shaking and draping them over his face. My nipples get really hard and I love having them sucked! My favorite foreplay is sucking cock. You might say I have an oral fixation. I love starting slow and sensual to build tension and sensitivity. Then work my hands and tits into the blow job as well, ending in passionate deep-throating and a slobbery mess before sliding my cunt down onto that eager cock. I’m also bisexual so if it’s a woman lover, I will approach her in the same manner but will focus on playing with her breasts and teasing her clit before licking and lapping at her sweet little pussy.

XLGirls: Thank you again, Scarlet Peach.

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Ivanna Lace Heats Up The House

Written on April 9, 2021 at 7:30 am, by

Ivanna Lace Heats Up The House

Ivanna Lace Heats Up The House

When the always-charming and fun-loving Ivanna Lace gets home after slowing down traffic and making pedestrians walk into streetlight poles as she walks to her apartment, she does what you love to see. Ivanna also does some swingin’, shakin’ boob play in front of her large mirror before getting into her bed and going to her happy place.

XLGirls: Have you ever seen another woman yell at her husband or boyfriend for staring at you?

Ivanna: Sure. We have eyes in order to see and watch. If a man looks at a woman, it means he likes to watch what he sees.

XLGirls: What is something you have tried but will never do again?

Ivanna: That I can’t answer.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex in public?

Ivanna: I had sex in a car. People couldn’t even imagine what was going on in that car.

XLGirls: What super power would you like to have for one day?

Ivanna: I would like to fly. Naked. Above a nude beach. That is an interesting picture in my head.

XLGirls: That would be better than Wonder Woman.

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Texas Big Top Star

Written on April 7, 2021 at 11:12 pm, by

Texas Big Top Star

Texas Big Top Star

Dani Moore‘s friend back home in Texas, where they grow their tits big, recommended she apply to The SCORE Group and try modeling. So Dani went to our models’ ad on the net,

“I applied, not thinking I would actually get picked,” said Dani. But that was not the case. Having 47-inch, 38DDD hooters will always get girls through our doors.

Dani likes to suntan with a bikini top. She works in a tattoo shop, which sounds to us like a great place to meet busty women and whisper in their ear about modeling. Dani is not a swinger and she’s not a nudist. But she was curious about hot modeling, and as fate worked out, her friend knew all about us.

Dani did a voice-over for this video as she masturbates on a couch. It’s a neat touch as many times a girl is so wrapped up in baking her cookies that she’s too preoccupied to talk. Dani watched the video as she did the voice-over. That would have been an interesting video too.

“I masturbate as often as I can, usually with one or both of my vibrators or just using my fingers,” says Dani.

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Andi Ray: XLGirl’s Sexy Tutor

Written on April 3, 2021 at 11:03 pm, by

Andi Ray: XLGirl’s Sexy Tutor

Andi Ray: XLGirl's Sexy Tutor

Professional tutor and champion of higher education, Andi Ray faces a challenge when she is hired to help Milan get through his college exams. Milan doesn’t care about getting a degree and would rather spend all day looking at his smartphone and sending dick pics to girls. What he fails to understand is that his phone and other modern miracles are the result of education and study.

His surly attitude and how he ignores her comments triggers Ms. Ray. She angrily leaves the room to cool off after lecturing him without success. Then Andi has an idea. Her way of shock treatment. She walks back into the room wearing only her bra, panties and high heels. Suddenly, Milan takes an extreme interest in what Andi is doing. He comes down with a case of severe brain freeze after seeing what her curvy body, big ass cheeks and big tits look like out of her properly professional clothing. He is now a puppet under Andi’s spell, as would we all be.

Andi will fuck out whatever brains her student has left after looking at the internet day and night. And she will suck his balls until they get as dry as a bag of airplane nuts. This radical technique is not in the tutor’s instructional guide but Andi is desperate for a solution. We believe she is onto something here.

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Oxana Minsk: Thick Thighs Save Lives

Written on April 2, 2021 at 3:01 pm, by

Oxana Minsk: Thick Thighs Save Lives

Oxana Minsk: Thick Thighs Save Lives

Oxana Minsk is back to drive you out of your mind. She stretches out her new tank top with her fantastic 42-G breasts as she stands by a full-length mirror, and we more than admire the view too.

Oxana’s tank reads “Thick Thighs Saves Lives.” We don’t know where Oxana bought that tank and it sure fits her nicely. This is an important message and approves this statement.

“I don’t really dress all that sexy so this is when I had the chance to do that. Sometimes I’ll wear a low-cut shirt. I like the attention I see my videos and photos are getting.”

XLGirls: Are you into any fetishes?

Oxana: I have not really thought about that, to be honest.

XLGirls: Do you masturbate regularly?

Oxana: Not really. I prefer the real thing.

XLGirls: What is the funniest pick-up line a guy ever said to you?

Oxana: I don’t remember any good ones.

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Large Lovin’ Babe

Written on March 30, 2021 at 10:54 pm, by

Large Lovin’ Babe

Large Lovin' Babe

Glory Foxxx sizes up this dude, and we do mean “sizes up.” When Glory sizes up a guy, it’s a package deal. He passes her length test. She produces a boner with her top-notch dick and ball sucking and licking, driving him crazy with her big tits. He fucks her tits next.

A busty girl like Glory loves to be tit-fucked, giving and receiving in different positions. She had a very active sex life before getting into adult modeling but she discovered that she totally loves fucking on-camera and began actively pursuing a career in big gal porn.

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Mia Lopez: Too Hot For Her Dress

Written on March 28, 2021 at 6:56 am, by

Mia Lopez: Too Hot For Her Dress

Mia Lopez: Too Hot For Her Dress

Mia Lopez is waiting patiently to show you her curvy and Rubenesque figure. Her tight dress accentuates her curves. Dropping the top of her dress and taking off her bra, Mia gives you an eyeful of her fleshy and delicious tits. She wants to treat you to her style of breast-play with clapping, slapping, dangling, self-sucking, jiggling and swinging. To suck on those tits would be a breast-man’s dream.

The rear view is just as impressive as the front view. Mia twerks her thick ass cheeks and she’s just as skilled in booty jiggling as she is shaking her heavy hangers like maracas.

Mia’s panties come off and she is ready to cum. She spreads her legs wide, finger-fucks her shaved pussy and rubs her clit. Her hand works fast. Her fingers go deep inside and she explodes quickly from the finger-friction and pussy-patting.

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Fuck My Big Tits

Written on March 26, 2021 at 11:40 pm, by

Fuck My Big Tits

Fuck My Big Tits

What are those four words that breast-men love to hear a busty babe say?

“Fuck my big tits.”

Greta Grindhouse, Liza Biggs, Suzumi Wilder, Andi Peacock, Charlie Cooper, Marilyn White, Gina George, Lucy Lenore, Cameron Skye and Channel Sweets are the big titters who sweetly ask horny men for a round of breast-boning.

In Japan, breast-sex is called paizuri. In the UK, tit-wanking. A pearl necklace is what a girl receives when a guy spurts between her tits and splashes her neck.

Slang for tit-fucking includes hooter-humping, hosing the hangers, driving the skin-bus through the titty-tunnel, and ramming the royal rack.

What’s better than boob-sex? Boob-sex with eye-contact and horny talking.

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Beauty, Boobs & Wine

Written on March 24, 2021 at 7:42 am, by

Beauty, Boobs & Wine

Beauty, Boobs & Wine

There’s nothing better than spending quality time with a busty, beautiful babe. Harley Ann is one of those girls you could spend all night with. Chatting, fucking, sipping on wine, whatever floats your boat. Harley welcomes any and all interaction with men who appreciate her ample assets.

“I love to get all dressed up, go out and watch the guys stare at me,” Harley says as this scene opens. “I love to smile at them and be cute and flirty.

“As sweet and nice as I am, I have a little secret I want to share with you.” The secret is Harley is as naughty and horny as any girl you’ll ever meet, and she’s been playing with herself the entire time she’s been talking to us. When the camera pans down, we see that she has her favorite toy–a purple dildo–placed firmly inside of her plump cunt. Harley pulls it out, licks her juices off of it, dunks it into her glass of wine and slides it back into her mouth.

It’s now playtime for Harley, who says she masturbates at least once per day and fucks even more frequently than that.

“Do you like my secret?” She asks with a tease.

It’s safe to say Harley’s secret is even better than Victoria’s. Especially as she’s using her 40DDD naturals to give her purple toy what would be the world’s greatest tug job if it were a real cock placed between them. When Harley finally stuffs her toy back inside her plump cunt, it’s dripping wet. Harley fucks herself in multiple positions with her toy…doggy, on the side and on her back until she pushes herself to an orgasm.

When Harley comes down from her high, she pulls her toy out of her cunt once again and licks her cum off of it. We’re sure it tastes like heaven.

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